Kathmandu Food Tour + Momo Cooking Class [Nepal Travel Blog]

Kathmandu Food Tour + Momo Cooking Class [Nepal Travel Blog]

– [Jessie] Nepal is renowned
for its challenging treks, stunning views and high peaks. But as you’re enjoying
the beauty of the country, don’t forget there is a culinary
culture worth exploring. Dal bhat, rice, lentils
and often vegetable curry, is a national dish. And you’ll see it
everywhere along with momos. During a cooking class in Kathmandu, I learned how to make these
South Asian dumplings, chopping cabbage and onion, mincing garlic and ginger, and even making dough from scratch. Momos are stuffed with everything from buffalo to chicken
to veggies and beyond, even chocolate. They can be fried or
steamed, spicy or mild, and are served with delicious sauces. I may be biased, but these were the best
momos I had in Nepal. Another way to explore local food is via a breakfast tour. Along with trying typical breakfast foods most visitors never get
to, in hard to find places, you’ll see Katmandu as it wakes up, including the Asan Market,
open from five to 8:00 a.m. So what did we try? Potatoes with sweet semolina. Fried rice bread with milk tea. And spicy chickpea curry,
just to name a few. Between bites, we visited
local stupas and temples, and met the locals whose
food keep the city delicious. We also learned some local folklore. Near temples, it’s common
to feed the pigeons to draw them together, then
run through the bird crowd. As they fly away, their flapping wings are thought to transfer
energy to the people below. Something else that gives me energy? The jeri swari haluwa
from Shree Kumari Bakery, which tastes like the Nepali
version of funnel cake and offers a sweet ending to
a delicious day in Kathmandu.

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  1. Dreaming about the street food in Kathmandu and those Nepali momos. Delicious! What is your favorite food in Nepal?

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