Keith Eats Everything At Wendy’s

Keith Eats Everything At Wendy’s

– On November 15, 1969, in Columbus, Ohio, Dave Thomas opened his first old-fashioned hamburger restaurant. The burgers would feature square patties so customers could see
the quality of the meat. He would name this restaurant
after his fourth child, Melinda Lou Wendy Thomas. Today, I’m eating everything at Wendy’s. Their current slogan? We got you. But Wendy’s, today, I got you. (dramatic music) Baconfest is here! And the spicy nugs are back. – [Camera Man] It says Panda Express. – Panda Express. Ignore the Panda Express sign. This is a video for Wendy’s. (upbeat music) So today we’re going
through the drive-through for every round of things
we need to pick up. I don’t know if you saw the Pizza Hut Eat-the-Menu, but it was a total shit show. We got so many things wrong. Not we, they got so many things wrong, so today we decided to get a big van, and just keep going
through the drive-through until we have, in fact, tried
everything from Wendy’s. If they mess up an order, we can keep the receipt and be like you messed this up. So, today, we will actually be able to try every single thing at Wendy’s. – [Wendy’s Employee] Anything else? Add a cookie for 99 cents today? – We’ll be back later. – [Wendy’s Employee] I’m sorry? – You don’t need to
tell them we’ll be back. Can we make the turn? – Oh, fuck yes, dude! Let’s do it! First up, the french fries. Oh man, they’re so soft. They’re hot and soft. What the hell is up with that? (bright classical music) As bad as the legend says. The chili cheese fries. No one like Wendy’s fries. What’s up with Wendy’s, why cant’ they figure out the french fry? (gentle country music) Tastes super bland. I barely taste any of
the things I just ate. Don’t taste chili, don’t taste cheese. Not delicious. (laughs) Okay, well we can only go up from here. The Baconator fries. Wow, the cheese stretch. I mean this looks visually amazing. (upbeat rock music) Jesus Christ. Day and night from the other fries. The potatoes are still boring, but it doesn’t matter because bacon. The bacon jalapeno cheese fries with a mystery sauce. What is the mystery sauce? (twangy country music) Oh yeah. – [Camera Man] Yeah? – Yes. The bacon is very salty and fatty, but the jalapeno is like
very, kind of, sweet and a little bit spicy. This is fatty gamer food, and it’s good. Let’s dial it back to a
more home-style potato, the baked potato. I’m just gonna judge it on
its general potato-ness. God, it’s fuckin’ hot. Hot potato, hot.
(breathes) Great potato, but let’s move into a little more flavorful
potato land, shall we? These are so hot. The cheese potato. I will say their cheese stretchability, like they have some
internet cheese over here. It’s a little underwhelming. This still needs a fuck ton of other shit. Chive and sour cream potato. (gentle music) Mm-hmm, delicious. I wish I had a big roast
beef to eat with it. Every time I touch a
potato, it’s like so hot. I’m playing the game Hot Potato by myself. The bacon cheese potato. Now, if this is anything
like the bacon cheese fries, you know it’s gonna be good. So hot.
(breathes heavily) It’s good. Just because the bacon
here is actually so good, this guy is the chili cheese baked potato. It is almost full to the top of where the potato should be. I’m surprised that this
chili is so bean-heavy because it’s like a
chili you put on stuff, and normally a chili you put on stuff, you have bean-less. Beans and potato? They’re just mush, mush. It’s just mushy mushiness. It’s okay, but the
Baconator one is the best. This chili is very soupy, I can’t tilt it, chili! And I respect them because
they make their chili using their leftover hamburger meat. They can’t freeze their beef, which means if their beef
has been refrigerated, and it’s about to go
bad, turn it into chili ’cause chili’s already bad, baby. How is the chili so good by itself, and so not good on the potatoes? The potatoes ruin the chili. The nuggets. We’re gonna try one bite plain and one bite with my favorite sauce. Oh, fuck, there’s more fries? Jesus, hold on. Everybody pause. You don’t see the nuggets here. Cheese fries. They’re not gonna be good. (rock guitar music) They’re not. (laughing) They’re not good. So soft. Back in action, the chicken nuggets. (vehement rock music) Almost no flavor. I never noticed how
little flavor they have. I guess I have to dip it. I’ll dip it in the honey
mustard ’cause it’s out here. I’m very surprised. Tastes like honey mustard. Wendy, girl. Maybe that’s why the spicy
nugget are such a big thing. Maybe they taste like something. The spicy nugs. They smell like something. These are 1,000 times better. Spicy nug with a little ranch. I have hair in my mouth. They’re back, and they
should fully replace the other nuggets. Well, that’s it for the sides, now we go through the
drive-through once again, and this time we’re
getting chicken sandwiches. – Can I get the bacon
jalapeno chicken sandwich, the home-style bacon
jalapeno chicken sandwich, the home-style avocado
BLT chicken sandwich. – Oh my God. – The crispy chicken BLT? – Can I just say, this Wendy’s, they
numbered all the bags with the sandwiches and they
