Keurig Rivo Review – Cappuccino & Latte Brewing System R500

Keurig Rivo Review – Cappuccino & Latte Brewing System R500

Hey guys, I’m Brian
with Thanks as always for joining me
here in my virtual coffee shop, brought to you by I have an exclusive
video for you today. I know we say that a lot, but we’re
going to be talking about a machine today that is a little bit hard to
get your hands on, and a lot of folks are going to be really interested in. And we’re talking about the Keurig
Rivo R500 Espresso Brewing Machine. I’ve been pretty impressed
with the machine. We’ve been playing with it here in
the studio and so we’re going to tell you guys everything
that we can about it. Show you how it works and give you
an overview of all its features. So let’s dive in and talk about the new Keurig Rivo R500
Espresso Brewing System. Let’s start first off by talking about
what’s in the box, as we always do. We get, of course, the Keurig
Rivo R500 Espresso Machine. This is a pretty hefty machine.
It’s a little heavy to pick up. So you’re going to need
a little bit of counter space, but definitely
a very cool machine. Inside the box you also have your
documentation, your Let’s Begin, and then you’ve got some
more information right here. You actually get a coupon. In this pack we got a coupon
for milk, which is interesting. Some other notes about just how to
use the machine and some recipes. Finally, there’s a variety of
12 Rivo Espresso Packs right here. And we’ve used one. But you’re going open this up and you’re going to see the four
different types of Rivo Packs. And that’s pretty much everything
that comes in the box. Very straightforward
and easy to set up. So let’s start talking
about the Rivo itself, how we set it up
and make use of it. We’ve disassembled the Rivo R500 here,
to just kind of show you the parts, and we’ll put it back together as
we talk about each of the parts. The tray is pretty straightforward. It has a capture bin
for your spent Rivo Packs. And then it also has a fold-down tray
on it for being able to utilize small espresso shot glasses. The primary tray is this plastic
silver tray which sits just into the main body
of the tray. It will fill up with water
as you use it, and you’re going to notice
that it has a small floater. That little floater is going to float
upwards when you’ve filled the tank. The tray sits inside
of the machine very easily. You just slide it in. This way you can remove it in order
to empty out your spent Rivo Packs. The water tank is
a bit small, I think. But again, you’re brewing espresso, so really you’re not going
to need a ton of water. It’s real easy to remove and fill. It just has this simple lid on it
and you can simply fill it up. The tank sits right on the body
of the machine, and locks down. You could also fill this
obviously by just removing the lid and filling it up while
it’s attached to the machine. That’s real easy to do. Now, let’s move to my left-hand side
of the machine here and talk about one of the very cool innovative
features on this machine, and that is
the milk frothing pitcher. Now I’ve got the pitcher right here,
and it’s pretty straightforward. If we take it apart, you’re going to
notice that it has a frothing whisk here that looks a lot like
the whisks that we’ve seen on most milk frothers
that we’ve worked with. And it has this tube. This tube is going to help
to infuse air into the milk. In order to use it, you just simply
place that down and onto the pitcher. It sits on it because there’s
a notch which keeps it on. And then it has a max fill
and a minimum fill line on it. So that lets you know, of course,
how much milk you need to put in in order to make the beverage
you would like to make. Now, this pitcher sits
pretty easily onto the unit. You can simply slide it in,
and if the machine is turned on, this machine will turn itself
off after two minutes. But if the machine is turned on,
and you hear it beeping right there, which should mean that
it’s ready to brew. If we take out the milk pitcher
and push it in, we’re going to hear a small beep. That little beep lets us know that
we’re ready to start frothing milk. We’ll talk about doing that in a moment. So that’s a pretty cool feature and it
does increase the size of the machine, because again, this whole
left side sort of has to be dedicated to frothing milk. But the cool thing is you’re going to be able to do
