Juicy Braised Black Beans (Geomeun-kongjorim: 검은콩조림)

Juicy Braised Black Beans (Geomeun-kongjorim: 검은콩조림)

(cheery music) Hi everybody! Today I’m going to show you how to make Korean traditional black beans. Braised black beans. In Korean: Geomeun kongjorim. I brought these dried black beans. I’m going to soak these guys and then cook. With soy sauce, and sweetener. When it’s cooked, each bean will look like a really gorgeous pretty black jewel. So it has to be really really nicely cooked. First let’s measure 8 ounce black beans. Give me 8 ounce black beans! I will make a really really shiny delicious side dish! This is 8 ounce. These black beans are very special. You see, black beans. With green kernels. So, also in Korean: Seoritae. I like to wash very nicely. Come on, let’s wash! You see? The water is a little dusty. Right? You have to wash nicely. So this water is maybe around 5 cups, and soak. Like this. For 10 hours. But we cannot wait 10 hours, right? So I did it already exactly 10 hours before. I soaked this. So it looks like this – This water is dark, right? I told you: inside the kernel is a green color. Like this. Let’s drain. And put this here. And I need 2 and a half cups of water. Water or this soaked water. Because we washed this really nicely so we can use this. One.. Two… I will bring more water. So I added some cold water. 2 and a half cups water or bean water. And then let’s cook! Cover… So medium heat… I’m cooking this for 30 minutes. Around 10 minutes later, 8 to 10 minutes later it will boil over Then I will just cover half. Let’s set the timer. What is the benefit of black beans? Why do Koreans love love this side dish? Black beans have a variety of good nutrients. Of course protein, minerals, calcium And vitamins. In Korea a few years ago there was a fad about black beans. They said that black beans are really good for your heart. So that it regulates your blood pressure and also cholesterol. And all kinds of things, even anti-cancer. And also it’s good for kidneys. So you can even use it to detoxify your body. So, it sounds like a real panacea! (laughs) Most interesting thing for me is that it’s good for my complexion! It’s also good for hair growth. (laughs) Kidney, heart, hair growth, everything! Some people make a side dish like this. But some people don’t want to add any sweetener, They want to eat just as it is after cooking it. They usually cook: boil and just eat like a snack. So this one is… I made this. Like this. I didn’t add any seasoning. Let me taste. Just a little nutty. I can’t say it’s really delicious, you know. But good for your body and good for your health. So around 7, 8 minutes later. Just now it’s boiling over. You see? A lot of foam. Foams. And you can just skim off. And stir like this. This foam is edible. But to make a clear broth I’ll just skim off a little bit. And then… Cover, cover just half like this. And keep cooking. (people talking) (birds chirping) In a few minutes it will be 30 minutes cooking. I wanna show you. And stir this with your woooden spoon. Next I’m going to crush my garlic. Three cloves of garlic. Minced. (alarm rings) You heard that, eh? (laughs) 30 minutes is already passed. Chop chop chop! Fast fast! Now I turned off and I will add some seasoning here. Garlic. And 3 tablespoons soy sauce. I used organic dark brown sugar. But you guys can also use white or any brown sugar. So… Quarter cup. And vegetable oil, 1 tablespoon. And stir this. And I will turn on the heat. Cook over low heat 10 minutes. During the 10 minutes cooking, all the sugar is melted and the garlic is infused, soy sauce is going to be infused into the beans. So 10 minutes passed. Let’s see! Look at that! Let’s see. I have to really evaporate this and make it shiny. So I will add a quarter cup rice syrup. Turn up the heat over medium high heat. Yeyyyy! Rice syrup. And stir this. I will keep watching these beans and occasionally I’m going to stir this with my wooden spoon. Until all this brine is evaporated, but still some brine is left over. Cook the beans and season the beans and glaze the beans (laughs) until shiny! That’s all we have to do. I didn’t add anything to these beans, I showed you. And these are, look at this! I made these, more than one pound of beans. And just keep in the refrigerator. I will eat for a long time. More than one month. And then, these beans again, and then soaked some beans again I’m going to make again. So I’m really rich in beans. Better than rich in money, isn’t it? (laughs) Because money you cannot eat it! (laughs) But these guys I can eat just right now. (laughs) Getting shinier and shinier! Now 10 minutes I braised. Over medium high heat, I’m going to turn off the heat. We still have some sticky, shiny brine on the bottom. And then I will add sesame oil. And sesame seeds. Sesame oil, about 2 teaspoons. Sesame seeds about 1 teaspoon. And stir this. Look at that! It looks like a black jewel! Look at that, shiny, you see? Still some leftover brine here. Really shiny and sticky. Refrigerate this and then you can eat it for a long time. Let’s add more sesame seeds on top. Hello hello? It’s time for Maangchi to taste! (laughs) Let’s taste together. Lots of beans! Mmmm. Mmm! Delicious! (laughs) Delicious, delicious! It’s sweet and nutty, a little chewy. Just the more you chew, the more delicious. It goes well with rice, it’s also a good side dish for beer. Today we made geomeun-kongjorim. Braised black beans Enjoy my recipe, see you next time! Bye!

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  2. Someone who defends my habit of having a bean-stash (i have a grain stash too )

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  3. Vietnamese caption was submitted by one of my viewers! Thank you so much! If you want to translate it into your language you can do it here. https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=koVeWQSSbc8&bl=watch&auto=yes&ref=wt

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