numbered the receipt so we knew which was
which so I don’t have to do that silly guessing that I always do. (exclaims) Let’s dive in. The spicy bacon jalapeno
fried chicken sandwich. Oh it smells good. This is what Arby’s was trying to do. I’m okay. That’s good. I would eat a second bite, but I know just how much is ahead of me so I know I can’t but fuckin’ delicious. The homestyle bacon jalapeno, which is the same as the last one, just not spicy, but it still has jalapeno. Who would order a
jalapeno chicken sandwich but not get spicy chicken on it too? You know what? I like this more. Damn, their fried
chicken sandwich is good. For being a burger chain,
they’ve always killed it with the fried chicken. The Food Babies should come by, because these are good leftovers today. These are good leftovers. Now to mix things up, the grilled bacon jalapeno sandwich. Same thing, this time it’s grilled. I kind of want another bite of that big jalapeno right there. I’m really in favor of these jalapenos. The spicy barbecue chicken. (upbeat horn music) Another hit! Fuck! The chicken’s so good it doesn’t
need all that extra stuff, but you get a big bite of pickle in that, oh doggy. I’m sweating under my eyes. We’re going to have to take a break. (laughs) We’re going to have to blast the A/C, I’m dying. I’m wearing a wig. Whew, how do drag queens do it? The homestyle avocado BLT, but it’s also a chicken sandwich. (laughs) Wow, this looks good. Look at that big leaf of iceberg lettuce, that mayo, that guacamole. This looks delicious. It’s like an okay torta. That’s how I phrase it. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s now time for our first guest. Please welcome to the back of the van, Jared Popkin! – Woo! The bitch is back, let’s go. Oh god. – Wow this has been your
fourth or fifth time on the menu show? – It’s gotta be dude. – Let’s move into the first
sandwich for Jared here. – The spicy chicken. – Ooh it’s radiating heat. Hold your hand around it. – How long have you guys been here? – Keep it warm and (mumbles) – This is warm. – It’s hot. – You wanna go first? – Go ahead. – No. – Dive in, live your life, the bitch is back. Oh mayo’s dripping. – It’s okay. What else do you want
from a chicken sandwich? – Mm-hmm. – What else do you want? I love the spice. It gets a little spicier as you chew, in a good way though. – Yeah I remember my brother
always used to love it. I also remember this
chicken sandwich especially used to be in commercials
where Dave Thomas made bikers cry. Remember that? – [Jared] I forgot all about ’em. – They would have him eat something spicy and he’d go dab, dab, dab, dab. And then he’d make them
eat something spicy, they’d go (hot sound effects) and he’d be like it’s okay. He’d fuck those bikers up. – Homestyle chicken. – Just so you know, as we’re eating this, the world is still abuzz with the Popeye’s Chick-fil-A situation. To me this is the first
fried chicken sandwich on the market. – The OG yeah. – Careful, it’s just a cartoon. (laughing) – This is the OG though for sure. Does it taste like the OG? Is the bitch back? – Mm-hmm. Bitch is back. – She never left, this is great. – For those who are looking
to watch their weight, there is also a grilled chicken sandwich. And look at these leaves. – They don’t look good. – What are they? – That does not look good. – Mescaline. Mescaline on a sandwich. What? Who’s? That’s crazy. – I’m not excited for this one at all. – There is also a signature sauce on this. I think this is the awesome sauce. I’m excited to see if it’s awesome. – Pretty bad (laughing) ’cause it didn’t look
very good. (laughing) I love you, Keith. – Oh, it’s bad. I wanna do that but I can’t. – Nobody’s perfect. Right? Wendy’s had to have something bad. – Oh, it’s revolting. – It’s really bad. – I gotta tell you. – That is maybe the worst thing we’ve tried on the menu. – It is awful. I don’t really even wanna dwell on it. It’s making me upset how bad it is. It’s so bad. It is super bad. It is super bad. The Homestyle Asiago Ranch Chicken Club. We could Lady and the
Tramp this if you want. It’s a big boy. – Oh fuck yeah. – You got mayo all over. – All over my face. – Everywhere. (mumbles) – Oh this is the napkin I spit in. – It’s on your shirt, here. – God. – Oh fuck. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t taste different so I don’t know why I would get it. This is the Spicy Asiago Club. The spicy variety in
this situation is better, whereas the spicy jalapeno sandwich the homestyle is actually better. – This is clearly better. – I was gonna make you leave after five, but I’m having a good time. Let’s keep rolling. Now we had some bad experiences with the previous grilled sandwich. But the first grilled sandwich wasn’t bad so I’m hoping that this grilled
sandwich will be better. This is the Grilled Asiago Ranch Club. They make me salivate so much. – I would not get a grilled chicken. – No, I think the fried
chicken’s the way to go. You’re already eating fast food, don’t lie to yourself. This is the Wendy’s