all of these features in one. So that’s pretty much
the front of the machine. Let’s move up and talk about the
controls on the top of the machine. So here we have the buttons and
they’re all backlit, which is cool. They’re made of rubber, so they have
a little bit of grippiness to them. And this is where you’re actually
going to control your brew. Now you have two
espresso shot options. You can do a short and lungo. A short is 1.4 ounces, and a
lungo is going to be 2.8 ounces, so pretty standard when
you come right down to it. Above those three buttons you
have your milk frothing buttons, and you’ve got
a cappuccino and latte. They’re pretty self-explanatory
because they look like what you expect with those beverages. A cappuccino has more froth,
and a latte has less. And then you also have
a cold froth button. So if you want to just froth milk, but of course not heat it up,
you can use that button for that. You can see
they’re nice and backlit. They blink when the machine
is in ready to brew mode. So it’s very cool and easy. You don’t need an LCD screen
or anything like that to really operate this machine. Now the pressure pump in the
Rivo is a 15 bar pressure pump. So that’s the standard for an average
pressure pump in an espresso machine. We’ve seen higher in some
machines, going up to 19 bar. But 15 is the minimum at least
required pressure amount in order to get a good
pull of espresso. And of course, you’re also going
to be using that pressure to froth your milk
in many different ways. So, all of that put together leads
us up to the top of the machine. On the very, very top. And this
is where you put your Rivo Packs. This is pretty straightforward. Again, it opens up and you insert
a pod, just as what we’re used to with most single serve machines. It’s got a lot of heft to it. It’s actual metal, which is cool. And it really locks down on top of
that pack in order to puncture it. Now when you’re done brewing,
that empty pack is going to drop into that tray
that I showed you guys earlier. And then you can continue
brewing, or of course, move on and just
have your beverage. Let’s talk about brewing
some espresso using the R500. It’s really easy to do. Now as I say, we have now another
entry into the world of coffee pods. There’s essentially, probably
going to be hundreds, in the future we would think. But this is the newest one,
and this is the Rivo Pack. They come in these boxes, as I say,
you’re going to get a sample pack with the R500, but you’re going to
want to get more and so you can buy them in these packs of 18. Now let’s just show
you the pod real quick. Now it obviously is pretty slim,
and that’s because with espresso you’re not going to need as much
coffee, obviously, in order to get the flavor that you’re looking for. So it’s very slim, it’s vacuum sealed,
has a foil top on it, and each one, of course is going to be labeled
with the type of coffee that is in it. Now in order to brew all we need to do is open up to the R500 and we’re going
to take our Rivo Pack and we just place it into the R500,
essentially in any direction. There’s no special direction it
needs to go or anything like that. Just place it in, and then
we’re going close it up. And that’s going to puncture it. Now again, I need to
power the machine on. The machine has a
two minute auto time off, so it will turn itself off
after 2 minutes. So if you’re going to be using
it over the course of the day, you’re probably going to be
turning it on and off a lot. That’s okay, it’s going to
save energy, which is good. Now, we’re going to go ahead
and brew some espresso I’m just going to put a simple
regular size mug right here. And we will do a lungo this time.
Again, 2.8 ounces. We’re just going to
simply press that button. The machine beeps, the pump starts going and it’s
going to start brewing our coffee. It’s definitely fast, and it’s
not loud. I do like that. That pressure pump is, again, 15 bar,
which is a lot of pressure. But I’ve heard some machines that
I have talk louder over them. This one does not have that. So it’s nice that it’s not
a very loud operating machine. And the pull of espresso definitely
looks impressive, I have to say. You get that layering, and I’ll show
that to you when this is all done. Now the cool
thing about this machine is that you can actually
froth real milk using the R500. There’s our espresso shot. You can see, nice and layered.
