– Hello everyone, it’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. Today we are testing some
more kitchen gadgets. I think this is number 27, maybe. If you’ve missed any
of the others to date, there’s a link up here
to click, or down below, where you can basically
start from number one, and watch them all the way through. It tends to be, every
time I release a new one, people just do that. They have a “Barrathon”, and just spend the whole day watching the Virgin Kitchen gadget videos, which, for me, you know, that’s cool, I’m glad you like them so much. But, as always, please remember that some of these could help people with disabilities. We have to start off with two retests, from the last gadget video, the coffee and the salad chopper. So, we’re going to jump straight to it. Chop, chop. All right, so on the last video, we reviewed the salad chopper thing, OK, and what we realised is, well, basically, you put the ingredients
in there for your salad, and you’re supposed to
put it in this way up. See it’s got that ridge
there, down there, you slice, and then you get a really cool salad. But what I did, I put it in here, and then obviously I sliced down, and the tomato and stuff
like that was hiding. It was like, avoiding the knife. So we’re going to do it properly. So, I’m gonna put it all in here. Some red cabbage. Again, I just love that. I just find that very soothing to look at. Better take the sticker off. In that goes. Cucumber. Two tomatoes. Okay, see this. And, a lettuce. So, I’m just gonna take
the top part off of that. So, hopefully it will fit snugly in there. Lettuce hope this works. Yeah, we want this side in, we’re gonna, I’ve gone a bit, I’ve overfilled it a little bit. Aargh, right, this is
fine, this is a good start. So, I’m gonna stand up for this. We’re gonna slice through. Oh, yeah, I’m actually hitting
the ingredients this time. I can see it. OK, I think that worked. And then what we do, hold it there, and then actually spin
the thing, 90 degrees, and then slice it again. So do you know what’s happened? I’ve spun it, and it’ actually
spun the ingredients as well, that’s not supposed to happen. Because what I’ve done, I
though that was a lot easier, I was slicing where I sliced a minute ago. I’m going to try and do
my own artificial spin. All right. I think the moral of the
story is don’t cram it full. Oh yes. When a salad has to celebrate something, it says, salad tations. Is that what that word even means? Tell you what, heckuva work out. Let’s see if it worked. We’re gonna go, huh. Take our lid off. Ew. Like the contents of a fast food burger. But you can see inside, you’ve
got those grid lines there, Ha, oh wow! The cucumber in particular,
it’s got sticks of cucumber, that’s pretty cool. I’ve got little chunks of
tomato, my cabbage is all sliced. Do you know what? You know. Few croutons. A bit of salad dressing. A bit of a mix. And that could pass, actually. I think that’s not a bad gadget. Just not a fan of cucumber, but, it is a salad, though, it works. We’ll review the other gadget
that we need to retest, the coffee thing, in just a minute. But, here’s a little novelty one. This is called, by Fred, who
seems to be a lot of gadgets, we’ve picked up on that now, the Lickety Spoon. I saw that, I was intrigued. I saw this, I thought, that’s quirky. And then it says “the spoon that” and there’s mystery. Let’s find out. The price tag covered it up. The spoon that sticks out. Is that it? Genuine Fred. There’s a kid on the back. Na, na, na, na, it might be a little rude to stick out your tongue, but it’s also irresistible. Bleh. This stainless steel spoon
with soft silicone handle is an icky illusion that will
freak out your dinner mates with every bite you take. It’s good, easy to clean, fun. That’s it. Just a spoon. It’s just a spoon. But it was a good excuse to buy this. This is some Banoffee Spread. I found it in the supermarket. I want to work out how to make this because then I can make
it, and then show you guys, so you can make it, too. So, I thought it was an excuse (grunting) This was the last jar on the shelf, and it didn’t have a price on it. I think it’s been there for years. Is it still in date? Oh my God, it’s not opening. Dammit, I’ve got a gadget
upstairs which is perfect Aw. for this. Do you know the hack I
think I’ve been told, was elastic bands,
supposed to do that quite, you wrap it around the
lid and you go, oosh, when you can’t get your jar open, so. Oh, my goodness. It’s like heaven in a jar. Banoffee Spread, right. Right, so, it really is. Actually, it’s really weighty. Oh, right, it’s bendy, look at that. (laughing) So, it’s, OK, OK, so like that is supposed
to look like a tongue. Can you see that? It’s a tongue. If you’ve got a bit of a kink
like that in your tongue, you know, you’re kind
of like a water slide. But, hey ho. So, let me wash it. (running water) It is really bendy. It’s like that magic trick,
where you would go at school, would have a pencil and
wave it really fast, and you were like six
years old and you’re like, “Ah, it’s amazing.” We’ll take our Banoffee Spread, nice. Definitely, maybe condensed milk, that is. I’m going to make work how to make it. And then we just go. Mmmm Mmmmm Mmmm Hmmm Hmmm Ooh, that’s nice. Well that is it. It says not a toy. Well, yeah, it is a spoon,
but is it, it’s quite clearly a sort of a toy. Mmmm mmmm That’s rubbish. Even the dogs aren’t impressed. Look, they’re down there. Look at them. Look at them, “What are
you doing, Dad, huh?” So, our second retest is the Hyper Chill. You might remember in the
last video when I tested this, I only put it in the freezer
for about an hour and a half, maybe two hours, and it was
supposed to take red hot coffee you shake it up and swirl
it for about a minute, and then you have iced coffee. You’re supposed to pour it onto ice, which I thought was a little bit pants, I did that in the last video. But I’ve actually did this overnight. So, I poured the water
in the two chambers, which you saw last time. It’s been in my freezer for 12 hours, so I’m not gonna pour it out onto ice. I’m just gonna see if