Crispy Chicken Sandwich. It is a giant chicken nugget essentially. – Simple, elegant. – Ooh, I like that. – Dude, Wendy’s got the chicken down, man. – This must be the BLT crispy chicken. It looks pretty good. I think this is gonna be excellent. This is kind of like the
junior bacon cheeseburger of the cheap chicken sandwich. You’re 19, you don’t have a lot of money, enjoying the Wendy’s drive through, this is your baby. Oh my gosh, I’m most surprised
about how good that is. Okay that one’s really good. I would eat that whole
thing even right now. – I don’t know how you could. – Now I hate wraps. I hate wraps from fried chicken. What you trying to do? Oh, you’re trying to wrap your hair? – Yeah. – You’re so silly. I hate wraps from fast food places ’cause it’s just a shitty tortilla with the other stuff in it. It doesn’t really work. It’s not like they decided
let’s make a good wrap, they were just like people like wraps, what can we throw in a
fucking flour tortilla? I think this is the spicy chicken wrap. It smells spicy to me. – How do you do this show? – I, you know, this is the same thing, but it seems like oh they really just fucking gave up. Just like eh whatever. This is just the normal chicken. Let me tell you, something about fast food makes me salivate so much. My salvia, I must be part spider because it is stringy. It’s the grilled chicken, which we’ve already
discussed several times, not our fave. – Yeah. – It bores me. Thanks, Jared, you’re amazing. – Love you, buddy. – So good to see you. – So good to see you. Also guys, museum. You don’t get it, but they will. – How are they gonna get it? – They hated me ’cause I said museum. – Ooh, I don’t read the comments. Salads. Wendy’s has six salads. It’s taken me a little bit of time to figure out
which salad is which. And I think one of them is
supposed to have chili on it. That’s something we’re gonna do last. The Caesar salad. Mm. Caesar salad’s are simple. As long as it isn’t bad, I’m gonna say it’s good. It’s good. It’s not bad. It’s not great. I hate eating the salads in these videos. It’s like what am I doing here? Who are we kidding? It’s not gonna be good. It’s not gonna be what we want. Let’s move on to this side salad. I know it’s green, but doesn’t it feel like it’s tan? Like beige. Doesn’t it evoke beige? Oh the ranch is bad. I hate bad ranch. It tastes cold, so on a hot summer day
that’s a good attribute. The Parmesan Caesar Chicken Salad. It tastes like Tyson frozen chicken. They literally cook chicken all day long that tastes better than this, why is their salad chicken like this? (somber music) Apple Blue Cheese Craisin Pecan Salad. I mean this is actually a pretty good deal probably of all of them because it comes with Pecans. Pecans are expensive. It’s just a nightmare. You know these salads are bad. All of them have been bad. Oh no, Wendy. I don’t know, I’m just gonna eat this without dressing. The dressing is maybe the worst part of the salads. The salad’s okay. So far the least bad. This is what I’m most anticipating. This is a Taco Salad, it comes with salsa, chips,
sour cream and chili. You know what, I’m not
even that made at it. Very wet, like a soup. That was awful. Thank God we got through the salads. Now we can appreciate some burgers. And boy do we have a lot of boys coming up with those burgers. – Can I get the bacon
jalapeno cheeseburger? Then the Dave single, a Dave’s double, and a Dave’s triple. – Joining us to start our adventure down the meat stack alley, it’s my friend and yours, Brian the B. Wohl, Wohl. (clapping and cheering) – Thanks. – Just get around this card table. Watch his legs. – Oh wow, it’s tight. – We’re on the road. We’re finding a better parking spot. Don’t you worry about it. Let’s start into the first burger. Bacon Jalapeno Burger. Jalapeno, some bacon, some fried onions, one quarter pound stack here, two slices of cheese and
a mouthful of delight. – Ooh there’s a little bit of a crunch in that. – Mm-hmm. That was crispy onions. – This is amazing. – Very good. I could use a little
more jalapeno right now. The salt, if I had a salt meter, the salt would be way over here. I don’t got any sweet. I got no base to the sweet. The cheese is (mumbles). But if you thought a single patty was too much salt, what if we jump, what if we knock this up a bit. Triple Bacon Jalapeno Burger. Dave Thomas, you crazy man. He passed away. – Yeah. – He was an honorable family man, he ran a great Business. – All in honor of his daughter Wendy. – Exactly. Whose name may not be
Wendy, it was in quotes in the Wikipedia article. – Maybe that’s her middle name. – She had a different middle name. It was like name name Wendy Thomas. I can’t remember what it was. You can play the footage back, but you don’t care. (laughing) Let’s jump into this big boy. I’m gonna put a jalapeno right there so I make I get it. – Oh dude you can get some spice. – I haven’t had a triple stack in quite some time. There’s so much saliva when you eat this kind of food. Dave. (laughing) Dave’s crazy. Somehow it’s not too beefy. The jalapeno really helps. I think without the jalapenos this would be tough because you do Need that
