Julia Child The French Chef- The Potato Show

Julia Child The French Chef- The Potato Show

the front chef is made possible by a
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boiled and mashed and fried potatoes cliff you do tune in on us we’re doing
four wonderful recipes on our potato show today on the French chef welcome to the fete chef I’m Julia Child
today we have the great potato show potatoes is some of you might not know
were considered Poisson up until about 1771
some people thought they gave leprosy and it wasn’t until mr. Parmentier gave
a bouquet of potato flowers to louis xvi in 1771 that potatoes became a very
fashionable vegetable then after being very fashionable they became really the
bread of life you of course heard of the Irish potato
famine well they’re just all over the world today but they’re not very many
ways of cooking them that most people know Fred I counted over 200 potato
recipes in a French book the other day and we’re going to do four lovely ones
we’re going to start out with a scalloped potato dish called gratin de
palma de terre don’t Fein Wow it’s a perfectly delicious quick lovely
potato dish and all it is is sliced potatoes cooked in milk and butter and a
little seasonings and they take about 25 minutes to do so we’ll have them done by
the time we finish now if we’re slicing potatoes I always recommend that you
learn how to use your knife because it goes so quickly hold it that way
and there’s your potato with your thumb there and your fingers here and you just
come straight down like that and after you practice you can go very fast if you
don’t want to do that though I recommend you learn to use your knife you can use
a grater like this and it has a a slicing hole and you just slice the
potato down like that then when you come to the end be careful not to slice off
your thumbs and then when you got your potatoes all sliced you want to dip them
in water and do like that to them to get off the flowery coating because we don’t
want the to stick together in their dish and then
after that you brain them I’ve got a big brain er here and you always want to
after you’ve cooked potato peeled or sliced potatoes you want to always keep
them in water they turn brown now with this one we we have a fire proof dish
here this is enameled iron with this which you can cook with either on the
stove or in the oven then you fill it about a third full of milk and then you
simply then I’m going to put a little bit of garlic into that’s always part of
this dish you can’t put cheese into what I like it
just plain there’s a whole clove of garlic in the press and it goes squeek
all over the stove but into the potatoes too and then some salt and pepper and we
have this heating out because we’re it’s just just to show you how quick it is
I’m putting in about a teaspoon and a quarter of salt and some pepper and then
in go the potatoes now the secret of this dishes is having thinly sliced
potatoes and you don’t want the dish to be over two inches high and then you
just put a little butter on and then it goes into the oven that’s all there is
to it if you’re using just milk you can use quite a bit of butter I’m using
about two tablespoons there and this will serve four to six people there and
then that goes into a 450 degree oven see the point is that you always not
will cook in about 20 minutes the point is for quick cooking you always heat up
the milk and your pan first now we’re going to do another
another nice dish and this is a main course dish that come to tear go feed
wah goes very nicely with with roasts and steaks and things like that now this
one is going to be sausage and potatoes and we have a an ovenproof dish here and
we butter it I don’t know what I did with less my draining equipment I guess
I’ll have to move again now we have some potatoes here that we’re sliced and
boiled in salted water and these are what are known as boiling potatoes I did
want to remind myself about that gratin dauphinois I’m going to set the timer
for about no about 18 minutes there and I think that brat time will be done now
as I was saying these are sliced boiling potatoes and I’ve just boiled them in
salted water until they’re just tender and then you bring them out and then you
just make layers of potatoes and then we’re going to put some onions
on these are onions that have been soaked cooked slowly in butter until
they’re tender and I’ve got about Oh a good cup here I probably won’t use all
of them it’s a good idea when you’re cooking onions if you lose a lot of them
and I do is to cook up a lot and then you and then you can put them in the
icebox then you put a layer of sausage in this
is Polish sausage which you can buy in any supermarket it just comes wrapped
like that and cellophane and you don’t have to cook it or anything because this
is going to cook then you put in cover that up it just depends on how much meat
you want and then some more potatoes see this is a really very simple dish and it
makes an awfully nice supper or luncheon dish and it’s good and hearty then we
put on some more onions you can end with onions or potatoes it doesn’t make any
difference what you do and in this it doesn’t make any difference whether you
have a fairly deep oven dish I think this size of about two inches is good
this is around eight or nine inches in diameter and about two inches high then
we you can either use a white sauce or you can use a mixture of cream and eggs
beaten up I think I still use light cream and eggs because it makes it
rather like a quiche and we’ll have two eggs I’ve got them in a bowl and you
just beat them enough just to mix them then I have two cups of that all-purpose
sort of medium light cream I’ll put in about a cup and then if I simply need
any more I can add at it that just gets poured over that should come up about
two-thirds of the way up so I’ll just put in a little more cream you can do
this with milk if you like then we put on a little grated Swiss
cheese you always use this if you want something to brown on the top in a dish
like this and then also so that it will brown on the top you put on a little bit
of butter I’m using about a tablespoon of butter here these proportions don’t
