K-Cup Steals, 50% Off Starbucks Brewers – The Deal Guy

K-Cup Steals, 50% Off Starbucks Brewers – The Deal Guy

Hi I’m the Youtube Deal Guy Matt Granite. Today, K-Cup Bargains, Coffee deals and a
brewer that I can’t wait to share with you but first if you are a subscriber, thank you.
You bring me career stability and if you’re new, welcome! I share huge deals that I hand-pick
daily. None of these are paid products and I share with anyone watching before anyone
who watches me on your local TV station or USA Today. The deals are located right under
this video window and at the end of this, I’ll tell you how to get them, how to subscribe
but first….. the 3 best times over the course of the year
for a caffienated price drop. First best time to lock in a deal is when
the seasons change. Stores generally sell less coffee in the spring than winter when
it warms…. Next best day is national coffee day in september and then pre-Christmas for
holiday deal drops. And today the deals are dropping across the
board if you have a coupon. My favorite slashes your costs by 54 percent on huge assortment
of premium k-cups. That same reduction applies to a top of the
line brewer from starbucks… 60 bucks down from 120 with free shipping. And perhaps the best way to save green and
go green… re-usable b-p-a free cups…. Just 8 bucks for six down from 20. Free shipping. They include a bonus spoon which the manufacturer
is very excited but they are BPA-Free. I’m sending this test batch back but the one we
used performed pretty well. K-Cup deals galore are right under this video
screen and if you don’t like coffee, I also do tech, lifestyle, food, anything else you
want to save money on. If you want to save money, feel free to subscribe.
I’ll hunt down more deals for you, let me know what you want to save on. I really appreciate
you watching and as promised, here’s how to get the rest of my deals. Cheers! Click that subscribe button. There’s also
a wheel beside that subscribe button for more options. Make sure you have “send me updates”
checked. That will ensure you get emailed every time I upload a huge deal. Before anyone
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my video window. Just click the “show more” tab and every link I have for every deal,
is right there.

4 thoughts on “K-Cup Steals, 50% Off Starbucks Brewers – The Deal Guy”

  1. clicking the wheel does not send me emails – I've tried it multiple times – I've checked send me updates, still none.  But I am a dedicated subscriber, so I check youtube every day without the email.  Thanks Matt !!

  2. I appreciate the deals you post, especially this one since I love coffee. Any chance you can find deals revolving summer activities for kiddies such as pool stuff or outdoor play activities? Thanks and keep up the good work!

  3. I cant wait for you to come up on the 5pm news at channel 2!!!!!you are awesome!!!! wish they would find a cool humidifier that holds more then a gallon & half though….TY Matt!!

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