Julia Hartley-Brewer:  Brexit & Media Bias (BBC, Sky etc.) | So What You’re Saying Is…

Julia Hartley-Brewer: Brexit & Media Bias (BBC, Sky etc.) | So What You’re Saying Is…

Peter Whittle: (As a journalist) you don’t miss that part of reporting…I
mean, if you were reporting this, it would be tough wouldn’t it?
Isn’t it better to be a commentator?

JHB: “I much prefer being a commentator yeah i moved
into that deliberately actually. But again there are an awful lot of people on the
TV now — BBC sky and others — who i’ve got a pretty good idea how they voted when
it came to the the referendum. I mean some of them I know how they voted
because they’ve told me. And I am amazed at how many senior people in the media went: “I can’t believe you voted for Brexit! You’re insane. Why would you do that?”
That is the general view of people working in the media and I think the
reporting, the coverage of this issue has been so unbelievably biased. And I think
people are waking up to it and I think the BBC are not
going to come out of this well. PW: Do you think when people call into your show…..
JHB: We don’t do many phone-ins. On the breakfast show it’s far less than a phone in. But we have
lots and lots of guests. PW: Do you think from the feedback you get from the public, that the penny has dropped about the media. I mean my feeling is
that it was in the past it was Tory MPs usually saying: “the Today programme
doesn’t give us as much time as Labour MPs.” It’s not quite, it’s much bigger
than that now.

JHB: Yeah, but I find it amazing there are still so many people
who think for instance the BBC is biased against Remain. I mean I don’t know what
stations they’ve been listening to. You know I love the BBC. I watch and listen to their output. I’ll tell you what it is. They don’t hear it
themselves. They don’t know it. They live in such a bubble. I know this because
I’ve sat there in production meetings and they don’t know
anybody who voted leave — they *think* they don’t know anyone who voted leave. You
can see their faces when the referendum result was announced. The BBC were just
sitting there in shock. “Who were all these ghastly people?” It wasn’t anyone
they met. “It must be a fix!” They live in a complete bubble of
Remoaner….I mean I live in Remoaner central in North London . They live in a
complete bubble. They don’t know anybody who would admit to them they voted Leave. They will know people — they are just too afraid to say it because they don’t be
accused of being a racist or stupid. But they… I don’t even think… when they say
“we’re not biased” they genuinely believe they’re not. They have no idea that
their perspective is constantly going from…they treat Eurosceptics like they are
idiots, everything the EU says — anything Donald Tusk or Verhofstadt or Jean Claude Juncker says is treated as the Word of God as engraved on a tablet and brought
down from the mountain . And they don’t even hear it and see it themselves.

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  1. Let's hear it for Julia Hartley-Brewer!
    She's a nice person, and her 'remoaner' friends are merely playing at being nice.

  2. The BBC do know they're being biased or is it they just don't understand the word majority.
    I wonder what the BBC would do if the percentage of leave voters that still pay the BBC tax
    decided to take affirmative action and stop paying for the BBC on the grounds they don't
    represent their political views? maybe then they would understand.

  3. It has been absolutely obvious the the BBC is pro-EU and biassed against Brexit for the last three years. It has been relentless anti-Brexit bias since the referendum.

  4. "they have no idea"
    Truly worrying.

    A person who knows that he/she doesn't know is open to learning.

    A person who know, and knows that he/she knows is learned and wise.

    A person who doesn't know, but doesn't know that he/she is doesn't know, is an unteachable ignoramus.

    Oh, I see.💡
    The BBC!

  5. brexit has and will continue to destroy and divide the UK, and in that way is a gift that keeps on giving for Germany and France, so thank you Brits!

  6. Yup . 100% correct . The same goes for the majority of politicians too . Welll, soon they will be a minority and the current mainstream media won't be mainstream, they will be viewed as extreme left wing or at best, libtards .

  7. I think it's shockingly naive for JHB to believe BBC bias isn't calculated. How did they manage to be just about impartial during the referendum campaign if they weren't aware of their normal bias. It's entirely calculated.

  8. And another thing – The MSM doesn't even countenance the idea that there might be some teeny-weeny flaws in the theories of climate change. There are, and the holes are massive. It is the biggest flight from sanity in history. It's not science; it's religion and politics. How about doing an in-depth interview with one of the sceptical scientists?

