Kid roasts his principal

Kid roasts his principal

So before you watch the video you’ll need a bit of background information. This is my English teacher, Ms. Ocker and that’s her husband ,but he’s really not important to this video. And this is my high school principal ,Jim Wells and he’s with someone who’s really not important to this story either. Anyway Wells turned 60 today. I know start digging the grave, and Mrs. Ocker told me to write a song for his birthday. So I did and now you are all caught up. Oh! and one more thing, I’m looking to the left of the screen because my debate teacher was holding my lyrics. I only had one night to write this song so it wasn’t memorized, and now you are all caught up. 60 years ago today, a beautiful man was born. He’s really a fine fellow, and that is why I’m torn. I hope I don’t regret this, I’m just doing what I’m told. So Mr. Wells, You’re getting old. [ukulele strumming] You’re so old your memories in black and white. The key to your house was on Ben Franklin’s kite. You lived through the Ice age, that must have been cold. So Mr Wells. Hey! You’re getting old. [ukulele strumming] You’re really a fine principal,but what do you do for fun, because your social security number is just the number one. I heard you’ve babysat for Jesus. Or so I’m told. So Mr. Wells. Hey! You’re getting old. [ukulele strumming] Now I’m sorry to be so mean and rude, I’ve seen raisins with fewer wrinkles than you. Yeah! You can’t hark or remark. Your life’s a question mark. You got your pets off of Noah’s ark. Hey Mr. Wells! Mr. Wells you dont fit the average mold, because Mr. Wells yeah you’re getting, Mr. Wells yeah you’re getting, Mr. Wells NANA you’re getting, you’re getting old.

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  1. this kid asked my teacher if he could bring a liter of soda for his friends since we were having a party and the teacher responded “you have friends?” 🤣

  2. 2011: N0
    2012: I'm good
    2013: Maybe next year
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    2017:It's everyday brooooooooooo
    2019:Fine I'll put it in recemended

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  4. I see we are being recommended this 8 years later. So how is your principal is he still alive because he is very old and we would all like to know

  5. 2011: nope
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    2019: Let’s put this on everyone’s recommendations!

  6. Me : why is this here in my recommendations 8 years later
    Blue shirt guy : appears out of nowhere because the YouTube algorithm

  7. YouTube Recommendation Page:
    2011: Nah
    2012: Nope
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    2019: YES!!!!👍🏼

  8. 2011 nah
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    2017 do I have to?
    2018 uhhhh

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