Kamala Harris Cooks Bacon-Fried Apples

Kamala Harris Cooks Bacon-Fried Apples

Hi, I’m Deidre, and I’m
Senator Harris’ Iowa Chair, and I am so excited today
because she is coming to my house to do one of my favorite things, cook. [Deidre] Hello!
[Kamala] Hi, Deidre! (upbeat music)
(women laughing) [Deidre] You ready to cook? [Kamala] I am, I am, let’s do this (laughing). [Deidre] All right, so what are we making? [Kamala] We are making apples with bacon. My mother used to make this. [Deidre] Your mama was a wise
woman, putting bacon in this. [Kamala] Oh my God, look, bacon is a spice as far as I’m concerned.
[Deidre] Yes it is, yes it is. Yes it is. [Kamala] Okay, so what we’re
gonna do is we have these beautiful Iowa apples, which
are in season right now. We’ve got some Iowa bacon over there. You know there are so many
of my mother’s recipes that, I mean she never
wrote anything down. [Deidre] Really?
[Kamala] No, it was just a matter of watching. And so some of them I have
been able to recreate. And you know, part of the
problem is with family recipes, like, my mother would not
give up the family recipes. Like, it was literally
like, or she would say, “Oh, just a little bit of this,
and a little bit of that.” (laughing) Okay, while we’re doing this,
I’m gonna start the bacon. (upbeat music)
(bacon sizzling) [Deidre] So you’ve always loved cooking. [Kamala] Yes, well my mother said to me, “Honey, you like to eat good food, “you better learn how to cook.” (laughing) And let’s just sprinkle
it with a little nutmeg. (oil popping) [Deidre] So how much? [Kamala] Just a little bit. (women laughing) [Deidre] There you go, there you go. My goodness. [Kamala] (laughing) I can’t help myself. (women laughing) Start mixing that little bit.
[Deidre] Okay. Mm, pretty. [Kamala] Right? It’s nice to have around the holidays, like a holiday brunch. [Deidre] Yes. I’m gonna try this for Thanksgiving. [Kamala] Do you wanna put a
little of that bourbon? [Deidre] Yes!
[Kamala] Okay. [Deidre] Let’s drop
a little bit in here. [Kamala] Okay, go on and
put a little (laughing). [Deidre] Ooh, it’s working.
[Kamala] Yeah. And it’ll caramelize. Mm, smell that, Deidre. [Deidre] Oh my goodness.
[Kamala] Right? [Deidre] This is gonna be great. (upbeat music) [Kamala] I’m starving. Pancakes. [Deidre] One or two? [Kamala] Oh, I think two. Pancakes are meant to be stacked, and you have to combine
a little of the apple with a little of the bacon. [Deidre] All right. [Kamala] Okay? (Deidre sighs)
[Kamala] Aw, yeah (laughing). [Deidre] Life, liberty, and the pursuit
of happiness is right here. [Kamala] Mm.
[Deidre] Mm, mm. So tell me about your first time in Iowa. I always love hearing
about people’s first times. [Kamala] Well my first time in Iowa was in 2007. [Deidre] Ooh, throwback. [Kamala] And I was here the week
between Christmas and New Years. [Deidre] Oh, my goodness. [Kamala] Campaigning for a senator
by the name of Barack Obama. [Deidre] Was it warm? [Kamala] It was warm by some people’s
standards, (Deidre laughs) but not by this Californian’s standard. [Deidre] Not by, did you bring the right coat? [Kamala] I brought the right coat. [Deidre] Good. [Kamala] I had the right boots, and there was no job too small or too big. One of the most memorable moments for me during that time in Iowa, and
really one of the things that, for that reason, gives me the feeling I do about who Iowan voters are,
and the difference they make, is, so I was here campaigning and preparing for the caucuses in ’07, and I got to the headquarters. It was late, and I said,
“Okay, is there anything else to be done tonight before
the caucuses tomorrow?” And they said, “Well
there’s a senior center that nobody’s gone to yet. Would you go?” So I went there, and I started knocking on the doors of the various, like, studio apartments.
[Deidre] Sure. [Kamala] Where these seniors were living, African American senior home, and you know, invariably,
folks would answer the door, and I remember at least
a couple of the saying, “Oh, baby, come on in. “Can I give you a cup of coffee? “Oh, you look a little skinny,
you want something to eat?” (women laughing) [Deidre] They always wanna feed you.
[Kamala] Always, always. And then I knocked on this one door, and the occupant answered the door. The chain was on. And she was this petite lady, must have been well into her 80s, perfectly coiffed wig, perfect makeup, elegantly dressed. And she wasn’t expecting
anybody that night. And so she answers the
door with the chain on, and I was really excited, and I said, “Hi, I’m Kamala Harris, and
I’m here for the caucuses. And they’re tomorrow, and
I’m supporting Barack Obama. And are you gonna come and
join us at the caucuses?” And I was all excited, and she looked at me with
a straight face and said, “They’re not gonna let him win.” (Deidre moans) And I looked at her, and I realized what I was looking at. Which is, this lady, in probably
the 85 years of her life. [Deidre] That’s a lot. [Kamala] All the indignity she has faced, all the injustice she has witnessed, and she is holding on the her dignity. And she wasn’t about to suffer another disappointment at
this stage of her life. And, at that moment, I just
decided I am not leaving here. And I put my purse down, and
I just kept talking with her, and she opened the door a little bit more.
[Deidre] That’s good. She never took that chain off the door. (women laughing) [Deidre] She didn’t offer you anything to eat. [Kamala] She never took that chain off the door. And Deidre, the next
night at the caucuses, guess who was there? [Deidre] I hope she was. [Kamala] In the corner all by herself, with her perfect kinda like fox stole. And she was there, and Barack won. [Deidre] That’s awesome. [Kamala] And what that says to
me, is it really is about the fact that when we believe that it’s possible, even when it’s against the odds, or when other people say, “Maybe it’s not, they’re not ready,” or, “They won’t do it.” If we do it, we can
actually make it happen. Look, I’m really clear about what is required to break barriers. I have had to break
barriers my entire career. When I ran for District
Attorney of San Francisco, there had never been a woman, there had never been a person of color. People said, “Oh, no,
it’s just, nobody like you has done it before. It’s not your time, it’s not your turn.” [Deidre] What did you tell
yourself to keep going, just to bypass all that? [Kamala] I eat no for breakfast. [Deidre] I know that’s right. (women laughing) And apple pancakes. [Kamala] And apple pancakes with some bacon. [Deidre] Yes, yes, yes,
(upbeat guitar music) [Kamala] Hey guys, I’m here in Iowa with my incredible Iowa
team, Deidre, Will, and whatever you can do
to continue to support us, it’ll make a difference. Please visit
kamalaharris.org, donate $5. Or $10. Or 20, whatever you can do, thank you.

