Jeff Ross Roasts the Border – Talking with DREAMers

Jeff Ross Roasts the Border – Talking with DREAMers

So who’s a DREAMer? Us two. You two. Because you’re undocumented? Right. How old were you when you came? Five. Did you tell your mom, “Hey,
Mom, I want to go to the US and I’m going to go
without you.” No? We didn’t have a choice. You didn’t have a choice? No. No? I didn’t find out
I was undocumented until I wanted to enlist
in the military and I couldn’t. And the option that the
recruiter gave me was like, “Well, you can marry me,” because some people want to
take advantage of the situation. But I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to marry
because of that. And it’s like,
is that my only option? And I know that it’s reality
to a lot of women like me because we, in a way,
we don’t have a voice because we don’t have
a security number. We can’t vote. We can’t do a lot of things. She wants to go to college. She wants to help out
the American economy, the American community. She’s an American. She wasn’t born on this side
of the river, but she’s an American. Ross: Our president has dropped
any protections that keep these kids
from being deported. But where would they go? They’ve never lived
anywhere else. Even some of his supporters
think that’s [Bleep]. They’ve got a right to be here. They do? It wasn’t their choice
to come to the U.S. Yeah.
They didn’t break the law. It was their parents’ choice… Their parents broke the law. …that brought them here. As far as I’m concerned,
they’re part of our society.

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  1. This is just some brainwashing tactics by the liberal media. And that the liberal sheep tards can continue crying while we deport these ILLEGAL ALIENS back to where they came from!!! TRUMPPPP 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. Blame AMERICA but it’s her parents fault. All round bad situation but her parents broke the law and she suffers now. That sucks

  3. Fuck Dreamers. I travelled all around the world in the Marines and as a contractor after my enlistment. Every time we entered a new country we got a class on laws. In other words…we were geusts in THEIR country. We had to respect their laws.  Period. End of discussion. Even if we thought a law was funny or wierd, it didn't matter. As Americans we are painted as racist or xenohobic if we expect the same. And hey, if life here is so hard under Trump..then go the fuck home.

  4. Undocumented people are bad for the economy.
    If employers don't register a worker, they don't have to pay taxes on that worker. And you can't register a worker if they're undocumented.

    It has nothing to do with "racism" or whatever, it's just logic.
    If you wanna live in the US, or any other country, do it legally. It's gonna take longer, but it's better than living in fear of deportation.

  5. Is this a joke? You don’t have a social security number because you’re not American. Blame your mom, not America. Fucking hell. I’m sitting in Singapore right now, I’ve paid taxes, followed all visa laws, I teach their children and have been doing it for years, never would I demand citizenship and then cry about it if I don’t get it. These self-entitled immigrants are disrespectful plebs of our society. Get the hell out of you don’t like it. The door is right over there 👉 🚪

  6. "She's an American" well no…no she's not. What really sucks is that she didn't know she was undocumented till 18 years old? Seems like a lack of responsibility from her parents.

  7. Does Jeff Ross support the Palestinian right of return in Israel. It is actually INTERNATIONAL LAW that Israel is defying. They have a stronger claim than Illegal aliens here.

  8. Yeah, we get it. They didn't have a choice. When will the parents be interviewed? What about the politicians who didn't enforce immigration laws? The public protest of illegal immigration has been going on for decades now. One of the things we were screaming about in the 80's was the children that were brought in. Nobody wanted to talk about it then! Two political parties: Republican and Democrat. The Republicans allowed all the illegal immigration to provide cheap labor. The Democrats allowed it for an illegal change to the voting demographics of this country. Poor, uneducated people likely to embrace their socialist agenda. Maybe some of you weren't around for it then, but I have watched this whole thing playing out since '89.

  9. Why don't any of these illegals (some who have been here 20+ years) ever bother to learn to speak English? They might be able to gain some sympathy from Americans who aren't their typical cuckold SJW supporters.

  10. Dreamers are cry baby saying they are going to a country that they don't know, ask they parents they. We come from a speaking Spanish country some of us don't even went to school and don't know writer Spanish, coming to a english speaking country, no family, no friends, no house. They know Spanish, they have carriers, the know the world.

  11. Why do people act like they can't become citizens? There is a process. It's called "Legal Immigration". If you want to be a citizen so bad then go through the required process. It's not too hard to figure that out. Millions of people have done it. Or get a green card/work visa. I was in the military with so many green card/work visa recipients. Great people I trusted my life with. I don't know why people refuse to go through the required process or act like they're unable. It's not fair to the people who are for others to just cross the border and demand health care, food assistance, and other resources.

  12. this is why ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS come to America and have children, they are called anchor babies. they do this on purpose so that they can get the public sympathy about being deported.

  13. If you're dreamer, I totally agree that you didn't have a choice to come here but why not make an attempt to get citizenship while you're here? Such a small percent of the dreamers have actually went and got their citizenship. I don't get it.

  14. It's very easy to understand if you're not an American you can break whatever fucking law you want.
    Laws only apply to American citizens at least that's the way the Democrats see it and they're all assholes.

  15. The "useful idiots" here in europe play the same immigration card; "Our ancestors left poverty and religious oppression and went to America, so now we have to let millions of muslims into europe". The difference is, they were invited to america back then. Who´s behind the myth, here and there? The jews…

  16. It ain’t America’s fault that Mexico can’t keep their cities toned down on violence. If they get over here illegally send them right back. I don’t care how bad it is. Before you fix someone else’s country fix your own first.

  17. I feel bad for them I know a lot of people is going to get mad about what I'm about to said but the reality is let's put an easy example in your house there's no food and your neighbors is full of food you're not allowed to go in some way how you get inside your neighbors house even if you clean the house be good inside is not your yours that's the same with these dreamers there not in their homelands obviusly they cannot be treated with the same rights as a u.s citizen

  18. If they go to school here and graduate in the USA they are fucking Americans, fuck off papers or no papers. They deserve residency and tax payer status fuck faces.

  19. Yo the chick who read her poem was fucking funny as shit! The chick was so focused on love and hippie shit she could not laugh, straight cringe I laughed out tears.

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