little sweet tartness to cut through the fat. Look at this. – And it’s a pickled jalapeno too, so it’s even more tart. It’s just right. I’m sweating. – It’s warm, but it’s partially. Oh we didn’t even get, where’s his wig? Where the fuck is (mumbles) we have a wig for you. We’ll have to taste them again. – Oh my goodness. – I’m kidding. We’re just platforming. – There you are. – Thank you so much, Wendy. – I felt like something was amiss, but I hadn’t actually looked
at Brian this whole time. All right let’s move on. – Barbecue Cheeseburger. – Single patty. Why didn’t he name it Patty’s? Because they’re known for their patties. (laughing) – It would have been a lot more fun if it was called Patty’s
instead of Wendy’s. And Patty’s a little bit
more of a party girl. – My mom’s Patty. – Yeah Patty (mumbles). – I wouldn’t call her a party girl. – No, but she is a fun time. – She does love to party, but I wouldn’t call her a party girl. Very different connotations. – I have to say I prefer
the jalapeno burger. – Really? – That one really surprised me. You ever had Wendy’s for breakfast? – They don’t have breakfast, but you can have Wendy’s for breakfast. But they don’t open til 10 a.m. So it’s pretty more like a brunch. (laughing) Well we got one more for you B Wohl. I hope you’re excited. – I’ve become delirious already. I don’t know how you’re doing this man. – Let me tell you, I’m excited for you to try this because this is the single S’Awesome Bacon Cheeseburger. Oh because the sauce, it’s in sauce, S’Awesome. The sauce is awesome, awesome sauce so it’s called S’Awesome. I didn’t like the sauce earlier, but I wanna get your opinion. – Mm. This is a great burger. – You like the secret sauce? The S’Awesome sauce? – This sauce is better for beef. Try it with beef. – It’s a good beef sauce? – Yeah. I’m pretty sure it’s
Thousand Islands dressing, which is- – It always is. – Yeah it always is. – Thousand Island,
hilarious name for anything. What should we call this? Thousand Island. Do you wanna take this to go? You can take all four of these to go. – I think I am gonna take this one to go. This is so delicious. – Do you have anything to plug @brianwohl, right? That’s your- – Yeah, yeah, I’m @brianwohl. I write about professional wrestling for Wrestling Inc. And I’m doing standup all around LA. – Hey, who’s a pro
wrestler to keep an eye on? – My favorite is the Velveteen Dream. Gotta love the Velveteen Dream. – Sure do. Thanks so much, B. Wohl, great to see you. – Thanks, Keith, I’ll see you soon. – Bye, take care. Wow, B. Wohl was a treat. But now it’s time to keep
these burger boys burgering. Please welcome to the back of the van my friend and yours (laughing) Alex Lewis. – Just this way. – Yep. – Okay. – Right in here. Right in here. What’s, what’s this? – Well this is a part of my brand new segment, Alex brought Keith some cookies to the all you can eat menu eating the menu time. – Okay, that’s a terrible
name for the segment, but what is the, what’s the content of it? – The content is I brought
you extra food to eat that I baked. – What’d you bake? – It’s your favorite, rosemary lemon cookies. I put too much salt in this time. – It might be a touch too much salt, but it’s actually pretty fuckin good. – Ooh ooh. – I think there might
be too much rosemary. I wish you would have
brought me a Red Bull. – I can’t bake those. – Well, Alex, you gave me a treat by bringing me cookies, and I got you a treat too. I know that your pallet does not like to be challenged too much. – Not usually. – So I have chosen three burgers that are very mild, very simple. – Okay, great. – First of all we’re going to have you try the single cheeseburger. – That’s something that I might order. – You’re single. – That’s true. (laughing) Thank you for bringing that up on a hugely popular web series. – Well it’s kinda like internet dating. – No, no, (mumbles). – Don’t you want people
to know you’re single? – I really don’t want this publicized. – You brought me cookies, I’m trying to get you out there. Okay, we can edit down some of this. – Oh thank God. – I met several of Alex’s
previous girlfriends. – Why are we still talking about this? – I said previous, previous girlfriends, and they’ve all had
things I liked about them and things that I didn’t. – Why are you doing this? – I’m (mumbles). – No, you can’t put this in the show. You cannot put this in the show. – Let’s everybody calm down. – No. – I’m just trying to bring. Look at how cute you are in that wig. It looks good, what do
you think of the burger? – It does look pretty good. I’ve never actually eaten
at a Wendy’s before. So I’m excited to try
this for the first time. – Well buddy you’re gonna love it. – Okay. – It’s good. Somehow this seems a little saltier than the previous burgers I’ve had. – That’s actually pretty good. That’s like a good quality burger for a fast food restaurant. – Quality ingredients, that’s always been their thing. Same burger experience, but two patties, a double burger, if you will. And look at the size of that tomato. Mm. Tastes a lot like temperatured meat. (laughing) It definitely has all the flavors of the previous one, with a little more beef. (burping) – Oh heavens. Oh, it kinda still came back at me. – Look, quality is our recipe, LLC. That’s the name of their company? (laughing) Their company is a sentence? Look at this. The same burger, but now it’s got three patties. – You just gave me the
