Okay, guys! Welcome back. Day six of our exploration of Ireland. We
are continuing the West Cork food trail. We are now 30 miles south of Cork in Kinsale,
which is the southern most stop on the Wild Atlantic Way and the seafood capital of Ireland. So today we are going to try our luck. We
are heading out today with Butch on his boat the Sundance Kid. And we are going to go see if we can catch
any fish. Mhm. If we do then we are going to bring them back
here and cook them up for lunch. At least that is the plan. Alright, wish us luck! Let’s roll. Permission to come on board? Yeahhh. How’s it going? Good, good, good. Ready to roll? Ready to roll. Alright. [music] So just coming out of the harbor was really
interesting. We passed all these defensive fortifications
because Kinsale played a large role in Irish history. A couple different foreign Navies have landed
here to help the Irish get independence from Britainn. And now we are at this point right here, which
would have been the last piece of Ireland that many immigrants saw on their way to America
and most of them would never come back That being said, Ireland has over 3500 miles
of coastline and the coast around here around Kinsale is some of the most productive
for fishing. So we are going to drop in some lines and
were going to catch some mackerel to use for bait later. And then we are going to be fishing for ling,
cod… Fingers crossed. Hopefully we catch some.
Have a nice little seafood lunch. So what’s your secret for fishing out here? Haha, persistence. Feeling lucky today bro? I don’t know. You can never tell. I don’t
want to jinx it. So I literally just dropped it overboard and I think I got a big guy. I already got two! No way! Whoa!! I guess that answered the question. Yes, I’m feeling lucky today. That was far easier than I thought it was
going to be. [fishing montage] Nastiest shit I’ve ever eaten. Hey oh! Beauty. Bow baca low low Cod fish. Fresh out the ocean. Lunch. Well it appears we’re pretty lucky so far.
But just in case we have enlisted these three Italian dudes
we found on the pier to help us out. Our odds are quadruple by doing this. Piccilo piccilo. No they snag each other. 12:30. You’re lovely. How was it boys? Awesome. Good? Awesome. There we go. Wow. Sorted. Thank you. We just finish and we have caught so many
fish today, but we’re just going to have a cod and a
ling for lunch. If you ever want to come fishing here look up Butch. His website is We’ll
link it in the info box. What a great day. I think I caught like..I
don’t even want to go through it. Cod, 2 pollucks, 2 sharks, an eel, and 2 other
things whose name I forgot, but we gave the rest of it away and through
it back and kept the cod fish and a ling cod. So now we are going to go cook it. We’re
going to Crackpots to meet Carol. It’s a local restaurant here and we’re
going to meet her for lunch. Yes! How are we doing? We have a bag full of goodies for you. Perfect. We got 2 filets of cod and 2 filets of ling. Oh beautiful! We’re exciting to see what you can come
up with. Perfect. That will wake you up from a post
fishing slumber. Look what you got, brother! Hey hey hey! You gotta wait for it to go black. Cheers for the good day on the sea. That’s right. Yeah mon, we be cruising here in Kinsale. Kinsale! Not Kinstown! Kinsale is right next to it on the other island. It’s not Jamaica, it’s Ireland. Everyone in Ireland. Hahaha! I don’t know why but I got quite the thirst. Long day in the sea if you know what I mean,
man. Haha! In the high seas. The high seas. Aww nice! Ooh a feast! Some ling cod in there. Yup! Just an amoeba. Looks good. Better than we could have cooked
it. It does not get fresher than this. Looks like there is a touch of salmon which
we did not catch. There is a prawn that we did not catch, but
this is fresh from the ocean and off of our line. This is delicious. Beautiful town. Great soup. [cooking montage] Well, I would say success? Bon appetit. I neither caught or cooked this fish. I caught the fish and somebody else made it. And I will now eat it. Enjoy. Beautiful town and also one of the best gastronomic
cities in Ireland. Well that was an absolutely lovely little
lunch. Super cool that we caught the fish ourselves and then had a chef prepare it for
us. Better than we could ever do. Very quaint preserved old town. Unfortunately
we don’t have too much time to spend here, but it’s a nice town for a drive
through. So we are heading to a place that has some
very interesting accommodation. I can’t pronounce it for the life of me. Drimoleague? Drimoleague! I believe so. I believe it’s called Drimoleague.
We’ll be staying at these wooden pods that are the closest things I’ve seen to
the Shire. It looks pretty cool, so we’ll go out and find out more when we get there. Just pulled over on the side of the road to
get some video footage of this beautiful Irish countryside and I was surprise to find
a furry little friend. There’s a fox back there. I think I might have spooked him. I tried
to get some photos. Tried to pull a Konsta Punka to no avail.
Maybe next time. [driving montage] How’s it going? Very good. Hey! I am David. I’m Marko. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too. Likewise. Pretty cool place you got here. Guys, we just got to the Top of the Rock,
which is where we will be staying. It’s a cool little farm, working farm, and
check these guys out! Hey! Donkey! Look at that. Look at that. Yooo! Hello. I’m rubbing the goats. Well I have a feeling that this is going to
be a mellow evening. This is basically a farm yard that has been
converted into a walking center. People come here to be walked through the
hills. We’re going to go on one in a bit and tonight
we are going to stay in these wooden pods. I’m David Ross and my grandfather came to
this farm in 1920 and this place has kind of been around in times of trouble …….. So it’s a walking center and it’s right
here in the heart of West Cork. We have just arrived to the Top of the Rock
near Castle Donovan. I think it’s hilarious because there is
actually a castle over there named the Donovan.. Family. Yeah. And seriously guys this has to be some of
the most serene, peaceful, and beautiful countryside that I have ever seen. It was such a nice drive here. Yeah it was great. Yeah. So it’s one of those things where you… I love road trips like this because it takes
you through places that you never even knew existed and every turn of the road is another opportunity
for a jaw dropping view or you know something you never seen before
and that was totally the case today. And so now this place is very special and
we’ve learn the story behind the pods that we are going to be staying in tonight. They’re actually modeled after early Celtic
Christian churches that would form like a beehive shape and it has significance because we are standing
at the Top of the Rock, which is the start of a Christian pilgrimage site which was led by St. Finbarr, who is the patron
saint of Cork. from here there is a two day walking trail
that goes on to St. Finbarr hermitage But as beautiful as this place is, I’m not
going to lie. Right now I do not feel 100%. I feel a little
bit run down my stomach is a bit queasy, and I think I’m really going to take this
opportunity to take advantage of the serenity here and catch up on some rest, so that I
can finish strong on this awesome Irish adventure. I might go on a little walk and then we’re
going down to dinner down the coast Alright well have fun and I will see you tomorrow
morning, bro. Night to you, brother Bye. Goodnight, bro! Sleep well, feel better. I’ll see you tomorrow morning. So while Alex rest up I’m heading down to
the beautiful seaside village of Bantry to have dinner at O’Connor restaurant, which
is for the last couple years have been ranked as the finalist in the best seafood
restaurants in Ireland . So I hope Alex feels better but he’s definitely
missing out. It’s going to be a good dinner. Alright guys well I have a lovely spread of
West Cork food here. I’m going to have to say goodnight. Tomorrow is our final day here in West Cork.
We’re going to be doing some awesome stuff. Starting with an adventure on the ocean. So
tune in tomorrow! In the meantime if you like the video, then
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keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road. Peace!


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