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How are you doing I think we’re doing this Cinnamon Zac. You’re such a good mod, actually true Zac deserves recognition as everyone else Is a kalfa in your chat? No, everyone is good Zac banned someone at random. Oh My fucking god pokey man, if you don’t move your fucking cat I might snap oh my god move that cat or else I Will pick her up and throw her Alone please. Stop donating to me like unique just message me on Twitter or something I think to do with this Flip a coin ban me if heads honestly I would but I don’t have a coin Any freaking How do you know if its head What coin is this well, okay if it says do it then I’ll ban you Z Troy, okay I can’t tell if it did is this correct? Can you? Listen you asked for this. Okay. This wasn’t me Yes, would you like in What the fuck what the actual fuck No my god, I got I got tape tape blackout-curtain Wow, well, welcome to my stream fed, I guess with us, what are you doing? Oh, you know nobody. Oh shoot I was like wait. I came to just like knock on your door. I like three minutes away. This is the easiest thing to do Thanks, including maybe the one you’re happy what you never say What’s bTW? It’s By the way, I’m gonna rush level seven so I can find a collie easier We’re gonna make our little transition. Hopefully we can find a level to shun and stuff though. I don’t like having a level one Chen Jin Qin Oh No This guy has Time he will kind of use a twitch Prime on wife. Wait, Isis any were you paying attention in class? I said what who Bendre thank you for the prime subways. I just been trying to say bet. Oh my god. This is so creepy Do those so creepy? What the fuck? She did dead us eat the cat that’s Messed up Especially cuz like you can’t see what’s around her. Like if I picked me me up and I tossed her to the side here She would land on my bed because my beds right there, but also I wouldn’t overhand eat her. That’s a little bit much You Oh It is a vodka um, so uh I can hear Albert or like if I turn this up and Albert has his door open you guys would be able to hear him because He’s that loud though Yes, wait, really anonymous. I think you’re giving us stuff to message me for a sub katsu woken up You He has no manners because he called a unit of game trash question mark LOL. Yeah, LOL He did l alone crush. Thanks so much mark Come then my chewed-up nut fell out I’m uncomfortable vlogging in public Weird champ You guys hear about the cat drama Don’t do it You guys hear about the cat drama that’s been going on I’ve heard mixed reviews who here in cha is a vet so I can fact check you Okay, I’ll try to keep that in mind it’s day raining that’s so weird for it being this summer should be like raining and shit You WTC Anna’s, eliminated unknown, so we’re not watching the a bullshit. Did it start? I was filming stuff You I Hit my knee on something probably chair Girls no no joke, you says that I know he’s movin. I like stupid girls He’s like closing your doors I’m just gonna go to sleep Stupid freaking city time It’s like an exit you use it for to plug in your mic to the computer and it was oddly suspicious So you take this and then you you take you plug in your mic and you plug it into your computer Uh-huh, but the problem is it just really looks a Six months we almost out a year. That’s when here’s to six more months have fun. So thanks miles Thank you so much. You stay safe you Stay safe. Thank you so much. Welcome back to ten army when you’re happy. I’m happy Thank you, right I can’t think of the six months. Wait. What hold me chat. What happened? Oh, yeah, he would go ninja assassins all the time. I’m like, but my drivers It’s okay Janet I still love you, BOB ROSS gachiHYPER, poki reacting to alinity, Pokimane can’t believe Alinity’s animal abuse, Twitch Chat Critiques Poki’s Art, signed right there, quiet painting time, you know there’s this one guy, Jodi crushes Feds finger, Fed welcomes Jodi to Los Angeles, Jodi’s Test Results, Fed’s reason for not uploading a Vlog this week, Jodi’s guitar, I MOVED :D, typical jodi, Jodi roasts Fedmyster, smooth ending jodi, FED ARRIVES ON THE SCENE, Albert is loud, Yvonne is a Mutant, Watch me shoot fire!, potato mode activated day 4, yvonne shoots fire

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