same thing three times? With more meat each time. – Yes. – Well I think I know what
it’s gonna taste like. – No you don’t, it might be different. It’s gonna taste a little more like beef. (laughing) can we see the side of it? Look how fucking beautiful that is. – [Alex] Oh my God. – [Keith] Look at that,
the way it’s running down like a waterfall, like a
waterfall in the forest on the first warm day after winter, the water’s dripping down the ice. In this case the ice is the cheese, how it glistens. – He’s really making an
appetizing description of cheese. – Try the bite. Try the burger. – All right. But you have to bite it
right where I bite it. – Sure, I don’t give a shit. – This really does look- – Doesn’t it look like a
little waterfall of cheese? – (laughing) Yeah but why
is the burger (mumbles). – Look, on the side here there’s
one little extra waterfall. Point that toward the camera. – Okay, see. – It’s like another waterfall. – None of this is making it look, for some reason comparing
it to a waterfall does not make it appetizing. – People love waterfalls. – A cheese waterfall? – If you don’t like waterfalls, you’re never gonna find a girlfriend. Girls love waterfalls. – Keith I really, this is so uncomfortable. – It’s too intermixed now to delete any of it. – I know. Okay, I’m just gonna take a bit. – Just take a bite. (laughing) Wendy, you’ve got quite
the mouthful of meat. Now you chew on that. – That’s too much meat. I feel like I ate a hamburger’s
worth of meat in that bite. – Yeah that’s probably a slider per bite. – Oh my God. – I think it’s just, oh there’s a little bit
of cookie on the table. I thought that was gonna
be a crumb of the sandwich, that’s a crumb of the cookie. – A little dessert. – Imagine my surprise. Well, Alex, thank you
so much for being here. – Hey, happy to be here. – That is Alex at the
number eight a, thumbtack. – I’m really not here
to find a girlfriend. If anything, like I wish we were prompting Blue Burger right now. – Oh yeah. Well we really spent too much time on the girlfriend thing. (mumbles). Alex was a treat, wasn’t he? But there’s still more burgers to burgelate. Please welcome to the back of the van my friend and yours, Hughie Stone Fish. (cheering) – How are you? – I’m good. A little toasty in this Wendy’s wig. – It is a little warm
in the back of the van. Bacon fest is here. The Baconator. – Yes. ♪ Ahh the Baconator. ♪ – I haven’t had a Baconator in years. This is what I used to eat in college. – Really? – Mm-hmm. – Please take the first bite, Hughie. – Gladly. – Dear bacon, so good. I don’t not like it, but it needs something else. It needs some crispy onion straws, it needs some jalapeno, it needs some lettuce and tomato. But I’m interested to try this next thing. I think it’s gonna be
a little more balanced because this is big daddy Baconatpor. And every big daddy is only as good as his widdle bitty son. – What is this? – The Son of Baconator. – The Sononator. – The Sononator. It’s a Baconator, but it’s only one patty. But it still has a fuck ton of bacon. – Look, it has two beef patties. – Oh, they’re little baby ones. Oh it’s junior bacon cheeseburger patties. Mm. Show the camera. Oh, it’s okay my little son. – Hello. It tastes exactly the same to me. – No, it tastes more balanced. There’s less beef. Look at the size of the beef. Look at the beef difference. Big daddy bacon, little son bacon. Look at that. – Oh totally different. – Totally different. Look at how different that is. Look at how different. Look at how different. – Bigger patty. – That’s big, and I don’t want that much extra beef. But what do you think? Which do you like better? – Baconator. – Big daddy. – It’s gonna be hard to take me away from the Baconator I think. – Oh my gosh, I never just had the fucking Jr. Cheeseburger. It’s just a little baby cheeseburger. – Does not look good to me. – It only has, well the
two pickles are together. That is not proper pickle placement. I’m gonna move them apart. Way too much pickle taste. – I’ll try to get this other pickle. – The pickle overpowers the burger. But you should experience the pickle, just so you can see what I tasted. – Oh it’s very pickely. – Right? It’s boring, but you know some people are boring, and if you’re boring I
recommend this whole heartedly. This is JBCD, Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger Deluxe. You know it’s deluxe because they gave you some vegetables. That’s how you make it deluxe. A little lettuce and tomato, bacon, cheese. Simple burger. Hmm delicious. That is better than most value burgers. I don’t know what’s going on. I think it’s ’cause the
bacon is so high quality. The bacon just improves
the flavor if everything. – That’s really true. – Mm-hmm. – It’s that great? JBCD my friends. We’ll do this one. I think this is just the JBC, so you can taste the difference. Oh no this is JBC, oh that’s JBC, this has gotta be the JBCD. I thought that was JBC, this is JBCD ’cause it’s got pickles and more condiments. – Mm-hmm. – So this is gonna be even better. You thought that JBC was fire, get ready to light the