  9. It's all very well critizing the liberal consensus for living in a bubble, but don't fall into the trap yourself. I find Julia to be a middle-class over-educated attention-seeker chosing to take a contrary stand just to earn pin money and justify her existence. It's an easy gig. That's fine. Go for it. I just do not find her credible, that's all. I don't find anyone who chooses to earn a crust in broadcast media credible. Nurses and Bus-Drivers are credible, not these people. Enjoy the channel though. Keep it up.

  10. The very honest Julia Hartley Brewer I wonder what it's like going into the Sky studio now and will she be sidelined in future I hope not

  11. TV programmes from the '60s, '70s and '80s were far superior to the mindnumbing drivel that's served up today. No wonder people are giving up on TV, there's more to look at on the Web.

  12. I voted to remain but I’m ashamed at the overt bias of the BBC. I am truly embarrassed when I see commentators or talk show hosts denying the obvious one sidedness of their programs. They don’t want to believe they are bias but deep down they know they are. Shame on them, shame on the once great BBC. FOX news in now more believable and that says it all.

  13. The BBC, has become a Fake News network service. The majority of friends and myself, access our News from elsewhere.

  14. You should have seen the way BBC Look North was introduced the following day – a sad introduction as if playing to an audience down trodden by the elites or Westminster – when two thirds plus of the region voted to leave.

  15. The MSM are cheer leading for 'The Brexit Party', whilst attacking UKIP.

    The Brexit Party are not a true leave party, but an establishment new party, designed to split the leave vote and to ensure they retain their power grip.

    This is the same approach used in France….
    1) Create a new party
    2) Fool the population in to voting for the new party
    3) Continue on, as though nothing had ever changed.

  16. The MSM in EVERY Western nation is now just the propaganda arm of the globalist elites.
    They can't completely control the information flows on the 'net, however, which is why their only option there is to shut down dissenting opinions and platforms. The Christchurch incident provided them with a great excuse to intensify this process.
    But the growing numbers of red-pilled individuals is making it hard for them.

  17. My imbecilic brother , brainwashed as he is by his socialist missus actually said to me the BBC has a right wing bias !! I said that was the first time in the history of the universe that anyone has said that. He is such a controlled dope.

  18. Painfully obvious bbc and channel 4 are pro EU. Along with majority of media. It’s a joke that they pretend otherwise.

  19. Yes they are all going to face the reality of their bias, after the next general election when UKIP get elected and they outlaw the licence fee, and they will have to survive in the market place like everyone else. I can't wait

  20. Julia explains this bias really well , and particularly after the referendum millions of us become very aware of it . Sky might actually be even worse . I stopped watching Q T because the panel of five usually would be four remainers and one leave person , and when challenged David Dimbleby said " the EU is not the only subject discussed " !!! He certainly lives in this Bublé and still cannot except the result of Leave

  21. Julia stands up for us the right,and Nigel is on the TV and media daily.
    However we must be wary and keep up saying that the media is biased against us.
    We need a strong leader like Hitler or Heydrich to lead the country

  22. Hartley Brewer has it correct, most media people don't know anyone who voted leave. They believe that those who did are uneducated. They really can't see that their attitude is biased toward remain and genuinely think that they are impartial in their coverage.

  23. When Brexit is achieved and it will then the British public will turn its attention to strip this corporation of its funding . We have paid for. This governments Propaganda and it will never happen again .

  24. If you work for the BBC or Skye, it's not a good career move to admit you voted for brexit. In their eyes being a brexiteer in these organisations is worse than being a paedophile.

  25. BBC soon to be EUBC. Sky news soon to be pie in the sky news channel 4 news well that's just crap. They can say what they want don't care can see through them now. Vote brexit party ITV good morning Britain only one that's any good

  26. Just who does control BBC ? It's certainly not the license payers that's for sure….we should have chips in our tv's so we can't receive it, tben we don't have to
    fund it…..such obvious bias…

  27. The general consensus of the younger generations is that its worthwhile getting into debt to the tune of £27,000 in order to gain a dumbed down piece of paper that every one already has. So if this is their general thinking ability do not expect such a system to produce free thinking journalists. P.S. I am a plumber and the difficulty I have is trying not to make money.

  28. You never hear any BAD news about the EU on MSM. The unemployment levels, the financial disasters, the EU army, the anti EU election results, etc etc. It's as if they are totally blinkered and fail to give a true and balanced view.
    When did you last see an anti EU speech from Brussels or Strasbourg on the MSM…..if it wasn't for the Internet we would believe all was roses in the EU garden.

