100 thoughts on “Jeff Ross on Roasting Bruce Willis, Dennis Rodman & Blake Griffin”

  1. They're probably gonna aim for Dennis Rodman as much as they aimed for Ann Coulter in the last roast. LOL

  2. The dennis Rodman joke really went over Kimmel's head? He was referencing Rodman crying talking about trump and Kim Jong un

  3. Don’t watch this if you’re looking forward to the roast. Jeff is definitely recycling it all in this clip. (As all comedians do when promoting)

  4. that was a cool video..if you got a chance have a look at mine there some pretty good ones..raccoon fishing and ghost hunting!!!

  5. I'm not a basketball fan… but wasn't Blake Griffin really good at one point? What happened? Does he suck now or something

  6. literally everything Jeff said about Bruce Willis could have been said about him…especially the white trash Patrick Stewart

  7. I think Jeff Ross sprung out of the ground in the mid 90's and was not really born like other people

  8. Jeff should just have the Sklar brothers roast battle Blake and HIS twin brother…who’s name I forgot because the NBA only could only handle one guy that brutal to look at.

  9. anything that has to do with roast needs to have The Squad in it….Please go watch Roast Me from All Def Digital !!!!!!!!!

  10. Would have been a better joke if Jeff Ross had recognized the Clippers usually choke in the 2nd round not the first.

  11. The child molesting Jews that run Hollywood give this irrelevant hack a platform, why??? Roast suck ass, fake ass Jew PR frim

  12. Looking forward to the husband and wife battle with Joe List and Sarah Tollemache. Too bad Jeff didn't mention them by name, they deserve a shoutout in my opinion…!

  13. After 2 seasons of Roast Battle, I care more for the Battles than Bruce getting roasted. The battles are brutal and I piss myself every time.

  14. Not this guy again. Dude your jokes were good 10 yrs ago. Nobody needs to see this again. Bla bla bla (insert name here) continue with high school joke, (insert type of animal) link back to (name) and thats why i slept with your wife hahahaha

  15. Oh good, he's just restating insults used in the roast itself. Guess this is why he's only in roasts and not in anything else. At all.

  16. why cant we have this in the UK,id love jesselnik & jeff to come join frankie boyle & jimmy carr & roast the crap outta people 🙂

  17. Be sure to check out "Jeff Roasts the Cops", in full at Comedy Central. As funny as it is heart-warming. You'll raise your hands and drop dead, but this time from laughter!

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