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  1. Julia Child The French Chef Apple Dessert 0:00 Kyra Siddens Daisy Luigi Marisa Sorensen Baby Luigi Baby Daisy Marie Chaboyea & Marie Chaboyea-Kingbird

  2. Classic French Chef. I am doing a presentation on her in my French class. Notice the background. No brand names, no commercials on products. Just real stuff. That Mixer is a Kitchen Aid planetary mixer. That same mixer is still available today. Go Kitchen Aid.

  3. What I like about older cooking shows is the lack of commercials and brand names. It also shows that cooking isn't a magical or fantasy experience most modern chefs show you, it's cooking like you would do it at home. accidents happen 😀

  4. I don't think anyone can recover from pitfalls on live tv better than Julia, and quip any better (purple spoon was brilliant), and no one has ever been as charming and endearing. The other funny quipper from back in the day, for me, would be Graham Kerr, aka the Galloping Gourmet 😉

  5. I remember on one show, Julia was making savory meat pies with puff pastry crust. When she'd assembled the demonstration dish, she put it in the hot oven and of course she had a finished pie. Forgetting the oven gloves. she grabbed the hot, cooked pie with her bare hands and dropped it on the floor. There was a stunned silence -then she said loudly "OH SHIT!" You could hear the studio staff cracking up and the camera shaking. What a character!

  6. Julia Child The French Chef Apple Dessert 0:00 Kyra Siddens Daisy Luigi Marisa Sorensen Baby Luigi Baby Daisy Marie Chaboyea & Marie Chaboyea-Kingbird

  7. Ironically, if Julia Child were up and coming today, she wouldn't get anywhere in the world of TV cooking that she helped to create. For instance, it's fun to watch this and wonder if it'll turn out, which is a scenario that would NEVER make it to TV today unless it were a timed competition-style show (which are highly edited to heighten the suspense and drama).

  8. that is not the way to make a tarte tatin, lol. less apple, more crust around it so it holds together when flipped. it would help if you let the apple and caramel cook on the burner without the crust letting most of the liquids evaporate first so you don't end up with a hot mess. that kind of wet mess is actually dangerous to flip coz burnt sugar is extremely hot!

  9. A wonderful chef and a wonderful woman who taught so well and inspired so many.  She was so real and unpretentious.  They broke the mold when they made Julia Child.

  10. Should taste good. Though. Got serval good tips for cooking this dish. I am glad JULIA did not cut – hurt – or get 3rd degree burns. BON APETTE !!!!

  11. She even messed up the last bit, bless her, the fail one really took her by surprise but she did pulled through perfectly, I still am extremely hungry looking at them

  12. Her making mistakes helps reassure us home cooks that even the best of them don't get it right all the time. Marvellous! Thanks for the uploads!

  13. this is so bad it's actually good – it's hard to believe she was ever revered as a cook, but as a personality she is priceless! And it's somehow heartening (and hilarious) seeing her fail on such an epic scale. I've watched every one of her videos and don't think I've ever learnt less, or enjoyed a TV cook more. Don't watch her to learn French cooking but DO watch her if you need some light and sparkle in your day.

  14. Not a recipe i'd bother making. Why did the dessert that came out properly look grey? Also, why bother making a nice dough crust if it's gonna get soggy from all that liquid from the apples? It looks like wet bread, nah, I'll pass. Maybe I just don't get it. I'm already not a big fan of Apple desserts so if Julia can't even convince me to see the good in it, then I might be a lost cause

  15. Yes, she is charming and blah blah, but a bucket of sugar on top of bucket of apples with a thin ass layer of dough… girl? what did you expect besides that frankenstein pie? what da hell is this hell? 😂

  16. I use a french recipe to make this but you make the caramel in the pan first.. i have never had a problem with it.. comes out perfect everytime!

  17. I just love Julia. It is the most unorganized episode and it makes it even more special. Very organic and real.

  18. Esta vieja se cree la gran cocinera, la mitad de las veces las cosas se le desarman. No sé por qué la pusieron en un pedestal, tal vez porque los americanos sólo saben de hamburguesas. Esta tarta es un desastre. Nuestra Doña Petrona le da cien vueltas.

  19. Julia Child was a great woman whose many achievements are on the public record. She empowered millions of people to have confidence and not be afraid to make mistakes. I am appalled by some people posting disparaging and rude remarks here. You display arrogant ignorance and provide own opinions as if you are experts. Are people leading such miserable, narrow-minded, sad lives that you desire to write and criticise in this way?

    Julia Child made the world a better place. Those who post such crass and negative comments are making the world a darker, sadder, more bitter and angry place.

    What legacy do you want do be remembered by? Because what is posted here is here for a Very Long Time.

  20. An absolute legend! She is a proffesional home cook, there is no other way to describe her. I love her messy cooking and carelessness about the state of the kitchen. It's my way of cooking and everything always looks really good once cooked. I actually had her beef stew for tea this evening. X

  21. Love me some julia. Shes so down to earth and REAL. shes so different than the pretentious, perfect, edited and produced to hell cooks these days… Shes REAL and tells it how it is, and makes everyone feel like they can do it… Just the average cook will make mistakes from time to time and thats NORMAL!! you learn!! You experiment !! And thats what i love about her, it doesnt always have to be 100% PERFECT! hey, shit happens..even to professional chefs ! And you just work with it ! Itll still taste great and you dont have to feel bad or like you messed up when that happens. I hate when shows and chefs create this completely unrealistic, perfect, expectation of cooking and recipes… Thats why i always come back to julia. Stayed true to herself, her craft, her audience, and made delicious food. What a queen. I miss her. 😌🙊💓💐

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