Jikoni Magic Inaugural Cooking Classes | Jikoni Magic

Jikoni Magic Inaugural Cooking Classes | Jikoni Magic

Hello and welcome to Jikoni Magic’s meza.
Today I’m doing things differently because I’m announcing the start of my cooking classes
that I’ll be offering from Saturday 31st March 2018. This is the location and schedule
so please click on the pause button to read it all.
I’ve been receiving lots of requests from you guys here on my YouTube channel, my Facebook
page and Instagram for classes and I’m finally honouring your requests.
To kick start things off will be our beloved Swahili cuisine. We’ll learn the two types
of biryanis. That is the one that has rojo or stew on the side and the other one will
be the layered one which for some people tends to be very complicated. Don’t worry,
your rice will still come out moja moja. We will also learn how to make ukwaju or tamarind
sauce. Of course, we’ll not be forgetting the spicy viazi vya karai.
Some guys have already booked and for more information please click the description box
down below. I’m looking forward to interacting with
you during this Easter weekend. Bye for now!

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  1. I am for simpler meals that women can prepare for their households on a daily basis, stews, vegetables, meats etc. If you do that, I will come

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