JOB SIMULATOR: CHEF – VR HTC Vive (Teens React: Gaming)

JOB SIMULATOR: CHEF – VR HTC Vive (Teens React: Gaming)

♪ (ragtime music) ♪ ♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ – (Katie) Today, you’re gonna be
playing a video game… – Okay. – (Katie) But it’s gonna be
a little different. – I can tell so far ’cause
I’m standing instead of sitting. – I don’t know what video game
I will be playing with nothing in front of me. – (Katie) This is an HTC Vive,
a virtual reality gaming headset. – Oh man, here we go. Oh, these headsets are so cool. – I’ve never, ever done it. I’ve been watching every Markiplier video
that involved this though. They make me laugh so hard. (laughing) – I think it’s just the Oculus Rift
that I’ve heard about. Not this one, though. – I’ve gone to Best Buy and they have it. You can try it out, so I’ve done that. It actually seems like
you’re in another world. – (Katie) Today, we’re gonna
have you try it out and play a game called Job Simulator. For this episode, we’re gonna
have you working as a chef. – “Job Simulator?” I’ve never even had
a real job in my life yet. – I haven’t stepped into
a virtual reality world yet, and this is gonna be my first day,
so I’m hella excited. – (robot) Hello, human. This is an accurate simulation of
(deep voice) Gourmet Chef. – My god! This is an actual kitchen! – Oh my god. Oh, I’m in a teeny, little kitchen.
This is so cute! I love it. – “Pull paper when ready.”
Oh! Order up. Here I go. – (robot) We’ll start
by making some breakfast. Turn on the grill and let’s get fryin’. – Breakfast grill. – Can I step forward?
– (Katie) Yeah. – Oh, this is so weird! – And then click?
– (Katie) Yeah. – Oh, grab it. – Oh wait.
(grill beeps) – Okay. So I need to get bacon and eggs. – I see bacon and eggs,
so is it in here, maybe? – Ooh, eggs. All right. Come here, eggs. (egg sizzles)
– (anxiously) Ooh! Ooh! Ooh. Ooh. – Aah! It’s on the floor. (laughing) – It’s pretty done,
so I’m gonna take it off now. Put it on the plate. – Let’s see. Bacon! (squealing) This is weird! It feels like I’m actually
reaching in and grabbing it. (bacon sizzles) – Oh my gosh!
(soft beeping) Okay, get it off. – (robot) Now put
your creations on the plate and you can ring the bell
to send it out to the restaurant. – Okay.
(rings bell) (rings bell)
– How cute! (ringing bell)
– Wooooo! I feel excited, but I’m kind of scared ’cause I don’t want
to give anyone food poisoning and have my restaurant get shut down. – All right. Let’s see, what do we got? – (robot) The smoothie is one
of the most efficient forms of human food. Simply take some
of your inefficient solid food and put it through the blender. – Okay. – Next, turn it to blender. Ooh! How futuristic. – Blend.
(whirring noise) Whaaaaat the– that’s so trippy! And we can just throw
whatever we want in there? – Here’s some fruits behind me.
Fresh fruit is best. Which fruits do I want? Lemon… and then…
I’m gonna put in a lime for a tropical feel.
(glass clinks) – You’re getting a carrot smoothie
whether you like it or not, mister. You’d better enjoy it too
’cause I don’t work for free. – I don’t think anyone
would wanna eat this. Okay. (blades whir) (gasps) Okay, so just throw
random things in it. All right, let’s throw this flower pot. (glass clinks) No, I want the whole thing too. (glass clinks) I feel so bad for the person drinking this. – I’m just gonna pick the cheese
that’s on the ground. (amused laughter)
(glass clinks) – Uh, tomatoes, mushrooms.
It’s gonna be a good smoothie. (blades whir) – (robot) Looks good. Pour it out into a cup
and then we can serve it. – All right, one more.
(blades whir) (laughing) – That looks like the most
disgusting thing a human will ever eat. (gentle beeping) – Ah!
(bell rings) Ding. Oh my god! – Oh, I did it. (bell rings)
This is so cool. Okay. (robotic voice) What next?
