100 thoughts on “Kebabs, Sake Bombs, and Space Rock: Chef’s Night Out with Rita’s”

  1. i gotta say this is the best Chef's Night Out by far. just regular fucking people getting a fucking buzz on and eating some good food.

  2. Justt for any non-Londoners seeing this, don't get any ideas. This is NOT how Londoners live. Even for the uber cool crowd – this is not ordinary.
    You can't walk out of your house on a whim, drop into a really nice restaurant, then drop into a gig. That is not ordinary. That would take out around £150 out of your pockets – and anyone that cool doesn't earn that much money.

  3. Lol I fuckin love it, after all that delicious food and all those too restaurants, at the end of the day what do you want when u got a hangover? Some fuckin chicken and chips. That's how u know you're a true Londoner.

  4. If someone came to me, saying that he wants that steak at 7:59 any other way then rare. I would slap them and tell them to GTFO of my restaurant.

  5. Good episode but I am getting tired of inauthentic people trying to seem authentic. "Let's name it Rita's blahblahblah" there's no fuckin rita, name is Gabriel's or something. Dude spent 5 years in AMERICA comes back doing Mexican fusion.

  6. Lol at all the Americans saying this was a good episode. This is the most pretentious hipster episode yet. Hackney was rough as fuck less than 10 years ago then these cunts came in.

  7. Thank god for other countries with better food culture than britain. Otherwise this episode wouldve been boring.

  8. I like how chefs be saying they an't formally trained. Brah a mc donalds cook is a chef if you think about it. Its all about what type of chef you wanna be,

  9. Wow these guys are great! Love the non-pretentious guys in hospo <3
    Have to check out Rita's when I visit london, looks amazing

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