Kaki Fry (Deep-Fried Oysters) Recipe カキフライ 作り方レシピ

Kaki Fry (Deep-Fried Oysters) Recipe カキフライ 作り方レシピ

Hi, I am Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” First, let’s rinse the oysters. Dissolve the salt in a bowl of water. Gently rinse the oysters in the salt water. Carefully remove the dirt between the creases and then line up the oysters on a paper towel. Quickly finish the process to keep them from losing their flavor. Gently press with another paper towel, removing the excess moisture. Then, sprinkle on the salt and the pepper. Next, combine the beaten egg and the flour in a bowl and mix until smooth. Add a sprinkle of water and allow the batter to reach the desired consistency as shown. Then, place the oysters onto a plate covered with flour and coat them thoroughly. Dust off the excess flour with your hands and then dip the oysters into the batter. Using a spoon, coat each oyster completely and then place it onto a tray covered with soft bread crumbs. Cover with bread crumbs and gently press. Repeat the process for the rest of the oysters. And now, let’s deep-fry the oysters. Drop in a bit of the bread crumbs to test the oil. Deep-fry the breaded oysters at about 360 degrees °F or 180 degrees °C. Don’t touch them until the outer layer firms up. Then, gently move the oysters in the oil with the chopsticks to brown evenly. Now, flip the oysters over and deep-fry them for a total of 2 to 3 minutes until golden brown. The oil should be at least 1 inch or 2cm deep to help maintain the oil temperature. Avoid cooking a large amount of oysters at once otherwise the oil temperature will drop suddenly. Now, remove the kaki fry with a mesh strainer, drain the excess oil and temporarily place them onto a cooling rack. Then, place next to the side vegetables, shredded cabbage, parsley leaves and a lemon wedge. The crispy outside and juicy inside make the kaki fry so delicious! We think the tartar sauce is one of the best sauces for the kaki fry. To make the sauce, please watch our video on how to make ebi fry. You can also enjoy the kaki fry with Japanese Worcestershire sauce, mayonnaise or ketchup. Good luck in the kitchen!

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  1. The chef is so adorable at the end with her adorable smile. Such a nice lady, I wish I knew her in real life, bless her!

  2. ahhhh, why do I torture myself by watching so many of your cooking videos >.< I am on a diet but everything looks so delicious

  3. I cooked yesterday, but my dog was feeling too cold, so I let her stay in the kitchen, and she behaved well, even when I was making some breaded steaks… I couldn't help to think of Francis hahaha

  4. if you're lazy and don't wanna make it, it looks like she's just using panko bread crumbs, so i guess you can use that? :/

  5. I love oyster I'm so going to make this! And is it just me but when chef was sprinkling the crashed black paper I thought it was the oysters screaming-whispering in pain o.O

  6. Wow! That dog has so much self restraint. I couldn't last for more than a minute before taking a bite. I am ashamed :, (

  7. 俺の大好きのカキフライ。

  8. I love your show (yes, to me it's a show lol). I don't keep record how long I've been subscribed, but I know it's been a while (: I always look forward to a new video and hope you don't stop making them (:

  9. this cooking channel has made meal preparation so much easier for my household. my mom asks, "what should we have today?" and i scan through the list of videos and take a pick. every recipe we've tried was a winner. thanks cooking with a dog!

  10. I never really cared for Oysters especially on the 1/2 shell, but this actually looks really good, I might even add some Panko (panco?) Those were pretty big oysters too.

  11. Just finished frying these…omg…everything i make from here comes out AMAZING! i use to love eating raw oysters, but as i grew up i dont know why i started to dislike them, until now… 😀 OISSHIIIIIIII desu :3 arigatou chefu ~

  12. Oh my gosh, I love you guys! Your recepies are awesome, and the lady is so classy, Well done! She appears to be a very nice person. Thakns.

  13. such delicate and beauty of manners…my "other" classmate should learn about manners….IM TALKING ABOUT U LARRY!!!

  14. Puri puri Kaki Fry. Oh, sooo yummy. My favorite sea food dish has always been fried oysters. Thanks chef san for posting. Idaho deha puri puri oyster arimase—n.

  15. 断面の絵があると更に良かったかも。ジュ~っと染み出すジューシーさがたまらないので。タルタルもいいけどポン酢が好きです。

  16. It makes me so hungry when she put it in her mouth… ugh i'm hungry now! Love your show ty for posting it and making us hungry people hungry in the middle of the night! 

  17. 犬がいるねえ。調理の心構えなっちゃいないよねえ。どういう意図か意味不明で不潔です。

  18. no, flour should be half of coating with mixed in corn starch as the other half, with salt and herb seasoning added here…and then you can re-egg this and  roll in crumbs twice …the crust becomes like a shell that is outrageous, good crunchy and with substance

  19. やっぱりカキは日生ですなぁ。少なくとも、一般のスーパーで買えるカキでは最高峰だと思います。

  20. 欧米から「魚介の生食」が日本に流入した異例の存在が牡蠣だが、やはり牡蠣だけはカキフライが一番美味いと思う。

  21. I fail to make it at first try but will try again soon. it look delicious!! (my oyster still soaking wet when I fried it. now I learn my lesson that I shouldn't rush)

  22. I know it's been 2 years since a comment was made but this is one of my favourite Japanese dishes. Miyajima island is where the oysters are at 😋

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