whole van on fire, Hughie. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. A lot of mayo, mustard (mumbles). – An explosion of moisture in my mouth. – Mm-hmm. Maybe it’s a little too wet. – I like the JBC. – I like the JBC, not the JBCD. The D was a little too much D. Sometimes you don’t need the D. – Didn’t know that was possible. – But I think the JBCD was still good. If I hadn’t had the JBC I
would be in love with it. Okay this is the Wendy’s answer to the McDouble. (upbeat music) well done. Hmm, the beef quality here is so good. – Mm–hmm. – When I was at Burger King and I got the 18th burger I was like I’m gonna eat that. I’m doing okay. – Yeah. – Mm-hmm. All right which did you like the best? The Baconator or all these other boys? – You know it’s the Baconator. – Yeah. (laughing) Hughie, what you got going on? what you got to plug out
there in the universe? – Well I just released my album Look How Quick Everything’s Changing, and I’m doing a lot of projects in my hometown of Syracuse, New York. – Well thanks for dropping by, Hughie, feel free to take any and all these burgers with you. We’ll see you next time. Aww. (upbeat music) So, did you know Wendy’s has lemonade? I bet you didn’t. But guess what, not only
do they have lemonade they have flavored lemonades, and apparently we didn’t
get the normal lemonade, we just got the flavors. We got peach, we got wild berry, we got wild berry, we got wild berry. This one. Mm. Very citrusy. Refreshing, but a bit fake. Strawberry. Almost as good as a Sonic
Strawberry lime ade, but it’s not. Mm, that’s good. There’s a beam off that car
hitting me right in the eyes. Can you see it on my face? – [Cameraman] Yeah. – This is so hard. But I’ll just hide over here. Very sweet. It definitely tastes like
a wild berry Starburst. This is the other one. They’re all okay. If you already like flavored lemonade, you’re gonna love this. Guys what are we wasting our time on the lemonades for? It isn’t slurp the menu, it’s eat the menu. And here to help us eat
the kids menu from Wendy’s, please welcome Food Babies. (clapping) Okay just kind of come. – You go first. – So let’s start with this kids menu. This kids meal. First of all, oh dope. – Stickers. – Stickers and little glasses. – Fun style chicken wrap. (burping) – Suck it back in. (laughing) – It’s good, right? Not too bad though. I wish it was spicier. – I had the spicy one and it was better. This is very bland. – I think it’s a weird
thing to serve for a kid. – Mm-hmm. – [Alexandria] Kids can’t
hold a wrap together. – Yeah. – (mumbles) stupid hands. (laughing) Yeah, you work on the stickers, I’ll get the next kids meal out. – Whoa. – Before we finish that last one, there were also apples
as part of the kids meal, so grab yourself a little apple. – My mom used to cut me apples like this. – Aww. That’s great. – Nutrition for the kids. – Mm. This one comes with nuggets. – Oh nuggets. – Nuggets. – It’s bringing bad memories. Kids cheeseburger. – I like it. It tastes like a (mumbles) cheeseburger. – Yeah. yeah. – Mm-hmm. (laughing) – Here you go, try a nugget. – This is my first nugget since the nugget (mumbles). – Yeah this is my first nugget. – Well you’re not gonna, they’re boring. – That was pretty good. – Yeah. – Bland. – I still prefer McDonald’s, but I feel this does have more seasoning. – [YB] Mm-hmm. – Really? – I don’t think I need sauce with this, it’s pretty good. – What are you talking about? – Hamburger without cheese. Lame. – (laughing) We try not to
editorialize the beginning. But I agree. And some chili because
children love chili. Everyone loves chili. You guys didn’t try the chili. Try the cili. Are there any spoons? You can just take a sip. Take a sip like it’s a drink. – Oh it’s good, it’s good. – Mm-hmm, sippable. – It’s thick. – It’s too, I think it’s gonna be
too thick for a straw. You might have to, it might be stuck on a hunk of meat. – Oh I hate that sound. – Wendy’s maybe we’re onto something here. – Solid chili. I’m sweating. – Me too. It’s hot. – Well thanks, Food
Babies for dropping by. You’re always a treat. And we’ll see you next time. Don’t you go anywhere though. We got desserts. You know desserts is the best part of the video. Let’s start out with everybody’s favorite, the chocolate chocolate cookie. It’s soft, it has a nice bend to it. I like that. Let’s see how the cookie breaks. Beautiful. But it didn’t have any chocolate. Let’s see if I can get it
to break on a chocolate chip so we can get that gooeyness. No we can’t, but we’re gonna try it anyway. Not bad. Definitely needs a big ole glass of milk. Sugar cookie. I think sugar cookies
almost always are boring and not worth eating, but this one’s not bad. It has a nice nuttiness of a roux that’s really quite nice. And the last cookie, what people really look forward to. This chocolate chip cookie (mumbles). That I guess was supposed