make terribly much difference as long as you have to say two eggs and then it’s
just as much cream as you want this is just really the same as a quiche mixture
and you could cook it in a pie shell but I think if you did it would be a little
bit heavy with all that dough and all those potatoes and now that you can
arrange ahead of time and cook when you like so I’m just going to put that to
the side and I’ll show you how it looks when it’s done see there’s the sausage
and the eggs have made sort of a custard it makes a very nice dish now we’re
going to have another another potato dish the repertoire is really endless in
potatoes – I was amazed when I count it off and found over 200 mm-hmm and I like
the idea of having potatoes also as a main course because it’s inexpensive and
they’re not nearly as nourishing as as people think they’re always saying oh
that’s got so many calories in it and so forth but one cup of potatoes has I
think only 70 calories in it which is not any more than an apple now this one
is a very sort of a simple-minded but awfully good dish these are baked
potatoes and cut it in half and then you just scoop out the potato part and if
you’re in a hurry you can cut the raw potatoes in half and just steam them
until they’re tender but be sure in any case that as soon as they’re cooked you
cut them in half so they don’t develop that stale potato
then I’m going to mash them sort of roughly this is an awful useful kind of
a mixing for it it has these long flat blades and also they’re slightly bent
over I’m going to heat up my pan here too so that I’ll show you how quickly
this all goes we’ll put in a little butter and oil and then watch it I don’t
want it to get too hot now you just take your fork to see how useful that is you
just mash the potatoes like that with it then you put in whatever seasonings you
like and I put in some pepper freshly ground pepper always seems to taste much
better and about Oh a teaspoon of salt I think the thing is I’ve got some cream
I’ll put a little bit of cream in and a little butter in you don’t want to get
that get the mixture to to liquid then just mix that all around you see how
convenient that forked then it’s always a good idea to taste it I’ll be sure
you’ve got enough salt pepper in come on nothing nice butter now you can do
numerous things with this mixture I’m just going to saute it in a big in my
darling no-stick pan which I’m so fond of capture butter hot and then just put
the potatoes in you can saute these in a small pan or a large pan or put them in
a gratin dish or you can bake them I think it’s rather fun just to do it this
way they’re now put that over there I think
now this you want to go good and hard and one thing that’s nice about this too
you can add other things to it such as some of these diced onions and we had
them the other night with onions and diced green pepper it was an awfully
good mixture and another thing you could do would be diced ham or chicken livers
or diced mushrooms I hope that’s I’m going to try it I’m going to try and
flip this over which is a rather daring thing to do but you have got to get a
little bit of a crust on the bottom of it now another thing that you can do
with this is to have a fire proof dish and get the bottom nice and nice and
crusty and then pour some very heavy cream and sprinkle a little cheese on
top of it and then bake that in the oven for about the 375 oven for about 30
minutes that makes a perfectly delicious dish then we’ll see if that it’s
flippable I want you to try it anyway when you flip anything you really you
just have to have the courage of your convictions particularly if it’s sort of
a loose mass like this well that didn’t go very well see when I flipped it I
didn’t I didn’t have the courage to do it the way I should have but you can
always pick it up and if you’re alone in the kitchen who is going to see but the
only way you learn how to flip things is just to flip them so that when that’s
could have been browned a little more on that side I shall consider that that’s
brown and we’ll put this in an oven dish like this see it has to be it should
have been browned enough on a crust and then it would have held together if I
can shake that back in place a little bit I’ll spread it out now this one anytime
that anything like this happens you haven’t lost anything because you can
always turn this into something else so in this case we’ll put on a little bit
of cheese we’ll pretend that this was supposed to be a baked potato dish we’ll
put on a little cheese and I’m good still got some more cream so just a
little more crema this business awfully good we don’t care about calories and
this one we know that potatoes don’t have too many now this of course you can
get ahead of time done and then you can either put it under a mole broiler or
you can put it in the oven and bake it so I shall set that aside and we’ll do
another one now these are going to be a raw grated potato pancakes and first.we
these are at least have some you can make potato can’t tap pancakes that are
just perfectly plain or you can do what we’re going to do mix them with some
cream cheese and egg and other type of cheese in this recipe I’m just going to
do a half of the recipe but it works out just the same luckily because it divides
and I’m going to use cream cheese that’s 8 ounces so I’m going to use 4 ounces of
it then one egg and I’m gonna use my mixing fork again if I can find it it’s
around here somewhere oh here it is you just mash it all up I’ve had this cheese out of the
refrigerator for some time so it’s nice and soft there then we’re gonna grate
the potatoes I’ve got so many burners on here I’m hot there now this is the funny
part to it and very French I know it’s always and we do something
like this and I’ll show you the part that considered odd you take the course
part of your grater let’s braid it down we want two cups of potatoes that’ll be
probably three or four potatoes how every once in a while so I’m trying to
be fast and have it looked really great in my knuckle so I usually end about
there now this though you can do this recipe ahead of time ah
the potatoes are such funny things they exude an awful lot of water and they
