Jesse from PrankVsPranK AND Andy Milonakis Roast Me! (DISS TRACK)

Jesse from PrankVsPranK AND Andy Milonakis Roast Me! (DISS TRACK)

*Crying* Oh.. Hey guys, it’s me again and the last 24 hours have been awful, all right, I- If you guys haven’t heard, there’s this YouTuber named Jesse and he dropped a diss track on me, and everyone is like ‘this is the best diss track ever,’ there’s a ton of big YouTuber’s just tweeting at me, you know, everyone’s hyping it up. You know, everyone’s saying I took my first ‘L’ and it sucks a lot, you know? It sucks a lot, but that’s not even the worst part, like that part really isn’t that big of a deal. Uh- I’m not sure if you guys know this, uh, before I kinda did YouTube Jesse was probably my favourite YouTuber, *sniff* and the fact that he really tweeted out, saying that I’m terrible, Sorry.. *Sobs* and he drops a diss track on me and it is just so shitty because I used to watch him a lot, he was my favourite. I would consider him a role model and, you know, he’s over here just roasting me. *sobs* He has two channels and they basically have 10 million subscribers each but, I can say I’ve been a subscriber before he even had a million, like, I’m probably his biggest fan. If you don’t believe me then explain this. ‘Peace, on the street, silent…’ I literally practiced and mastered his outro and when him and Jeana broke up I cried myself to sleep too, so it’s like- I was a really, really big fan and when one of your role models just- J-Just publicly humiliates you, it just rips my heart out. But enough of my sob story man, bottom line is, Jesse, really big Youtuber, teams up with an actual rapper. He couldn’t roast me by himself, he needed help, from an actual rapper, this guy’s name is Andy Milonakis, he used to be really big back then, now he’s kinda irrelevant but, you know, whatever. He has like songs with like, Gucci Mane and Chief Keef and stuff, so he’s like a real rapper, but they team up to take me down, right. They really had the, two against one, so unfair, but anyways, they drop an actual music video. I haven’t seen it yet, so let’s watch it together. *Sobbing* Dude, dude c’mon. Dude are you, are you really crying? Dude, stop crying dude. Why you crying, stop crying. Alright dude, look dude, maybe he gave you an L, maybe you got your first loss ever, whatever dude. You can go back and you can give him back an L, because you know damn well, we’re not math experts, but according to Newton’s Law, if you take his L and then you take your L and then plug in to the quadratic formula and then round it to the nearest ten and then move the decimal places back two spots and then times it by sine and cosine a-and then you derive it, leaving Jesse with a big fat L bro. So stop crying. But yeah guys, that’s gonna wrap it up, thank you so much if you made it to the end. I just wanna say a couple of things, um, at the start when I was like crying and like ‘Oh my god, he’s my idol an he’s my favourite Youtuber’ and all that shit, he is not my idol, he is not my favourite Youtuber in any way. I just said that to make it more dramatic, I mean I don’t even watch his stuff man, I was just BSing. Anyways, one more thing, Jesse, Andy, if you’re watching this right now, if you’re watching this right now, don’t you ever, don’t you ever disrespect- I’m just kidding guys, at the end of the day, these vids are just for fun. People can roast me, I really don’t care, I just wanna make people laugh and I fire it back, in a way. I may seem a little bit meaner in this video than my other ones, I believe Jesse is 33 and Andy is 40, so they’re a little bit older, I felt as if they can take a little bit of a joke. So that’s why I was a little bit, you know, more vulgar and more aggressive in this one, um, but yeah, once again thank you so much for watching, If you guys can do not forget to like the video and subscribe if you are new, I would love to see you back here again, comment your opinions and guys, thank you for watching, and I will see you guys next time.

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  1. Bro, 3 years ago😭😭😭, Back when YouTube was fun and entertaining, Ricegum is so boring rn😭, Old rice is so much better and funnier than the rice right now

  2. Facts but he can be with his girlfriend but hes not going to make more videos but at least he did not quit so be with your girl I'm still watching ricegum

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