Jisook’s Table For One | 지숙이의 혼밥 연구소 – Ep.5 : Braised pork withe Kimchi [ENG/2017.08.04]

Hello. I’m Jisook at “The Cooking Institute.” Today, we’re joined by 2 solo diners who will cook a happy, healthy meal for one. Please come out. Hello. I’m a solo diner. My name is Kim Daun. Welcome. I’m 27-year-old Kang Seonggon from Jinju. How did you get here? I took the bus. I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. “I took the bus.” “I didn’t want to miss this opportunity.” How long did it take? It took 4 hours. It took 4 hours? (Touched) That was a long bus ride. Let’s cook a delicious meal together to make it worth the journey. Do you often eat alone? Tell me about it. I like eating alone. You eat out alone? Yes. At home too. What’s good about eating out alone? You can eat whatever you like. If you eat with someone, you need to decide on the menu together. If you eat alone, you can eat whatever you want. Right. My hobby is reading. If I eat with someone else, I can’t read. I like to read while I eat. I’m really impressed. Same. You read while you eat. To present you both with a delicious, healthy meal, I worked with our researchers and prepared a delicious meal. The ingredients have been prepared. Please come out! This isn’t an ordinary box. Once you open this box and cook, you might want to start your own restaurant. We’ve prepared everything for you. – Should we open these boxes? / – Yes. (Opening the cooking box) (Curious) (It’s packed full) (Wow) We’ve put everything inside. Take a look at the ingredients. Can you guess what kind of dish it is? I can see pork bones. There’s kimchi too. Pork bones and kimchi. Is it braised pork with kimchi? The pork backbones… I guess that gave it away. It’s the correct answer. For today’s dish, let’s make braised pork with kimchi together. (Broth, pork backbones, marinade) (Spring onions, ripe kimchi) (Pork backbones) (Ripe kimchi) (Marinade) (Spring onions and broth) (Cook it well) (The braised pork with kimchi is finished) (Let’s make this together) It’s so simple. A really easy and nutritious meal is waiting for us today. Even if you can’t cook or find it bothersome, you will be able to make today’s dish easily. You’ve traveled 4 hours to get here but this is going to end quickly. I feel a little sorry about that but let’s get started. First, add the pork backbones. Add it here. Now, add the ripe kimchi. Put it on top of the bones like this. (Wrap it around) Lay it out nicely on top. Wrap it around the meat. Do it like this. (Mouthwatering) This contains the broth. Shake it gently like this. Pour it. (Pour in the broth) We’re almost done. We’re almost finished. – We’ve almost reached the peak. / – Already? It took you 4 hours to get here but this might be over in 4 minutes. Pour it on top. Now, there’s the marinade. Add the marinade to the pan. Like this. Blend it into the broth. Add it evenly. Should we add all of it? Yes, add it all. If it’s a little salty or spicy, we can add water. Add all of the marinade. Homemade braised pork backbones… – Did you ever think of making it? / – No. I know. It sounds really difficult. – Right. / – It seems bothersome. I know. It seems tiring. How do you feel right now? – It’s easy and nice. / – Right. We’re only using a spoon and chopsticks. It’s time to add the spring onions. Add the spring onions on top. Cast a spell at the end. – A spell? / – Yes. Shout it out. Cook nicely. Cast a spell like that. The recipe is so simple, so I’m asking for this. Do something cute. Cook nicely and don’t be too spicy. – Cook nicely. Don’t get spicy. / – Cook nicely. – Cook nicely. / – Cook nicely. Cast the spell like that. Now, close the lid. Our favorite dish of braised pork backbones will soon be complete. Did you tell your friends that you were coming to the shoot? – I boasted to everyone. / – Really? What did you say? I told them I’m meeting you, Jisook. – To whom? / – To my friends and colleagues. I told them I’m sharing a meal with you. What did they say? They told me to take a photo. Okay. Let’s take 10 photos later. – Okay? / – Thank you. No problem. Daun, did you tell anyone you were coming here? I told my family. What did they say? They told me to eat a lot. To eat a lot? Give her 2 bowls of rice. Eat a filling meal while you’re here. – Should we open this? / – Yes. (What are the results?) (Simmering) This is amazing. (This calls for 2 bowls of rice) It’s cooked really nicely. (Mesmerized) – It looks delicious. / – I know. (All that’s left is to eat) It looks good. I think it’s ready. Do you think it’s done? Yes. I want to eat right now. You want to eat? Okay. (Savory pork with spicy kimchi) (Braised pork with kimchi) At last, the dish we’ve cooked, braised pork with kimchi is ready. (Excited) This is your time now. – Just enjoy this food. / – Okay. Go ahead. You normally eat alone. Today, let’s enjoy a meal for 3. Go ahead and dig in. Thank you. (Wrapping the pork in kimchi) (Did I really make this?) How is it? Good? – It’s good. / – Is it? I must be flustered. I’m not sure what to do. (Pupils dilating) – How is it? / – It’s really delicious. (Yum) It’s good. It’s delicious. – I think the kimchi’s really tasty. / – Right. The ripe kimchi… It’s so soft. – It’s good, right? / – I can’t stop eating. Teach me something that sounds cute in dialect. I don’t think you need to learn that. (A younger man’s flattery) (He knows his stuff) Go ahead and eat up. I felt really touched. Want me to tear the kimchi for you? Really? Does this food remind you of anyone? My girlfriend. (Shock) – You have a girlfriend? / – Yes. – Did you hear what he said to me? / – I know. – He said I don’t need to learn. / – He’s bad. He must say things like that to her all the time. Your girlfriend… He’s sweet. He was thinking of her as he ate. Why does Jisook keep asking me questions? He was telling me I didn’t need to learn that. But he was thinking about his girlfriend. I see. Want another bowl? – Yes. / – Okay. See? (Ribs taste good eaten with your hands) (It tastes even better when it’s shared) (Easy, delicious braised pork with kimchi) We made a delicious dish of pork with kimchi. How was it? Tell us how you felt. I don’t know if it’s because I was a good cook, or because it was a well-prepared package. In any case, it was very tasty and easy. Please make it for your girlfriend too. Daun, how did you feel? It was really easy to make. I want to make it again. I want to share this with my family. It made you think of your family? (A combination of savory pork and spicy kimchi) We are researching happy, healthy meals for solo diners here at the “The Cooking Institute.” I’ll be back with another nutritious recipe. Watch it alone again next week! (Braised pork with kimchi) (Broth, pork backbones, marinade) (Spring onions, ripe kimchi) (Pork backbones) (Ripe kimchi) (Marinade) (Spring onions, broth) (Cook it well) (The braised pork with kimchi is finished)

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