to stand on it’s own, but it got mashed up. (mumbles). A little too crunchy for my liking. I like them a little softer. So like really big so like if a kid got this he’d be like whoa, mom look at this cookie. All right, let’s have some coffee because after I had all that food I need a little bit of, wait a minute, is this supposed to be hot? – [Cameraman] Mm-hmm. – It isn’t. It’s not hot. You can’t do this with coffee without screaming ow. Well if you’re looking to cool off on a hot summer day, come get Wendy’s room temperature coffee. They make it fresh each morning, and it’s four p.m. I think it was made this morning, nobody bought it, and then we came up and they’re like these idiots have been ordering food all day, give them the shit coffee, get them out of here. Wow. It’s not good. We’re gonna save the
Frosty’s for last obviously because those are the signature thing. But they have some other sort of cookie sundae here that I’m very intrigued by. It’s got a nice fudginess. It looks like good soft serve. Mm-hmm. Its good. If you like ice cream
with cookies this is good. Wow that is thick. You can almost lift the
drink with the straw. So how it hugs? It’s trying to hold on. Impressive. It’s good. Good vanilla flavor. You know there’s something
about not wanting, (coughing sound effects) there’s something about knowing you’re gonna be challenged
at the end of a meal. You know just wanting
something simple and easy. But this, the chocolate Frosty. ♪ Ahhh ♪ – Angels voices ring out. Children smile through the fog. I know that’s kind of a terrifying image actually. (laughing) There would be a bunch of fog and there were just children smiling on the other side. You know, you get it. It’s iconic. It’s one of the most important things to Wendy’s. Wendy’s is known for good burgers and Frosties and the chicken sandwich. And like this is up there, it’s one of the most important things. It just tastes like chocolate milk. I think that’s what people like about it, it reminds you of when
you’re in third grade, (mumbles) school, your mom said you can only have white milk, but you got yourself chocolate milk today. Oh so good. Now I could get in a lot of trouble on the internet if
I didn’t dip some french fries into this Frosty, as people say that is the one good thing you can do with the fries at Wendy’s. I don’t ever do this so. (fast instrumental music) I don’t like it, and I don’t get it. Normally I can understand
why people like something. I just think these fries are unsavable. If anything you’re just lying to yourself, and you’re just trying to have an excuse to eat the fries, and you’re just covering
it up with ice cream. And now it’s time for me to decide what is the best and
what is the least best. The least best thing from today, there were actually only
a few things I hated. I could say, (burping) I could say on the whole I didn’t enjoy the salads at all. They were so bad. The lettuces were bad. The chicken was insultingly bad. And the dressings weren’t good either. I was supposed to pour chili on a salad, that’s odd. I just, it didn’t make any sense, and it doesn’t fit with
the amazing flavor profiles of the rest of the menu, which is sad because Wendy’s used to have a salad bar. Salads used to be the
best thing at Wendy’s. You could go and get a baked potato and go to a salad bar. It was like, that’s amazing for a fast food place, it’s so healthy. So it’s sad to see that they have gone down hill a little bit there. The best item I had today it’s tough, you know I think I gotta hand it to the jalapeno line of burgers and chicken sandwiches. I thought they had a
tremendous amount of flavor. And normally I don’t choose the thing that has lots of extra ingredients. I like things simple. But the jalapeno
traditional chicken sandwich was the best thing. It had a ton of great chicken flavor, a nice mild amount of jalapeno, a good crunch. Other notable favorites, you know, love the JR. Bacon Cheeseburger. I love most of the chicken sandwiches. And all the burgers were good. I think you never need three
tiers of beef in anything. Like you don’t go to a steakhouse and to make the steak bigger they just pile three steaks
on top of each other. I guess they could. You know what, actually probably the
best thing at Wendy’s is the bacon. Bacon fest is here. It is truly the best ingredient they had. Everything the bacon was on was better, and I think that is something
that should be praised in a world of fast food where most of the bacon
is total horse shit. So congratulations Wendy’s, I think you are, of the large fast food menus, probably one of the
ones I enjoyed the most. Arby’s had the best sandwiches that were like healthy sandwiches. But this had the best like fast food. I do think the quality made a difference. So congratulations Wendy’s you don’t just have a funny Twitter, you have good food. We’ll see you next time on Eat the Menu. Thanks to all our guests today, the Food Babies, the (mumbles) to miles, to the whole crew. (mumbles) operating a giant van through some very narrow passage ways. And it’s been a great time. We’ll see you next time on Eat the Menu. What menu should I eat next? I don’t feel terrible, but I don’t feel good. (upbeat music) one little ketchup. One little ketchup. Wendy’s (mumbles) ketchup. One little ketchup. One little ketchup. Wendy’s (mumbles) ketchup. One little ketchup. One little ketchup. (mumbles)

