JimBits: Jim Roasts His Warmup Comic – The Jim Jefferies Show

JimBits: Jim Roasts His Warmup Comic – The Jim Jefferies Show

– Are you two twins? Oh, you’re married, but
you wear the same shirt? You’re married to your sister? (audience laughing) Oh, so you get the same outfit? I thought because you’d
grown your facial hair, that you were twins, but
you’re just a couple of guys, who got married and then
went let’s step it up a gear. (audience laughing) Both wearing the same outfit is actually gayer
than getting married. (audience laughing) It is, you guys, there should be a
referendum on that. Are they allowed to
wear the same outfit? I’m not ready, I’m
not ready for this. (audience laughing) (audience applauding) Yeah, yeah, you know, when Jesse’s
really running out of steam with the crowd work? (audience laughing) When he goes, “I’ve
been to Walgreens.” (audience laughing) “Has anyone else?” We pay you, Jesse? (audience laughing) Literally he’s like
anyone that comes in, oh, did you walk here? I’ve walked a bit, you know. (audience laughing) I’ve been to
Walgreens, anyone else? (audience laughing) I’m gonna make that
into a T-shirt. (audience laughing) Thanks, Jesse. (audience laughing) Yeah, they know he’s there. (audience laughing) He’s not like a parrot,
where if you do that, he’ll think it’s nighttime
and he’ll fall asleep. (audience laughing) Okay, I’ve gotta get
this right, Steve, stop being so distracting. (audience laughing) – [Director] Three, two. – Anyone else on holiday? – [Audience Member] Woo! – Let me guess, let me
guess, let me guess, alright, you’re either
Canadian or Australian. Yeah, I can tell, I can tell,
I can tell, ’cause, yeah. Yeah, Canadians or Australians, we don’t put much
into our fashion. (audience laughing) What part of Australia
are you from? Melbourne, yeah, fucking this
your first time out here? Second time? Yeah, you like LA, what
did you come out here for? You saw all of America? Yeah, you didn’t see all of it. (audience laughing) How was your time
in Alaska, cunt? (audience laughing) Hey, everyone, this
guy’s seen every bit! (audience laughing) You got any questions,
he’s your guy! He saw it all! (audience laughing) (dynamic rock music)

58 thoughts on “JimBits: Jim Roasts His Warmup Comic – The Jim Jefferies Show”

  1. "Wearing the same shirt is gayer than being married"

    "I've been to Walgreens"


  2. Jim Jeffries and his Corporate Overlords who own Comedy Central are scared shitless of Avi Yemini.

  3. Count the dislikes, and compare to negative comments. They're not counting Avi's fuckbois anymore. Ha.

  4. "Look Jessie, you're just not getting it. Do you need me to draw you a picture?…..Wait, never mind."

  5. I used to be a big fan, you've sold out big time! You're a hypocrite and have clipped and edited footage in order to defame a good man Avi Yemini. You've lost your core fan base with your PC bullshit!

  6. Shame on you Jim Jefferys and Comedy Central for what you did to Avi Yemini. You're a bunch of slanderers and liars.

  7. Jim Jefferies' warmup routine is to joke about vomiting muslim babies. He then edits it out from the final show.

  8. Warm up? Lol
    There are better drunks taking the piss out of people on the streets and it's free.
    Stick to the editing Jimbo

  9. Worst thing about Jim's americanization isn't just the shitty writing on his gay ass show, it's that he stopped casually calling people cunts.

  10. I'm actually confused, why are there so many Avi followers here. Do they really have nothing better to do the go to a comedy show youtube channel and answer any comment posted under it. Like yeah we got it you're not happy with that one video, so you are wasting your time here and spread hate to people who don't care?

  11. Once again, not funny if you were a funny bloke you wouldnโ€™t need to edit videos. We all know funny guys in our real lives, Jim is just an establishment shill.

  12. i love reading the raging anti muslims racists here trying to "expose" Jim Jeffries".

    " He said he was going to draw Muhammed" LOLOLOL ^^
    they clearly never saw a Jeffries stand up, plus he's still super popular and never misrepresented what avi said, you guys LOST 'as usual with alt righters and anti migrants people) deal with it you crybabies snowflake shit !

  13. Not sure about the editing, but he looks like a mean cunt in this especially the end part where he is giving shit to the Australian in the audience. I think that Avi thing has run itโ€™s course. He had his time in the limelight and made nothing of it. You either like Jim or not. Iโ€™m kind of over it and still find him funny. While Avi, I donโ€™t know what he stands for? If you look into him more it seems like he is a Yemeni Jew living in Australia hell bent on meddling into European politics. When he isnโ€™t obsessed about his Jime Jeffries interview.

  14. "How was Alaska, Cunt?" hands down, his best line that i've yet to see on here. and while i'm on it, i'll admit the stories regarding Avi and Jim were disappointing, i am withholding my judgment.
    as i saw in a Randolph Scott movie on GritTV this weekend (Shootout at Medicine Bend), I quote: "Do not judge a man until you have examined his actions and found them sinful." – Brother Abraham. now, i'm not a particularly religious person, but i know what wisdom sounds like, regardless of origin and religious reference.
    who among us has not done or said questionable things? if the situation resolves to prove malice, then perhaps i'll adjust my mindset, but i'm one of those people who also finds that in the world of comedy, few things are off-limits. malicious damage as purported in this case would change the scope of Jim's appeal. but i'm an immense fan of folks like Jimmy Carr, Frankie Boyle, Anthony Jeselnik – i enjoy shocking and challenging humor.

    by the way, if you love classic movies, Randolph Scott is a solid go-to if you're not already hip to him.

  15. Is this the islamaphobic comedian that edits his interviews to make the other person seem like the racist?

  16. can i have some arguments for the people who still give a shit about this fuck? it's not even only about the avi thing, or the jordan peterson thing, but also in general i watched all of his specials and he hasn't said anything even remotely funny after alcoholocaust

  17. Another hilarious Comedy Central video

    Very funny, but what else do you expect
    I think Jim's great in that he's always honest

    You don't have to agree with me

    Everything he says is sincere

    My favourite episode was the one about immigration

    It was an eye opener for me

    Never saw anything like it

    In other words, The Jim Jefferies show is awesome

  18. Right, only 111 dislikes… I've read more negative comments in just a few mins. Looks like YouTube and comedy central are manipulating numbers to fake JJ being funny

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