44 thoughts on “Karen Brewer, Exposing Parliamentary Pedophilia Australia”

  1. Have you read Fiona Barnett’s book yet? She has offered a free download on her site that can be downloaded. She knows it all as she was pimped out, ritually sexually abused as a child to our Prime Ministers, actors & overseas scum bags. It is a satanic cabal that runs this world.

  2. Karen…great presentation and research …Australia is to stupid to know or care …….to busy just to stay ahead of the bill …calculated to do just that…Australia must rid its self of these masquerading as the Australian government…..**karen thank you …..watch your back ……look at the USA swamp… its here too**

  3. It doesn’t surprise me at all if Mathew Newton was ritually abused. It fits the pattern perfectly, his “breakdown” from MK that his parents sold him into. Bert & Patty, our beloved TV brain washers sold him for fame & fortune? I can believe it….

  4. I believe 20,000 kids go missing in Australia but you never hear of any of this from our corrupt media, just a token few.🤬

  5. it's one big satanic cult. can't go to the police directly as upper echelons control the customer facing officers through bullying. need to tell each others neighbour's. take a couple of beers over to your neighbour and have a chat. if your at the bowls club or pub. don't try and convince them just sew a few seeds with some honest remarks.

  6. You are missing some of the most explosive links. I will give you a hint, it is episode #1 and episode #4 on youtube. If you type in one of the link names you have in your list into youtube you will find them, the most rivetting stuff l have ever heard, especially no.4.

    Thanks for the video, l am adding it to my aussie pedophile files.








  8. Tell me who is a pedo in Perth and where and when they are going to be at a public speaking event and I'll go down and get an interview and post it on my channel. Anyone ??

  9. So they molest the kids and tell them if you stay quiet you'll have a bright future. Which of course psychology says most of them will go on and repeat what happened to them.

  10. David Icke is right. These "people" are not human. Thank you for shining the light on these despicable creatures. The BAR must be eradicated!

  11. These scumbags have been infectng our societies for many decades. I remember back in the 80,s when a top poLIEtician in the UK called Harriet Harman (Lab) was trying to provide protection for an organisation called P.I.E. (pedophile imformation exchange). I stopped voting for any of these pieces of shit when the Savile case reared it's ugly head. They are ALL complicit in this sick perverted system and i consider any people who vote for these degenerates to be just as bad for giving them a licence to perpetuate the agony for countless innocent children across this world. If you have a concience don't vote!!

  12. Thank you Karen👍 100% correct in the entirety of your presentation…. NO SUITABLE CANDIDATE CAN FOLLOW MY WILL👍 Thank you once again!

  13. Hello from Canada 🇨🇦 I’m sure the same shit goes on here ! The whole system is shit from the local beat cops who think they are all powerful and mighty with the shit they pull off all the way up to the courthouse of fraudsters and up to the top

  14. …..oooorhhr !🤔🤔😮i get it like how when the LAWYER tryed to bl bl black Mail me to pay much more then 1st told ..
    Thy thort i was a suker ..
    So so thy corrupt them youngests to gain thr loyalty.

  15. I'm not shocked at this news……i know how corrupt our government is.
    Wayne Glew has a stinging video calling out our unlawful, corrupt government and councils.
    I must check your videos to see if you've anything on our governments
    Traitorous involvement forcing the UN,s one world agendas onto us.
    Destroying Australia to pave the way.
    The continued influx of immigrants that
    Hate us and want to bring sharia law into our country and government.
    Why is our government allowing this ?
    Theres corruption and traitorism at every turn.
    Morrison is involved with five eyes as well, why is all that not news.

  16. Senator Bill Heffernan was another politician that was very verbal along with Franka Areana about these bastard political and judiciary pedophiles they fought for the abuse that was done to FIONA BARNETT…..Google Fiona and you will find she names every pedophile politician and judges….

  17. Thanks Karen. My I ask you a personal question? Are you a victim of these perverts that has encouraged you to produce such damning report not only on our but the world's political system?

    I sense that you have had some sort of close encounter for you to do this presentation.

    Ephesians 6:12 explains it all.

    Stay safe

  18. Can u send me ur Twitter it's AUSSIE DAWG. Big THINGS are coming. I have something in the works. Can u twit me PLEASE. Be there soon be go to chat in Canberra.

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