100 thoughts on “Keith Eats Everything At Wendy’s”

  1. wendys fries are my favorite fries of all fast food, im in canada though so it maybe different, but i swear they are really great here.

  2. I watched a line a saliva break off of every single bite, idk how the food babies see that and then eat the rest.

  3. Keith I love how you remember quality television commercials that are older than you are and this one was no exception and has boosted your reputation once again imho.

  4. It's kinda scary thinking of what we're watching. A thirty year old, married man, eat all the food at a restaurant, in a red wig pretending to be a little girl. But we still enjoy it. 🙂

  5. Wendy's does have breakfast. I've tried it, very good. I dont think I was in a northern state though. I was traveling for work when I stumbled apon a wendys with breakfast.

  6. As someone who works at Wendy's, I've got a few notes. The fries are good, but only if they're fresh. We can hold fries for up to 8 minutes and then we toss em. They probably got fries towards the end of that, but they are the most delicious spuds you'll eat if they come hot out of the frier. Also, the salads taste so much better with hot grilled chicken. They probably waited too long and the chicken got cold. The sauce that was on the grilled chicken was also NOT s'awesome sauce, it's honey mustard. And I've gotta agree with the girls. The nuggets definitely do have flavor, but we know Keith to be a man of spice, so most average tasting food can be unappealing to him. I'm sure he'd be happy to know that right now we have the Spicy Buffalo Ranch salad which comes with buffalo ranch, spicy chicken, crispy onions, and pepper jack cheese (I think).

    I say all this as a person who HAS tried the whole menu and someone who genuinely likes working there. It's all great to me (except for the honey mustard. crap stinks)

  7. Keith eats everything at Sonic, Cheesecake Factory, BJ’s, Jack in the Box, Weinerschnitzel, Five Guys, Chili’s, Subway…

  8. I genuinely hope Keith goes to the doctor regularly cus god damn he powers through these Fast food reviews 😂😂😂

  9. I definitely have a more sophisticated (old lady) palette. I love Wendy’s chicken nuggets by themselves. I could eat them for every meal and be completely fine.

  10. Why didn’t I know Wendy’s had more than just frostys? The only thing I ever tried from them was a, now discontinued (which I am very sad about),caramel frosty shake.

  11. I live in the "Thousand Islands", there is just a ton of private and public islands along the St. Lawrence River Valley. Between Ontario and NY State. Apparently, it was named because of this area.

  12. Wendy’s nuggets may be disappointing, but they taste 100x better in a chocolate frosty.

    If you’ve never dipped their nuggets in your frosty then you’re missing out! The fries are universally disgusting, so can’t take up for that side 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

  13. The grilled chicken has honey mustard, tomato, and spring mix, and grilled chicken…I have no idea why they acted like it was so bad… Maybe the spring mix was just bad idk but that was an over reaction… 🤷🏽‍♀️ I work at Wendy’s sooooo
    Edit: Also he put Caesar dressing on the side salad, not ranch. The ranch is actually really good… Trust me.

  14. Wendy’s has breakfast. The one by my house is the only one that serves Breakfast in the state. So if you wanna be adventurous and try it, come on down to Columbus, Ohio! 🤣🤣🤣

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