  29. Our ancestors sacrificed their blood to ensure law makers could be held accountable and yet remoaners think leavers are stupid?… What, because we do not want to hand over everything our great country has produced to a bunch of unelected, power hunger tyrants. If Brexit fails, the Lisbon Treaty will make us all slaves.

  30. These insane broadcasters in the BBC and Skynews who believe in the dark E.U. with its Nazi origins as the way forward to a left-wing nirvana are clearly out of touch with the people, but their job is now to rule, not to inform.

    They completely ignore the fact the E.U is a dictatorship and in doing are willing to give away over 300 years of Democracy that has been fought for and hard won. They also ignore the fact that history teaches us every Dictatorship leads to tyranny for the people, and there is truth in the saying absolute power corrupts absolutely. If you were to view the E.U's puppet-masters the Bilderberg Group secret society, one can clearly see this violently rich and powerful group want two types of people; Rulers and Serfs through globalism and corporate control of the people. They are a 1/7 part of a CABAL: who run this planet in our name. Here they are, in their inglorious and unholy alliance:
    1. The Bilderbergers
    2. The Council on Foreign Relations
    3. The Trilateral Commission
    4. The International Banking Cartel
    5.The Oil Cartel
    6. Select members of the military junta
    7. Select members of the security services.

    All the other minor secret societies obey them. We the people are their fodder for all the false flag wars past and present, and all those to come, plus all the man-made diseases to cull the population.
    If the people remain unaware of this outrage of elites and the unelected to rule over us, all this and more will come to pass. They already have their 'Ministry of Truth' in place, in the form of their controlled mainstream lapdog media – stenographers who long ago gave up being journalists holding government to account. Treat them like the plague they are NOT your friend. Do your own research and take a view. I guarantee it will not be theirs.

  31. 'Crash out on No Deal' 'Crash out'… amazing how quickly pundits and the mainstream 'independent' media jumped on the language of Remain.

  32. Stop paying our licence for bbc … then they can all look for new jobs in the real world … I ask you big ears on millions a year for talking football … yes I said talking because the wanker was a poor player on his best day … drain the swamp vote UKIP … please don’t fall for the walk away Tory in disguise Nigel had his chance and bottled it … Brexit party no thank you.

  33. Julia has put it very simply and clearly . I am amazed she can still find work in the broadcasting world being one of us stupid , bigoted , inward looking, xenophobic Brexiteers . How can ANYONE not wish to live under the tutelage of our EU masters ?.

  34. Clearly , fuck the BBC and the MSM whom all Globalist Backed Puppet Network!
    Clearly they do not actually Give a Shit about UK, as the EU is Corrupt beyond words.

  35. All the media companies live in a Remain / diversity mad / homosexual bubble. The are so out of touch with public opinion it is laughable. Before any one has a go at me, I am Homosexual. But the medias current penchant for ramming gays, black people and ruddy diversity down the populous's throats will do nothing but harm. I have noticed in the recent past there has been a sharp rise in homophobia and racism. You cant blame people for pushing back against programmes like Coronation St for example where nearly every person seems to be a lesbian or gay man. Its cheap and ridiculous.

  36. Has anybody noticed in the last week MPs starting to worry about their jobs and the BBC starting to  report things properly  they are all realise that UKIP and the Brexit party are coming and coming hard  CHANGING IS COMING FOLKS  just listen to the Hungarian MP in Brussels he really lays in to the EU

  37. It is not only the BBC. See the morning chat shows on any of the commercial stations. There will be a pretence at balance, ie one guest will be clearly a remainer, one a leaver and one dithering, on the fence. The subtle deception part is that the HOST is clearly a remainer. He controls the narrative. It then becomes three leavers against one remainer.

  38. I get the feeling that she probably had a good laugh when Sargon called the mainstream media dirty dirty smear merchants. Think she should have him on as she did a good interview with Dankula so would be intresting to see.

  39. The BBC no longer belong and run by the Brits, but by foreigners with an anti Brit and anti white attitude. They are the real racists

  40. BBC will not be around in the "paid by viewers" format. The moment they became biased and political was their death nail.

  41. Julia hits several nails right on the head. Brexit woke (I guess I am woke) me up to this, and I now make it a mission to enlighten as many others as possible. The BBC is the most galling given the charter of impartiality they are supposed to uphold, but they are by no means alone. Its going to be a long hard fight but one that needs to be fought.

  42. The BBC is in serious need of reform, for our National Broadcasting Company to have such a bias against the Country is a scandal.

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