I’m ready. (giggling) (gentle beeping)
Okay. – (robot) Let’s try making some soup. As you can see, there
are several different kinds we can make, but they all start with putting
some water in the pot. – This is gonna be fun.
I like making stew and stuff. – Soup coming right up. – Oh, I have to get water in here somehow. – How am I supposed to– oh.
Oh, use a cup. Can I use this water? (gentle beeping)
Ha! – (robot) Great! Now throw in whatever kind
of ingredients you want. – Whatever kind of ingredients I want? – “Put anything in the pot.” This is what I like about this game. You can literally put anything
in the pot and it’ll work, like my broken pieces
of wine glass over here. ‘Cause, you know,
anyone uses all that stuff. – “Not cold.” Oh, we have a warm thing. Oh, it’s just a pantry. – Get avocado. All right, those are wine. Uh… Let’s get some spicy stuff
in here. (laughing) – Potato. That’s soup-like.
And probably some corn. – I don’t know what
this is, so it’s going in. It’s like a brown blob. – Pretzels, and that looks like bacon, so I think that’s probably good. Maybe a flower too. – That’s how you make good soup. You just beat the crap out of it. (gentle beeping) Avocado, avocado, and potato soup. – No way! It made the soup in the pot. – It says “potato, corn, and flower soup.” – “Lava pocket, lime and cheese soup.” My specialty. – How do you pull out a can out of a pot? There was hot water in there. That makes no sense, but okay. (bell rings) – (robot) Just like mom-bot used to make. – “Mom-bot?” (giggling) Okay, next order. – (robot) Next, create
a vertical arrangement of organic elements. Humans refer to this as “a sandwich.” – That’s the easy go-to right there. Wake up at three in the morning,
you don’t want to make anything. You just go make a sandwich. – A sandwich. I’m gonna use the sandwich setting. Oh! And I have a sandwich stacker
right here, ready to go. – “Sandwich stacking times four.” Okay, well, first we need
the bread on the bottom. – Cookies on the sandwich
would be a good move. Excellent. – Hot Pocket? I want a Hot Pocket sandwich. – Mooshroom. Mooshroom! – I’m just gonna make a BLT. If we, like, have any lettuce. Which we don’t! Oh, a lime! Okay. It’s a BLT technically. Okay. – Okay, and then the olive.
(bell rings) (bell rings) – What is this abomination? – (robot) I’m trying
to cut down on gluten, but that looks pretty sandwich. – That looks disgusting. I don’t know what
you’re talking about, dude. Four pieces of bread.
I would never serve this. – Here’s my cute little sandwich. Why is a robot cutting down on gluten?
Is that even a thing? (bell rings) My sandwich is, like, a million feet tall. – Five star meal coming right up. – Next one! Yo, I think after this game,
I think I might make a career change ’cause I’m such an impressive chef. – Oh, this French guy.
– (critic bot) Bonjour! Today, I’ve brought you
a very rare steak. It is a 1984 vintage, eh? – Ooh, a vintage steak. Thanks, man. – He’s a food– oh, he’s a food critic. (sucks air through teeth) So I have to do this good. – That’s disgusting!
There’s mold on this meat. You shake off the– ugh!
That’s disgusting. – So my steak is on my grill. (steak sizzles)
Turn it up. Ew, that looks really gross.
It’s covered in mold. – (critic bot) Do continue. I do wish for it to be well-done. – Well-done? Got it.
(steak sizzles) (gentle beeping)
Oh! I burnt it. – Whoa, this is like–
(munching noise) Oh! (laughing)
I just ate a steak. My bad. – (critic bot) … well-done. Now, if you would be so kind as to pair it with your finest vintage grape juice. – (with accent) “Grape juice.”
I like how he said that. Um, this is fine. (cork squeaks) I can’t just pour it.
I have to take it off somehow. (grunting) (cork pops)
Yeah! Ah-ha-ha. (cork pops)
– Whoa! Ha, oh my god. (wine pours)
(gentle beeping) – (critic bot) Très bien! Très bien! Please have it delivered
out to the restaurant at once. – (robot) Whoa, whoa, wait a second. Before you plate that…
– “Before I plate it” what? – (robot) … most famed
meat aficionado meat bot? – That was meat bot? – (robot) We’d better make sure
our service is exceptional. – What? – (robot) Better slip this
on the plate too. – What? It asked me to bribe someone? Are you kidding me?
