Kelly Clarkson’s The Voice Bet with John Legend Involves Chrissy Teigen’s Cooking

Kelly Clarkson’s The Voice Bet with John Legend Involves Chrissy Teigen’s Cooking

[ Cheers and applause ]
-They love you. I love you. Thank you for —
-I’m always so short for these. See, I’m going to have this
on my show. -Yeah.
-Chairs for short people. I have no legs.
So, it’s always like — -You’re sitting up —
[ Laughter ] -I’m literally 5’3″, so… -Well, thank you for coming. Thank you for serenading
Alec Baldwin. -You’re welcome for the trip,
too. I didn’t see that there was
something on the floor and I totally almost busted
like Bridget Jones. -Oh, did you really?
-Yeah, it was awesome. I’m super —
-Can I fix your earring? -Yeah, see that happened
earlier, too. Did I do it? Okay.
-Perfect. -God, why am I so disheveled
all the time? -No, stop it. You are not.
-Why? -Did you trip?
I didn’t see you trip. -I totally almost
face planted in the cake. Because I didn’t see there was
something guarding the light. Probably to make us look better
and then I just, you know, went and ruined it. But I was so nervous
about the entrance. About hearing the music
for the entrance, so — Yeah, it’s fine. We’re all good. It’s fine.
[ Laughter ] -Have you ever sung —
serenaded just one person? -Yes. Especially for birthdays. It’s usually on tour. I kind of feel like
they’re lying. They’re all just trying to get, like, free dessert
at a restaurant. But, yeah.
[ Laughter ] -“Today’s my birthday.” Yeah. -Today’s not your birthday. -Yeah, I get a free Grand Slam
breakfast. Yeah, no.
-I mean I’ve done it, too. So, whatever.
[ Laughter ] I was poor.
-Yeah, why not? Yeah. -Appetizers and free
happy birthday dessert. No, yeah. So, I actually do it
quite often. -On tour?
Like, to someone in the crowd? You’re like,
“Is it someone here’s birthday?” and you sing right to them?
-Yeah. I actually like finding people. I usually find people, like,
directly and look at them. It’s weird if you’re just
looking at, like, nothing. -But how about, like,
when you’re singing, like, one of your hits? I mean, you never sing
to one person. You sing to a crowd, right? -I sing to people
who aren’t holding signs. Because people hold signs
and it’s so nice but, like, I’m ADHD. So, like, I will start
reading your sign and then be like —
[ Laughter ] “What am I doing?”
Like I’m — and I will completely get lost.
And, yeah. -So you can’t look at any signs.
-No. -So, if you see Kelly
singing like this… They’re, like, dying
to get me to read the sign. I’m not trying to be rude, but get the sign
out of my face, man. [ Laughter ]
-♪ Since you’ve been gone ♪ ♪ Kelly, I’m a fan
of yours forever ♪ ♪ And my name’s Larry ♪ Sorry.
-Yeah. It’s hard to do. -Yeah. “The Voice.”
Man, you’re such a star of — -♪ La voix ♪ -♪ La voix ♪
-♪ La voix ♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -We love you.
Everybody loves you, dude. -Oh, thank you.
-‘Cause you’re — you’re — yeah. Actually that one person
right there. -I have one fan.
-No, because you’re — -My one fan.
-No, because you’re honest and you’re funny. And I think —
and you can see that through the cameras
and through the show. -Oh, I have a good time, too.
I love it. I think you love what you do.
So, that’s why it’s popular. -Yeah.
-You know what I’m saying? I think if you genuinely
are into what you love, like it comes —
it’s transparent in a good way. -Yeah but also you know
what you’re doing. I mean, you’re a pro.
So, everyone — even the singers,
they want to be with you. Because they’re like, “Oh,
Kelly Clarkson knows what to do. I mean, she’s done this.”
-I mean, I don’t know. There is a lot of —
they’re all great, though. You know what I’m saying?
-Yeah, but you’ve won
the last two seasons. So, no big deal. [ Cheers and applause ] -I will say, my team
is solid this season, too. So I’m pretty excited.
-I think you’re good at this. -It might be a three-peat.
I’m just saying. I might win again.
-Do you get anything? -I do think it’s funny, though.
Yeah, they give us a trophy. Why do I get a trophy?
-Oh, you get one, too? -I got a trophy. Like,
along with Brynn and along with Chevel,
and I was — it just showed up at my house. I didn’t know we got trophies. And I was like,
“I didn’t really do anything.” -Of course you did.
-They won it. I just was, like, sitting there
like the best cheerleader ever. So, yeah, but apparently
you get a trophy. -Do you think you’re going
to take it again this year? A three-peat? -I do think my team
is really talented, yes. [ Cheers and applause ] -I think so too. You have new — you have fresh, new voice, John
Legend. -Yes, he’s pretty good, yeah.
-Yeah, he’s pretty good. -Yeah.
-And right now, I feel like he was on the show
and he really wants to win. -Well, no one wants to lose
unless you’re a loser. -I know, yeah. Exactly. -No one’s like, “You know what?
I’m going to aim for second.” -Yeah, but some people are like,
“You know, it’s my first season. I’ll ease my way in.”
-I wasn’t. -But he was like,
“No, I want to win.” Oh, really? -I came in, like, right into
their face, was like, “I’m out for blood.” [ Laughter ] Yeah. No, I love it.
I think it’s fun. I love competition.
And I love — and it’s just, it’s a fun thing, like, just
to be around artistic people that are just extremely
talented. Like, John, too.
He is so talented. He is all three of us coaches
against him still aren’t as talented. Like, he’s just a really
smart, witty — he’s a gentleman. Blake, Adam… [ Laughter ] I’m just kidding. No, he is. He’s, like,
truly like a gentleman. He just a really cool dude.
-I’m gonna fix you again. -Geez! I’m like a party just
wanting to just self-destruct. [ Laughter ] [ Nasally ] Aren’t they cute,
though? I mean, it’s great. [ Laughter ] -[ Nasally ] Aren’t they cute?
Aren’t they cute? -They’re so cute.
-They’re so cute. [ Laughter ] -[ Normal voice ] I always wear
things that I can play. Remember my sleeves?
-[ Normal voice ] Yes. -I just wear things
that I can play. -Okay, good, I just
want to make sure it wasn’t in the microphone.
So, yeah. Thank you for fixing that.
-It’s just me. -I heard that you want to
make a bet against John. -Oh, I do. Because I made one
against Blake. And then he had to call me Queen
because I won. -That’s right. I remember this.
-Yeah. And then John isn’t aware
of this bet yet. But I want to make a bet. If I win, Chrissy makes me a meal. [ Laughter ] And if he wins, they just still invite me over
so I get to eat with them. [ Laughter ] -They have to have you over
to their house? -I’m obsessed with his wife.
-Who isn’t? We love Chrissy Teigen.
-Her Twitter is so great. And, like, all her food things.
I’m like, come on. I’m trying to lose weight,
not gain, Chrissy. -I know. She’s good.
-It’s like chicken and waffles. It’s, like, so good.
-Yeah, no. We love her.
-It’s good stuff.

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