Jeff Ross Roasts Your Friend

Jeff Ross Roasts Your Friend

-We love Jeff Ross. He’s so funny. He has a new show called
“Historical Roasts,” where he makes fun of
different people from history. So we thought we’d send him down
to Rockefeller Plaza, here in New York City,
to practice his roasting skills. Take a look at this. -Jimmy, what’s happening, buddy?
It’s Jeff Ross. I’m warming up
for my history roast by roasting people out here
on the street. Not everybody
wants to be roasted, so maybe they’ll let me
roast their friends. ♪♪ I’m roasting
people’s friends today, so do you want me to
roast you or your friend? -Not today, not today. -You can’t handle it? -No, you should roast him,
though. -I don’t really think it’s
shorts season quite yet, fellas. But I’m really glad your buddy is wearing Peter Dinklage’s
dress pants. [ Laughter ] You guys look like the Hogwarts
math team, the three of ya. [ Laughter ] I’m doing a history show. Who is your favorite
historical figure? -Alexander Hamilton. -Why?
-Because — -Because he’s the best rapper? [ Laughter ] What’s your story, Jesse? -Well, I’m hoping to be
a medical student. I’m applying this year. -This guy has
creepy gynecologist written all over his face. [ Laughter ] So, Rayne, how does it feel
knowing that your mom looks like Dog the bounty hunter
if it was a woman? -Pretty awesome. Pretty awesome. -You look like
Dog the bargain hunter. What do you do for a living? -I just graduated college. -Oh, really? Everybody’s graduating
right now. -It’s that time of year. -What did you study?
Being a genie? What kind of pants are those? What’s going on, Darryl? -Big fan of yours. -I see that.
-Yeah. -It looks like
you stood in front of a big fan to do your hair. -Yeah, well… -I’m about to do a show
about historical figures. We’re looking for somebody
who looks like Beethoven if his mom drank
while she was pregnant. This month marks
my 30th anniversary as a stand-up comedian, and the first show I ever did
was on Fleet Week 30 years ago. And there were sailors
in the audience. I made fun of them
and they laughed. And it was the best feeling ever and I’ve been doing comedy
ever since. -Oh, wow. 30 years?
That’s a long time. -You guys were literally semen
30 years ago. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -My thanks to Jeff Ross
right there.

100 thoughts on “Jeff Ross Roasts Your Friend”

  1. Jeff Ross, Triumph The Insult Comic Dog, and Don Rickles are the best at this style of comedy


  2. reads several comments about a "girl in a maroone top" looks at video to see that jeff ross has on a maroon shirt
    good one guys lol

  3. The 3 semen are very young for rank. They're very smart at what they do. They will make Chief very fast. Good job Guys.

  4. OMGGGG that guy at 1:32 rocking that Sri Anandamayima shirt!!!! so coool!! and those tattoos!!! wow, so blessed, wasn't expecting to see that, hahahhaha

  5. Thought That one black shirt dude was Artie Lange for a minute…but then remembered he's in NJ custody minus a nose.

  6. Jeff.. you look like a pregnant woman who didnt buy a long enough shirt. If that camera got lower we would definately be seeing skin. Lay off the bagels.

  7. How is this funny? So over they way he roasts. Theos the best and he actually comes up with creative shit on the fly. JEFF- "Hey youre wearing shorts" ROASTED!!

  8. I have no idea how this guy made it in show business. Hes moving around so nervously and awkwardly and his jokes are shit. I get that the tonight show censored his better ones but still. Why have him when you have triumph the insult comic dog

  9. Jeff is what Bruce Willis would look like if he did comedy.
    Jeff was actually Bruce Willis’ twin brother. But when the doctors presented him, they said “Nah, you can keep him.”

  10. My husband and I got roasted by Jeff. One of the highlights of my life. One of the funniest and nicest people I have ever met!

  11. I think I have no sense of humor, I didn't laugh at a single one of his jokes🤷‍♂️ Or maybe I hold comedy to a higher standard.

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