KettlePizza Basic Pizza oven Conversion Kit | Grilling Product Review | Cooking Outdoors

KettlePizza Basic Pizza oven Conversion Kit | Grilling Product Review | Cooking Outdoors

Hey, everyone, today I’m going to show you the new updated KettlePizza pizza oven conversion
kit on the Cooking Everything Outdoors show. Now, for those of you that have not seen me
use the KettlePizza accessory, it is a stainless steel ring that fits between the base and
the lid of a 22.5 inch Weber kettle allowing you to cook incredible pizzas by fitting it
through the front of the kettle. It’s brilliant.
It’s a fantastic device and I’ve used it many, many times with many, many recipes.
Now I have the brand new updated version. We’re going to check this out first.
So when you receive your KettlePizza pizza oven conversion kit this is basically what
will arrive and inside it you’re going to find a few things in there.
You’re going to have your 302 stainless steel pizza ring that you need to assemble which
is super simple. You’ll also receive your handle kit and a
pizza pan. Now, your accessory kit that comes with this
is pretty detailed with an instruction book with full-color photos which I just loved.
It shows you step-by-step how to assemble the KettlePizza pizza oven conversion kit.
Also comes with a nice little pamphlet of accessories that you can purchase to make
your experience a little bit better. If you have a problem, there’s an 800 number
to call or a direct email. And in here you have the few parts that you’re
going to require which is two handles. Now, let met talk about the handles real quick.
Of course, these are stainless steel bolts. And these are wood handles.
And they’re nicely finished. They have been capped off beautifully with
the hardwood. And they’re real comfortable for your hands
but they’re unfinished. These actually feel like they might have been
slightly oiled. I would highly recommend before you assemble
this to either oiled the handles with a nice cutting board oil, or mineral oil, or go and
coat them with a spray varnish, that’s what I do with my first one and they look brand
new to this day about three years later. So they’re looking really, really good.
So go ahead and coat this real quick before you put them on.
Also comes with the KettlePizza thermometer and an additional set of bolts, stainless
steel wing nuts and bolts. And the pizza trays and nice heavy-duty metal.
I would have to say it is aluminum and of course, like all the KettlePizza accessories
and conversion kits and such they’re made in the USA.
So what does KettlePizza done with this new version?
It makes it different from the original version. Well, the first most important and I think
exciting thing is that this is able to fit both the 18.5 and 22.5 inch Weber kettles.
By simply adjusting where you place the bolts on the back of this unit you can make it for
an 18 or a full 22.5 inch kettle. So they’ve also relocated the location of
the thermometer which goes off a little bit to the side.
The other thing you’re going to really love is this is tool-less assembly and it goes
really, really fast. So let’s start assembling this.
I’ll start with our bolts. Now these bolts here point outwards and on
the 22.5 inch which is what I have. Just simply line the holes, insert the bolts,
take a lock washer, insert that on the bolt and then take your wing nut and tighten that
up. Do the same thing on the bottom.
Line up your hole, put a lock washer on, and tighten up your wing nut.
Now, the only thing you have to do is put on your handles.
And that takes a handle, 2 wing nuts and a lock washer, and insert that into the holes,
lock washer and wing nut. And that’s it.
That is your KettlePizza pizza oven conversion kit assembly in no time at all.
So let’s get our KettlePizza pizza oven conversion kit ready for the grill.
And it’s very simple. You just take your grill cooking grate, maneuver
it around the bolts in there. And you may have to take the back one and
just release it lightly. And this sets in there on top of the wing
nuts that are set in there. You want to make sure that your wing nuts
are horizontal and not vertical when you tighten them up.
And I have one here I needed to adjust slightly. And you’re ready to go.
Now that we’re ready to put it on the kettle I’ll show you how to do that.
Obviously, the opening goes to the front. You set it inside the kettle.
And what’s going to happen is this is going to rest on the handlebar, the bottom, on both
sides and the bolt that you have on the bottom there and it is in place.
Once that’s assembled you just simply take your lid and set it right on top.
And you are ready to make some amazing pizza.

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  1. Very expensive. I bet I can make a cheaper version for a tiny fraction of the cost. There is even a video on how to do so but it needs improvement. Nice video tho.

  2. how's the heat around the kettle with those high temperatures from the wood? Do you think it's hot enough to burn wood from let's say, a side cart?

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