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hey guys Gaming Off The Grid here, Kingdom Hearts 3
is finally out and I am so excited yes we picked it up on the PlayStation 4 and
in today’s episode we’re gonna let you know our first impressions of this
long-awaited release we’re also gonna be drinking a beer by dogfish Head this is
the flesh and blood IPA that sounds really good and if you’re new to the
channel make sure you hit the subscribe button and ring that Bell icon so you
never miss an upload and sit back relax pour yourself a beer if you care too and
enjoy this episode of gaming off the grid all right here we go Kingdom Hearts 3
has finally arrived you were really jacked up about this
game. A game from your childhood was Kingdom Hearts 2 – so what have you
thought so far? Well it’s incredible and it feels just like the second one I
played so much Kingdom Hearts 2 on ps2 back when I was a kid. The mechanics and
everything feels the same and it just visually looks incredible it was kind of
a awesome nostalgic trip to watch because you were just glued to the edge
of your seat. From my perspective I have never played any of the Kingdom Hearts
games so that’s what kind of worried me going into it is you know how story
laiden is the Kingdom Hearts series and it is very right yeah there’s a huge
story it’s what a light versus dark side and you’re searching for your friends
but I didn’t feel like I couldn’t enjoy the game because of that yeah like I’ve
only played two, I’ve play a little bit of one but I haven’t played any of the
other side games and those all you know tell a story and there in weird
orders and it’s kind of confusing so I don’t really know much about the story
either I just love the way the game plays and how it’s like the Japanese art
style mixed with the Disney art style and Disney characters, it’s just such a cool
unique experience and it plays amazingly yeah and I felt tied to the story of the
game that we were playing and we got about six hours and obviously it’s a
grind and we weren’t able to beat it before we shot the episode so this is
just our first impressions of it but I will say as a newcomer the story does
seem a little obtuse I guess a little convoluted and I’m a huge Metal Gear
Solid fan so I totally know if someone jumped in like randomly in the series
there would probably be in the same boat, not taking a shot at the game but I think it is a
lot to wrap your head around the good thing is though there’s an opening
monologue that kind of brings you somewhat up to speed of the happenings
of prior events and things like that and we have this lovely thing called the
Internet now so you had to go back and go through the story if that’s something
you wish but the gameplay it’s weird because it’s an action RPG but I kept
feeling a lot like a god of war style combat system from like the first u
games I mentioned that to you a couple time and I’ve never played God of War too, so
I was like wow that’s really interesting and you’ve never played this game so
it’s kind of cool yeah I you know it wasn’t like a turn-based RPG you have
this you just literally beat the shit out of
people with this giant key there’s really cool magic tricks the one in
particular that I really like actually there were two very similar in nature
you get this huge like lit up ship and you swing it back and forth, oh the pirate
ship yeah there was a same similar magic trick that you can do or attack where
it’s like a train oh the train one, we took down a boss with that that train effect is cool then
there’s a carousel I mean I’m sure there’s so many more once we get deeper
in the game when those things happen and let the art style and like the way it’s
like made out of colors and it’s just so cool it makes me feel larger-than-life
yes and it with with the Disney tie-in very much what I expected so I guess
when we’re looking at a first impressions there’s a lot of good games
out right now is this a game that you think people need to go out and get
right away um I don’t think so it’s a grinder it’s gonna take forever
to beat this game I already know it because it’s like kind of open world-ish
and there’s so many different planets and so many different Disney things and
I don’t think you need to get it right away I think if you waited till it
dropped in price or you were you’re in the middle of playing Res. 2, that just
came out maybe wait till you beat that because you don’t need it it’s not like the new Battlefield it’s not like the new Madden you don’t need a player right
now but it will still be great when you play it yeah that’s kinda how I felt about it –
had we not have the channel I don’t know personally that I would have ran
out and grabbed it but I had a lot of fun with it more fun than I thought I
would have because we’re in the middle of playing Res. 2 as well and it was
hard for me to get my mind out of that but 10-15 minutes into this I was all-in
on Kingdom Hearts 3 and I’m a newcomer I am I know nothing about the series so it
was like a brand-new game and series for me and I thoroughly enjoy it so
speaking of enjoyment you’re also the IPA guy on the channel, I’m really interested
to hear your opinion because typically if I like it you don’t think it’s a
great IPA well typically you are correct but you are not correct in this. I really
enjoy this beer this is flesh and blood by dogfish Head and it is so good yeah
it is a very mild and I would say like a very sweet citrusy type of IPA it’s
really easy on the palate very easy it’s very smooth it’s not like when people
think IPAs they think aha punch you in the face no this is
good this would be a really good summer beer you could day drink this not
encouraging that but it’s uh it’s really good so it was a really big deal on our
area because we recently just started getting dogfish distributed here
goes one of those breweries that we’ve heard a lot about and you couldn’t
really get because they’re from Delaware yeah and we’re from Iowa that’s a little
bit away yeah absolutely so we just started getting it we only have a few
offerings from them right now im guessing right, their wheelhouse is more
the IPA realm so I haven’t tried a ton of their stuff but I’m very impressed
with this beer yeah I’m really glad we pick this up yeah and it you can just
taste the quality they are I’m gonna guess that they are a really good
brewery because you can just taste the quality with this offering here so if
you see dogfish head out and about it has the gaming off-the-grid seal of approval
it’s a great beer and this game I would say has our seal of approval as well
just our first impressions I don’t think you’d go wrong to go out and pick it up
do you need to get a day one or now it’s day two or three probably not but I
think it’s something you need to get in your collection if you have a ps4 or an
Xbox one there’s something I want to say though before we go I know it’s an RPG
but I felt like the cutscenes and everything that were really long and
there were so many of them and I get there trying to tell a story but it
could because we’re doing the YouTube thing we have no time to game but it was
kind of irritating like how I was like dude I just want to play the game I
don’t I don’t want to say it but I don’t really care about this story like I just
want to get into a game I don’t know that’s just it could just be a personal
thing but I felt like it was too long well I I mean I think you bring up a
great point the gameplay and the combat mechanics are so good this you can play
and kind of have the story be secondary but if you’re more of an RPG fan and want to immerse yourself in the story by all means you can do that as
well but it’s just a good game they did a good job I don’t think it’s probably a
Game of the Year contender but it is gonna be a well received release that’s
for sure alright anything else you want to say about it before we go
I just want to say that I’m so glad this finally here, been waiting 13 years and now
I actually have it to play it that’s awesome and we’re I’m very excited that
you get a chance to do so and I get to do it with you so you know the drill
we really appreciate you tuning in and subscribing to the channel keep gaming
keep drinking we’ll see you next time right here on gaming off the grid
hey guys Gaming Off The Grid here Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally out bout right you know
the drill make sure you hit that subscribe button and ring your
beer-belly that hurt actually we’re also gonna
be drinking a beer by dogfish Head brewery this is the fresh
flesh and blood IPA fresh flesh right in today’s episode we’re gonna tell you our
first impressions of this long-awaited game and speaking of impressions we have
a beer by dogfish Head brewery this is the fret Fletch flesh lash Kingdom
Hearts 3 is finally out and I am so excited
what you didn’t like that inflection?

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