KakoraFry Recipe – kantola fry recipe – kakrol fry recipe

KakoraFry Recipe – kantola fry recipe – kakrol fry recipe

Namaskar and welcome to nishamadhulika.com Today we will make kantola or spiky indian gourd sabzi. Kakora are available in two sizes; small like this and big like lemon. Small kakora are much tastier then the big ones. We will be using small kakoras for making the sabzi. Let’s see what all ingredients are required for making kakora sabzi. Kantola (kakora) – 250 grams Cumin seeds – 1/2 tsp Asafoetida – 1 pinch Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp Fennel powder – 1/2 tsp Coriander powder – 1 tsp Red chilly powder – less then 1/4 tsp Salt – as per taste (or 3/4 tsp) Ginger – 1 inch piece (grated) Green chilly – 2 (finely chopped) Green coriander leaves – 1 tbsp (finely chopped) Mango powder – 1/4 tsp Oil – for making sabzi Firstly cut kakora. Remove the stalk and cut kakora into four parts like this. You can also peel the kakora before making sabzi from it. Rinse them thoroughly for 3-4 times so that all dust particles get washed away. While buying kakora make sure you don’t buy the colored ones as they are dangerous and poisonous. Now make sabzi from the chopped kakora. Preheat pan and add 1 tbsp oil into it. When oil gets hot add cumin seeds,asafoetida and saute for few seconds. Now add turmeric powder,coriander powder,green chilly,ginger,fennel powder and kakora. Also add salt and red chilly powder. Saute the kakora for 2 minutes. Stir the sabzi nicely until kakora gets coated with spices. By sauting,kakora also becomes crispy. Now add 1 tbsp water into it. Cover the pan and cook the sabzi for 5-6 minutes. Cook on low flame for 5-6 minutes. Check after few minutes.If the sabzi is still not cooked then cook for 2-3 minutes more. Cover the sabzi again and cook for 3-4 minutes more on low flame. Sabzi is ready, now add mango powder and green coriander leaves. Kakora sabzi is ready,turn off the gas. Crispy kakora sabzi is ready. We have used 250 grams kakora for making this sabzi. This much quantity can be served to four family members as a side dish. Serve kakora sabzi with chapatti, parantha or rice. Try making this recipe at your home and share your experiences with us. See you again at nishamadhulika.com

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  1. NISHA JI…thank u so much for all clips…i like your way of explanation …i have DOWNLOADED…ALMOST 90% of ur clips…fo my 2 DAUGHTERS… I AM SURE THEY WILL LOVE YOUR STYLE & RECIPES… thanks again…GOD BLESS U ALWAYS.. 🙂

  2. i made this recipe atleast 3 times till now…it is really tasty n also healthy as there is nothing artificial to it…thank you madhulika auntyjee 😊

  3. very lovely video mam…m aapke video dekh dekh kr bhut kuch bnani sikh gyi hu .or mujhe aap hi ke video psnd ..thanks u mam..

  4. Love you aunty ji😘 aap khana bhi a6a banati hay aur samjati bhi badiya hay recipe bhi a6i lekar aate hay.god bless you mam.

  5. You are the best ,Nishaji ,very easy recipe ,you explain it so well,never eaten this vegetable ,will definitely try it

  6. My husband got this vegetable and ask to cook as he tasted this vegetable in ofc from his colleague lunch box n he liked it. But I saw this vegetable first time so was confused. Then saw ur video n cooked n it’s came very nice 👍.
    Even we cook regular food without onion.

  7. Hi mam, this is the first time I am preparing this (for curiosity sake I brought this yesterday) just prepared now. Really it is super dear, I followed your method: in addition, I added green chilly(slit) and tomato too. I am just having it now with rice, really yummy. Thanks you so much

  8. Madam Yeh masale itne aapne Bata Diya Jaise jaljira banana Ho Itni masaledar nahi hua toh masala Vada aayega ka kya pata chalega

  9. Recipe
    Bhut hi ghatiya hai bekar hai meri di se fhir mai vhi thoda sa kkora bcha tha to bnai apne di se puch kar sirf shalt aur black pepar dal kar utna kdva nhi lga

  10. Meri maa kah rahi he ki kikode ki sabji me pani nahi dalna chahiye. Isse wo kadvi ho jati he.. pakate samay fri pan ke upar plat me pani dal kar dhak dena sahi rahta he.

  11. Very nice recipe nisha ji… U do not use onion and garlic, but kindly let us know for the people who do eat onions and garlic… Where to use them.

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