38 thoughts on “Kamala Harris Cooks Bacon-Fried Apples”

  1. I love this video !!!

    Kamala's story about her 2007 trip to Iowa reminded me a little of the night President Obama won in 2008. There were 3 people I immediately contacted to capture their feelings about the historical event: my Nana, my Great-Uncle, and my Hon. Grandma.

    Nana was 84y and from deep Texas. To my surprise she said, just wait and see how it goes… I did not understand her response at the time, but obviously it was about his safety. My Great-Uncle, 80y and also from deep Texas was ecstatic; glued to the coverage, he put in his early request for us to get him Inauguration tickets (that day became one of the highlights of his life). And my Hon. Grandma, then 99y and an immigrant from Hungary, was "so happy Barack Obama won!" I grew up at her house and it was my first canvas towards learning- behind closed household doors, the importance and relevance of political keadership. Every debate. Every televised campaign event. Every world news broadcast- was watched from that living room sofa!

    My Nana & my Hon. Grandma were the best of friends- who more often than not, baked together. I believe whole-heartedly if they were here today to witness Kamala's run, they would have LOVED & LAUGHED with this video, and she would have their full support! πŸ’šπŸŽπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ


  3. Kamila Harris give me 8 years in office and in 10 years I will give you all Medicare for all πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I knew you were a fraud the first time I saw you

  4. Remember when Camilla Harris thought she was a top-tier candidate just because the mainstream media was trying to push her into the spotlight

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  7. Funny Kamala wasn't doing cooking videos when she was Attorney General of California…she just locked-up black and brown youth and laughed about it!!!

  8. I'm not feeling her. She doesn't seem as real or genuine as some of the others. Say what you will about Trump, he gained a following in 2016 bc he was real

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