I have a good crema right there. And again that is a lungo shot. If I open up the pod collector
right there, I’m going to empty that spent
pod down and into the tray. Now we’re ready to go
ahead and froth some milk. Let’s pull out
the frothing pitcher, and we’re going to fill this
up with a little bit of milk. Just take that lid right off and we’ll fill this up, and we’ll go
ahead and we’re going to make a latte. so we’re going to do the max
fill line right here, just about. Make sure you’re not overdoing it,
because if you overdo it, you’re typically not going to
get the froth that you expect. Simply just take our lid and we’re
going to place it back onto the pitcher. And we’re going to slide it
into the frothing bay. Now again, you’re gonna hear it beep. You need to listen for that beep. When you hear that beep that it means that the machine is ready
to froth your milk. Now we’re going to choose our froth. I’m going to do a latte, so I’m going
to use the center button right here. And now it very simply starts
spinning and frothing our milk. That whisk is doing the job as well
as there’s pressure being injected into the milk, and that air is going
to give you the actual bubbles that you expect
off of frothed milk. The heat of that espresso combined
with the heat of your milk should give you a nice hot beverage. And when our milk is done,
which it is done right now, we’ll measure the temperature
of that as well. So let’s go ahead and take
out our frothing pitcher. Again, it’s quick,
which I really like. It beeps at you when it’s done, so if
you happen to step out of the kitchen or something like that, you’re going
to know when it is all finished actually frothing your milk. And this is our frothed milk, and you
can see it is actual frothed milk. I actually have foam happening here,
which is great. This is real frothed milk,
not a powder or anything like that. Let’s test the temperature
of this as well. About 150 to 155 degrees Fahrenheit.
That’s pretty good. You know that’s combined of course
with the heat of your espresso. It should give you
a pretty good beverage. And there you go. And again, one more time. Let’s just check our
overall temperature right here. I think we’ll get probably somewhere
up to about 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Which we’re pretty close to,
about 150 to 155. So it’s not too bad. Again, it’s going to give you a nice
hot beverage, which is pretty important. There’s nothing that is more of a drag than a cold beverage if you
did not expect a cold beverage. And that’s a latte out of the R500. I’ve got to say,
it’s pretty impressive. It looks good, it tastes
quite good as well. Let’s talk about pricing on the
R500 and the pods, because we know a lot of folks are interested
in the cost of the pods. Because any time there’s a new pod we
expect for them to be quite expensive or something like that, to maybe
add to the cost of the machine. So let’s talk about the overall cost. $229 for the R500, which I think
is pretty darn good actually. If you were to buy a separate
espresso machine, a separate milk frother, you would
probably spend well over $229. So for a one-stop shop for doing
everything you need to do making espresso-based beverages,
not too bad at $229. For the pods, you’re looking at
18 pods, a box of 18, for about $15. So about 83в a pod. That’s pretty good when
you comes right down to it. And so overall, you’re not actually
spending too much, I think, to be able to get into a machine that’s a cool,
one-stop shop for single serve espresso. The cost is definitely not too bad,
again, when you compare it to maybe buying all of these components
separately and things like. If you want to find out how you can
buy everything you need for the R500, the pods and the machine itself,
check out the description in our video. You can find out some ways that
you can add this machine to your own at-home coffee shop. Let’s do the bottom line on the R500. We pretty much outlined everything
on the machine, so we won’t really go through
a lot of that again. The bottom line is if you want
a one-stop shop, single serve espresso machine that’s going
to allow you to take care of your milk frothing
and your espresso brewing, I think this is a really
great way to do it. The cool thing is that you can make
your own milk froth with this machine. And you can use
any milk that you want. You can you soy, you can use almond,
you can use regular milk, you can use lactose-free milk. You have a lot of different options because that is a real milk
frother attached to the R500. The pods work very nicely, very easily
and make a great shot of espresso I think, and you get
a lot of different options for the beverages that you can make. So bottom line, I would say
for the value, great machine. Nice entry by Keurig, definitely
a cool way to get into the world of brewing your own espresso at home. You may need to add, again, a single
serve coffee machine alongside this one if you want to able to have regular
coffee as well as your espresso. But overall, great value I think
for the machine itself. So there you go guys. That’s an overview of the Keurig Rivo
R500 single serve espresso machine. Pretty impressed. I hope that this
has been useful to you guys. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to leave them
in the description of our video. Visit us at, where you
can join us, talk about coffee, and of course, find ways that you can
save money on machines like the Rivo and other single serve coffee machines,
find recipes and everything you need to know to help demystify
the world of coffee. I’m Brian, with I want to thank you guys for joining
me here in my virtual coffee shop. And I will see you guys next time. Please enjoy your cup and take care.

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