also turn brown it’s a odd chemical compound of potatoes I’m not sure that
they’ve discovered exactly five potatoes act as funny as they do what they do now
I think that’s about two cups now I would say that was two cups now this
comes the amusing part rhotic absolutely clean towels was not to offend anyone
now you take your potatoes by handfuls and squeeze them you’ve got to get all
the water out because otherwise if they sit even for a few minutes they they get
more watery you don’t want to take too big a hand
wanted to squeeze it ah isn’t that amazing how much water came out and
there wasn’t any water we didn’t put them in any water or anything like that
now if you scroll squeeze those ahead of time they would immediately turn brown
and you don’t want that to happen probably wouldn’t hurt them too much but
it doesn’t look well that would be bad psychologically for the cook I think
look at all that water that’s amazing yeah you just want to get as much out as
possible if your hands aren’t very strong just do them by very small
batches then we mix them all up and we add salt
and pepper there’s some pepper and salt that would be I’d say about
three-quarters of a teaspoon of salt then we put in about two-thirds of a cup
of diced Swiss cheese and this is diced about a quarter of an inch thick so that
it will melt slowly as the pancakes cook then you see that look sort of like
coleslaw and you can’t if you’ve done it just now you can put a few tablespoons
of cream you could use sour cream if you wanted no you don’t want to get it to
liquid then it goes into our pan you can either do a great big a great big one or
got my heat on so high I’m just getting boiled or you can do little ones I think
I’m going to do a big one cuz it’s fun and I can also flip it again which I
hope it’s going to work this time and as always we put in a little bit of oil and
some butter then I’m again using our no-stick pan now if I waited three or
four minutes say if I’m going to make some small pancakes and I waited three
or four minutes a lot more water would exude from these pancakes I mean from
these potatoes of that they’re that queer in their chemical construction now
we get our butter nice and hot as you remember we have to have thee we have to
have the foam begin to go down then the potato is go in and these take about
three or four minutes to cook on each side and then you have to taste them or
taste a little corner of them for the potatoes aren’t quite done cook them a
little bit longer or else you can finish some off in the oven and you can make
these either thick or thin or whatever you like there I’m just going to let
those those cook for a little while and then I’ll show you what we can do with
little pancakes let’s see how our rat hando phyllo is doing now those are
small potato pancakes I’m going to show how you can make them as for a main
course we have here some some diced ham so we can put that on you could use Oh diced chicken livers or
whatever you want it on these and again there’s with the the other the B bar or
the the baked potato once you can mix anything else right in with the initial
mixture no I’ve still got some onions after I think I’ll use some poached eggs
your ah that’s I’m glad just looked at the dopey
Mart’s coming along but it isn’t done yet
now these eggs I poached this morning and then put in cold water and I’m going
to pretend that they’re in hot water because that’s the way you heat them up
in hot salted water for a minute or two until they’re just he did through and
then boom you dip them out with a spoon and then roll them around in the towel
to get all the moisture off it’s awfully convenient I’ve had poached eggs that
I’ve made three or four days ago which I’ve kept in the refrigerator and then
just in in water in an uncovered Bowl and they just tasted perfectly delicious
after three days which is surprising but convenient then we have some tomato
sauce and we just put the sauce out wait a minute and look at my and my potato
pancake you can tell when that’s done when you begin to see some little holes
coming up through now I’m going to flip this by gum there you see that was much
easier because it had the crust on there which held together now put on some
tomato sauce this was some canned tomato sauce which I simmered with a little bit
of boiled ham that was diced and some onions and some herbs I find that it’s
always much better to put in your little own home seasoning too and then we’ll
put a little bit of parsley on top there you are very nice of course I
think I pollute more tomato sauce uncle it’s always so good then if you wanted
you could have some green vegetables around around in between I put some
little parsley moles mounds there just to decorate it up there we are now that
makes a very nice luncheon dish or a supper dish so we have now here to to
main course potato dishes we have our potato pancakes with our eggs and our
ham and we have our potato in sausage casserole and with either of these all
you would need would be green vegetable and or a green salad some French bread
and a nice chill rose a wine and then we have our other tool we have the gratin
dauphinois and we have our mashed baking potato pancake and with those you could
serve those with steaks or chops or any kind of meat now the these are easy to
make as you have seen and one thing you do want to remember is if you’re going
to do any scalloped potato dish be sure that you get boiling potatoes you don’t
want the baking potato which becomes flowery when it’s cooked because you
have to have these potatoes keep their shape while they’re cooking now we’ve
had out of 200 French recipes we’ve done four very nice ones we’ve done our we’ve
done two potato casseroles and main dishes and two potato this is that you
can serve with meat so you only have a hundred and ninety six recipes to go
collage and Bon Appetit this is Julia Child Julia Child is co-author of the book
mastering the Art of French Cooking furniture and accessories courtesy of
design research incorporated the French chef is made possible by a
grant from Safeway stores

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