KettlePizza Pro Grate & Tombstone Combo Kit | Grilling Product Review | Cooking Outdoors

KettlePizza Pro Grate & Tombstone Combo Kit | Grilling Product Review | Cooking Outdoors

Hey, everyone, today I am going to show you the ProGrate and Tombstone Combination Kit
for the KettlePizza pizza oven accessory on the Cooking Everything Outdoors show.
So let’s take a look at our ProGrate and Tombstone Combination Kit because this is really cool.
This is for all of you hardcore pizza-makers out there.
They want to take your KettlePizza experience and knock it up a few notches.
So inside you’re going to get your heavy, heavy Tombstone.
And the first thing you’re going to notice is that obviously it’s fragile but that you
need to make sure that you wash this but with water only.
Now, I’ll tell you and it says here, there maybe some slight imperfections and that’s
not going to affect the cooking at all in any way shape or form but do not cook with
this until it is completely dry. So wash it off with water and put it out in
the sun, not in an oven or on the stove to dry, just put it out in the sun until it’s
completely dry. You don’t want this to crack on you.
And look at that. That is 5/8 inch Cordierite.
This is the idea surface for baking pizzas, breads, calzones, whatever you can think of.
Now, inside of each kit comes a complete assembly and usage guide.
This is our hickory chunk rear basket. Our ProGrate makes all this come together.
This is 304 stainless steel, will not rust. So let’s put all this together now.
Assembly is a very, very simple. You simply take your 5/8 inch Cordierite pizza
stone, place it in the holder on your ProGrate. And then your basket, when it’s time to put
this in a kettle simply sets towards the rear. This replaces the grill cooking grate that
you have in your pizza kettle right now. So you have your KettlePizza pizza oven conversion
kit, your ProGrate with your 3/8 inch Cordierite pizza stone.
And you want to just set this in there. Now, I find that the best way to do this is
to hold the inside bracket and the Cordierite baking stone, put it in towards the thermometer
side first. Gently set that down to the first wing nut,
the second wing nut and then the third wing nut.
And you have that assembled and ready to go. So putting this on the Weber kettle is just
as simple as the first time. Transport it over to your grill, set it in
place, put the lid on it and you are now ready to rock and roll.

11 thoughts on “KettlePizza Pro Grate & Tombstone Combo Kit | Grilling Product Review | Cooking Outdoors”

  1. I've read that with the Performer models it is a good idea to remove the plastic "bushings" from the lid holder as they can melt or become compromised.  Have you any feedback on this?  Great video!! 

  2. great video sir, just a question, the instruction of this kit says that if you have a weber performer you must remove the plastic rollers attached to the lid holder or they will melt. Ever seen anything like this?

  3. The first time you talked about the stone, you called the material "Cordierite." But after that you said "Cordite." I certainly hope it's not Cordite, since that is an explosive made from nitroglycerine, nitrocellulose, and gelled petroleum. 😉

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