That is unacceptable. – We’re bribing a food critic right now? Oh my goodness. – Here’s the fine grape juice. Chef! Ding, go get me some good reviews. A little steak. (gentle beeping) What am I making?
(scoffs) Who’s this lady? – (nerdy robot) Psst! Hey, human! Can you help me out here? I am trying to propose
to my romantic partner. – Aww! – (nerdy robot) I want it to be a surprise. Can you hide this ring
inside a sandwich or something? – Um, yeah, I can do that,
but that’s a really bad idea. Like, if anyone ever tries
to propose to me that way, don’t! Don’t do it ’cause I will just eat
the food and I’ll eat the ring. – She’s gonna eat it, but okay. Let’s go to my sandwich maker. – What else does he want on there? Why does he want an egg? All right, whatever man. It’s his choice. Let’s get this egg
that I’ve already cracked. Turn this up. (egg sizzles)
Put that there. It sucks to be you.
You get a nasty raw egg. – And ring. Then uncooked meat. Olive… go.
(bell rings) (bell rings)
– Bon appetit! That looks bomb. – Voilà! – (nerdy robot) Oh, that’s great!
– Yeah, you’re welcome. – (nerdy robot) One more thing, though. I wanted to have some romantic music
playing while I do it, but I forgot to burn this disc.
Could you burn it for me? – (robot) To show affection
for one another, humans of the past would burn music onto primitive storage devices call discs. The details of…
– Is this, like, 1990? – (robot) The details
of the burning procedure have largely been lost to history, but must have had
something to do with heat. – Okay, I guess I’m burning your CD. – Just a minute. We’re putting a CD in a toaster. – So now I gotta put a CD in a toaster ’cause, you know, that’s
what humans used to do. We used to just put CDs
in toasters ’cause, you know, we’re just like that. ‘Merica! Burning a CD. (toaster malfunctions)
– Oh, and now it’s on fire! Ah-hah. Fire mix tape.
– (nerdy robot) Thank you so much! Make sure you load the disc
into the boom box and hit play before you send out…
– “Romantic Tunez.” Okay. (gentle beeping) – Cute, cute. Did I just press play? ♪ (cheesy music plays) ♪
There we go. – All right.
(bell ringing) – These tunes are not romantic. Okay. Let’s hope they say yes! – (lady robot) My sandwich
feels much heavier than usual! – (nerdy robot) Well, that’s interesting. I wonder if there’s
something different inside. – (lady robot) What do you mean?
– Woo! (lady robot gasps)
– Do it! – (lady robot) What’s this?
– That’s cute. – (nerdy robot) I emotion you.
– “Emotion.” – (nerdy robot) … enter
a legally binding partnership with me? – (lady robot) Oh, of course! I’m the happiest bot in the world.
– Aww. – (nerdy robot) Oh, wow!
The answer was affirmative! The answer was affirmative!
– “Affirmative.” Ha! – The answer was affirmative! (laughing) That’s great. – Woo! I just got two people married. Let’s stop that disgusting music.
That music was horrible. – (Katie) That’s it for today.
– Aww. – I am buying that immediately,
as soon as possible. That was the best thing
I’ve done in so long. – I felt like I was there. I forgot I was in this room. – That was one of the most fun
and creative games I’ve ever played in my life ’cause it’s like literally
the guys gave you the menu, but you were allowed to put
whatever you wanted into that thing, so it kind of gave you
that freedom to work with. – Virtual reality gaming
is just a whole new step into what technology is gonna become and I think that that’s the coolest thing
to be a part of right now. – Thanks for watching this episode
of gaming on the React channel. – Want more gaming episodes?
Then hit that Like button. – What games are you playing on VR?
Let us know in the comments. – Subscribe so you can watch us
try to make work fun again. – Bye, guys. I’m off to try some
of those nasty recipes. ♪ (old-school video game music) ♪

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