Kerala Fish Fry/Nadan Meen Varuthathu/Meen Porichathu /Avoli Varuthathu .Recipe no 84

Kerala Fish Fry/Nadan Meen Varuthathu/Meen Porichathu /Avoli Varuthathu .Recipe no 84

Here I took 4 medium size Pomfrets for the fish fry Clean d wash well with vinegar and salt ..Vinegar or lemon is very good for removing bad smell of the fish make adjacent deep gashes in both sides of each fish for preparing masala ,take small jar To that add green chilli -here I used 4 small green chillies .. adjust according to the spice of the chilli u r using this masala is for 4 medium pomfret adjust the quantity according to the weight of the fish u r using then add 4 leaves of curry leaves then medium size ginger ,cut into small pieces..otherwise it will be difficult to grind .. always use less amount of ginger and garlic ..otherwise the masala will stick into the pan .. now add 2 cloves of garlic 2 shallots 1 tsp whole pepper ..if u want u can add pepper powder too ..then 1/2 tsp now add 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder 1 tbsp of Kashmiri chilli powder we need enough masala to coat the entire fish . so I am using both chilli powders .. 1 1/2 tbsp of chilli powder then add 2 pinch of fennel seed powder then add 1to 11/2 tbsp of vinegar ..If u dont like sour taste ,u can skip vinegar then add salt .. never add salt in big quantity .. always add less first then taste it and add later 1 tsp coconut oil that will enhances the taste of the fish fry add enough water to grind to a fine paste the masala should be look like this .. not watery .. it should be thick like this if the masala is too watery ,the masala won’t stick to the fish will fall down to oil and it will burn .. so always add less water while grinding .. and add if needed little by little .. marinate each fish very nicely .. fill inside of all gashes well .. inside the fish also .. always taste masala b4 marinating the fish salt should be bit higher ,so when fried it will correct .. not too much salt ok 🙂 here i used full fish for presentation purpose only u can cut the fish into pieces and marinate so that will save oil as well as time i used to make this masala for guest ,for normal day i used to mix chilli powders ,turmeric ,salt vinegar and oil .. keep this in the fridge for minimum 20 minutes .. heat a pan add oil ,here I used coconut oil ,but u can use ur choice of oil if the fish piece is thin , no need of adding this much oil .. when hot add few curryleaves will enhance the flavour of the fish if the oil is too hot ,then the masala will be burnt and the fish won’t be cooked well when the oil is medium hot place the marinated fish .. and fry for 2-3 minutes in one side if u r using small pieces u can place all fish I always add small amount of oil d small pieces 🙂 cook in medium flame some people used to add rice flour to this masala so the fish will be very crispy ..then deep fry .. flip the fish cook the other side too in medium heat .. have to flip two three times until well cooked if u r preparing for small quantity fish ,then crush first ingredients and then add powders and grind.. otherwise it will be difficult to get a fine paste always take care of the consistency of the masala if u want to close the pan with a lid ,but the problem is steam will fall and there is a chance of small explosions in the oil i never do that if u want crispy fish then ry more otherwise u can take now now the fish fry is ready ..remove from the oil and keep on a kitchen tissue like this fry rest of the pieces .. hope u liked my video ..if so plz do like and share .. Don’t forget to subscribe my channel see u soon with a new recipe .. take care

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  1. First of all, you are sweetest chief I ever seen. Another thing is that please make the same vidio in English.

  2. doubt undairunnu…why dint you put basics of kitchen tips…like cleaning fish, how to cut cauliflower,then pratyegich cleaning veg/chicken/beef…

  3. ഇന്ന് അമ്മയ്ക്കുള്ള എന്റെ സർപ്രൈസ്…
    അമ്മ ഇന്ന് എന്നെ കാണാൻ വരുവാണ് 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. Engenau aavoli meen murikka ennonnu adutha ethengilum video lu onnu kanikkene chechi. Ithu undakkiyappol valare tastanu chichi thanku vrymuch

  5. Veena words to describe about u and the way u explain becomes so simple and helpful to the needy..especially to the u Veena..xaanum randu penmakkallude ammayanu and I always tell them to follow your cooking.. I like your cooking so much..specially kuttiyude varthamanam.. eshwarande anugraham ennum eppozhum undavatte. 👍😍

  6. Good.. let me try this.. style squid fry (starter) indakunna video idan pattumo.. foreigners nte video aanu squid fry type cheyyumbo kittunne.. but athu cheythu nokittu…restaurant taste ottum kittunilla.. squid sherik cook aavunumilla..

  7. Hi Veena,

    Could you please use actual measuring tablespoon,teaspoon and measuring cups in your videos? As it creates a lot of confusion using kitchen spoons


  8. Njn adhyamayit anu fish fry cheythathu…vetil elarkum istamayi.. correct erivum puliyum oke cheruna oru koottu anu arapinu…big fan!!

  9. Nalathe fish fry engane akiyekamm… Chechii ulli enji okke cut cheyuna style eniku bhayankara ezhtaa.. njan athupole nokit eniku patunila. Fingercap edathe erunal epol kai murinjunu chodichal mathii..

  10. Hello chechi,I frequently watch all ur recipes… I tried kadala parippu payasam,chicken fry thattukada style,chicken curry and were all tasty…Thank u so much and pls post more recipes…

  11. Hy veenachechhy, i lyk ur recipes vry much, u r my chef. I lyk ur way of presenting things, mmm..cutting veg's,etc…. As a beginner ur recipes r vry hlpful to me…it's gv me the confidence try more n more.tnqqqq veeena's curry world, i tried ur recipes veg kuruma,chikken biriyani, olan, morru curry ,, Etc.. Ohhh nothing to say, vryy delicious. My hubby compliment me tht u r nt a cook u r a chef….hahhha .. All credit goes to veeena chechyyy.. We luv u..

  12. another delicious recipe by the very lovely lady! You remind me of this actress named Navya Nair, just that you are prettier 🙂 Keep up the good work. God bless

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