I la la la la love embarrassing I love embarrassing my parents. It’s like a payback for when they used to embarrass me or not elementary school middle school They asked me about my crushes and I would tell them so they would code me to school You know, they’d walk me to class and then did see my crush and pointer out. Excuse me dad But that were like goosey Hyder and he would just point out her stop stop Embarrassing me and now these kids embarrass their parents in public. Oh, ho ho ho it’s gonna get do seat Ain’t no the holiday spirit in the no clout spirits We have a compilation of kids embarrassing their parents only on reaction time Let’s just dive right into it’s gonna be a good one But before we do don’t forget, if you’re not follow out Instagram me help you okay and all freedom But me first and then alfredo nobody made it no me no, yo no me I need it guys do understand how desperate I’m turning. I’m turning really desperate and he’s already getting more likes than me. Thank you It’s not cool. So yeah, I guess just follow both of us Also, if you haven’t got a limited edition to merch yet during the no Cloud Club be part of the movement Timeless brand amor link in description anyways about this beard, but knowing what you guys are thinking is a tableau top All right. Now it’s a peach fuzz in the room. So keep or not. What do you guys think? I’ll do whatever you want. You guys decide my life for me. You guys give me life special glasses or no? No, I I’m not trying to embarrass myself. These kids are embarrassing their parents. Oh, this is gonna be so good Take what you’re doing. Oh Okay, he’s wearing a diaper woah, can you imagine if I was an adult doing that one probably feels me doing that oh God. Oh That’s too much sorry, okay Guys we have to mean this it’s this segment of Mean Time. It’s like you saw something you can never unsee like or oh I Love Mean Time. It’s the best segment on the show Much better, I agree. I agree my man knows good luck. Stay safe out there Oh Damn you did not hold back on that one Jesus. All I gotta say is good luck everyone dive right into it Oh That’s not something you should be proud of why she’s so happy. You’re so happy. Look at her face She’s like make mom that’s not good. I feel bad for her dad maybe the way that I’ve described and make sure the daughter doesn’t sad is like Let’s meantime Mommy’s fast like an opera we’re turning this into Broadway. This is gold not the gold tooth, but this was gold What’s up with these kids calling their parents fats not very nice. Okay, okay Guys okay what this needs to stop. All right. I’m pretty sure your parents know they’re fat You don’t need to tell them in there. I mean the thing about kids is they’re always honest They don’t really have that social awareness yet of how to act and what you can or can’t say They just say whatever there’s on their mind like I got a poop on pooping. Yeah. I’m perfect Yeah, we saw her too. And her mommy’s fat. The last three were just moms being fat and look. Oh my gosh, she’s talking I know how she’s talking like that. It’s cuz our mom talks like that or she watches too many movies. Hi girls Hi That’s the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of skinny women skinny women is a dog but in my mind at Least I bit my tongue so hard that I’m bleeding up. I Taste blood She said mmm you don’t got the vocals Every time I sing my daughter makes me stop. You don’t want to hear me sing. Oh, oh My god, is it true that kids like their mom or and think that’s a lot of kids like their mom or snow majority She just curved the dad like any guy trying to get a DM back So sad hi, what’s good My dad is a bigger poopoo I Do that in the shower, have you never done another shower you need to pee inside? You’re like what happens if you just turn it up. I did not say that I was talking about the showerhead when you flip it Nah, I’m good. I don’t want to see your dad naked no, but thanks for the offer I’ll pass and YouTube if you don’t monetize me, what’s up, bro? Try I was in Crete to back up Not anymore Already I thought this happens when they’re like in their late teens like hell dad something baracy me but you telling me it’s right now She’s only five years old and she’s already done with her dad My kid days about you watch your arm with the baby why can’t daddy sit by you Wait, that is no way. Yeah, daddy smells. Ok, Manny don’t hit the baby So mean, you know that hurts the dust feeling I mean maybe the dad should add a shower or two in his daily routine I bet he’s really hurt by that this is a daughter. He wants her to love him. She doesn’t cuz he smells He just got him with one shot oh Look at that face. She’s like I realized I don’t love my daddy. I realize I only love my mom and my daddy’s Clam if you love mommy, oh I told you that’s how it is. I feel bad for the dining Ok Kim Kardashian relax here you’re too young for that. You have another ten years Okay, Depot presenter Mia Mamma no, it is a girl It’s like the kid is a dad’s conscious he just says whatever is on his mind, that’s exactly what the dad probably thinks Right – mom wait. Oh no way I Love how the dad is so happy he’s like our son loves me more than you I actually thought is we go right to mom. I guess the kids honesty’s our killer sometime when the kids are that honest It’s just killer feel bad for mom at this stage of send her help How so cringy I’m sorry Daddy What’s going on I thought kids loved mom more than dads no these kids love dads more than mom What are you guys thinking about this? I don’t know how to feel. No, I’m nice to see that’s dibadeaux Cool Pattinson, and why is that? Okay my mommy. Oh wait, you mean like, uh see Interesting kids embarrassing their parents. I want to hear your moments. What was the moment where you embarrassed your parents? Was that a girl? She stores are us throwback to my old days when I didn’t get a toy I wanted so I started yelling and screaming or when I didn’t get my ice cream. That’s right Don’t put me when I don’t get my ice cream. Well, that was when I was younger now I don’t embarrass my parents, but I’m sure I love you guys do so Let me know down in the comments below make sure to follow me across all the socials if you don’t already and keep up to Date all fredo as well. We’re gonna have an awesome Christmas together. I already got in like a play date. Don’t tell anyone yet Don’t tell speech Tommy say sorry, huh? That’s weird. That’s weird. Oh, yeah, they’re done man. Oh Okay guys before you leave if you haven’t already got one thank you for all the support I really like these designs Let me show them off real quick. Boom Anteye cloudy and blue buy up timeless collection in Pete Thomas collection and read Thomas long-sleeve in yellow same design in a hoodie and just to release brand-new drop cloudless This one is definitely one of my favorites. So if you haven’t already Thomas brand Col more link in description Thank you so much for watching guys. Hope you enjoy the video leave a like if you did subscribe. I’ll see you guys soon Peace, there’s no tiger. They’re pretty about see that okay, I’m Give me a chance Just let us keep with the black Give me a chance Just let us keep with the bad guys

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