this, is worth the work. All right, because I
didn’t know I was cheating. So this is some freshly brewed coffee. Hopefully you can see the
steam coming up from that. It’s red hot. This is my Pac-Man glass that the characters
illuminate and go bright once a cold drink is poured into it. Actually, I can see a bit
of colour in it anyway. So, maybe we’ve broken it, now. That was on a previous gadget video. So, hopefully, if the ice
coffee is cold enough, then these should go cool. And here it is, straight, oh
my gosh, from the freezer. That is so heavy and so cold. Nope, don’t do that. Yeah, really, really, heavy. What we’re gonna do is pour the
coffee like we did last time into this reservoir fountain collector thing. In it goes. The only thing I can’t
tell is how full it is. It feels quite heavy. So now what we do, see the
coffee’s all gone in there. You just want to swirl it round. This is it, swirl it round. It’s making like a crackling noise. You can’t hear it at the moment, but it’s kinda like when
you pour milk on cereal. Snap, crackle and pop (mumbles). To be fair, it is really cold. It’s a bit wetter now. It has thawed out a little bit. It’s a little bit wetter now,
than that the ice cold it was, but the body of it, ♫ The body ♫ Is telling me cold Is so cold still. All right, here we do. So, it does say, as I said, you’re supposed to pour it onto ice which I felt defeated the point of this. So, here we go. There’s no steam coming off. Literally at all. OK. Pac-Man characters haven’t changed. Shame. Ahh, oh my gosh, that is like ice cold. That literally is ice cold. Ooh, that’s strong. That is, oh, I got a bit
of lettuce on my glass. Lettuce remove it. Bit a milk in it, why not? Because it has worked. Aaaah, that is gorgeous. So, served over ice, that
would actually be a really cool ice coffee maker thing. So that’s the Hyper Chill
retested and it does work, just put it in the freezer for 12 hours. And for those of you that
didn’t see that first video. So you’ve kind of got this chamber here, and inside that chamber,
is a smaller chamber. So both of those, have sort
of been submerged with water. Hello, I’m not going to
put this against my cheek, otherwise it’ll stick to it. They’re so cold. Smells like Starbucks in there. Hopefully, you guys
remember the Elvis egg timer gadget thing that sings, from a gadget video a while back. We’re gonna need it, right
now, because that is a pan of water we’re bringing to a boil. We’re going to cook up some eggs. No yolking around. Eggs-actly. Shall we put these in the saucepan? Yes, we shell. Crack him. (whispering) Stop. So I bought this from a shop. This is called the Double Deck Egg Cutter, and I really detest boiled eggs. I find them really weird to taste, bit like a century egg, actually, ever since I’ve had one of those, but also, obviously the next day you’re trumping quite a lot, aren’t you? You don’t really want that. But the person I bought
this from, at the till, was raving about it. She was like, “Aw, I
love a hard boiled egg, “this is an amazing gadget.” This is the double deck,
egg cutter, with piercer. Which, I should have pierced my eggs. It is good to pierce your
eggs when you boil them. So we’re gonna get that out a bit, speedo. What? It’s basically, right, it’s an egg cutter, with two settings. You’ve got like a fan one or a line. And it also works well
on mushrooms as well. High quality stainless steel. 18 out of 10. You know it’s good when it’s 18 out of 10. The piercer is useful in preventing an egg from cracking while boiling. Yes, right. Simply turn the safety
lock from lock to punch, then place the egg on the
piercer before boiling. A tiny hole will be pierced on the shell. For safety, always turn
the piercer to lock if you do not need to use the cutter. OK, so it’s on lock. We go to punch. Do we sit it on there? Aw, there is a needle in
there, if I push down on that. Oh crikey, nearly stabbed my finger. Right. Oh, yeah, it has done the
world’s tiniest hole in there. Holey egg. Ah yeah, that got it,
that got it that time. It’s kind of like, KaPoosh. Ooh, Elvis is getting warmed up. Did you hear the beep? He’s gonna be singing, but we
need to hard boil these eggs so that we can pull off the delicious quartered and sliced egg cutter feel that the Deluxe Double Deck
Egg Cutter thing will give us. It does seem pretty good quality, though, it is made from stainless
steel, like it said. So you’ve got your egg piercer there. So, OK, this would be
a very dangerous trap, all right, so don’t
put your nose in there. Don’t be nosy, don’t get that in there. So you sit your egg in there,
once you’ve removed the shell, and then you’ve got two options, you’ve got this one, can you
see that with the fan on there, just about, just a little
bit of lines, nice. Or, if you want to go hardcore, you can use that one. Yeah, there we go. So it’s like a guitar. If you want a guitar vibe going on. And that one tucks away
underneath it, out of the way. And that goes jam, like that. So I’ve got two eggs, so
we can do both designs. We’ve just got to let Elvis do his thing. But don’t worry if Elvis starts singing, we’re gonna move on to
two gadgets, in one. This one, all right? So last night I made a couple of batches of chocolate chip cookie
dough, right here. And this first gadget, is the Cookie, Mmm. But it’s called the Cookie Cutter. Just in case you didn’t know
what a cookie cutter was. Tea with the Queen. Now being English, obviously I want to
have tea with the Queen. Everyone outside of the UK assumes that we do live by the Queen. We don’t, she’s 120 miles away. Keeps herself to herself,
plays on her Xbox, you know? What a weird website name. But it’s basically– (musical beeping) Viva Las Vegas Elvis is singing, sorry. Queen’s head, right there. That looks quite cool, doesn’t it? So what we’re gonna do, is we’re gonna basically place this down. I put so many chocolate chips in it. I’ve got to avoid them. Yes. Yes, that’ll do. We’re gonna need the rest
of this cookie dough, and some more that I’ve made, in a jiffy, but if I just bring it here, we’ve made the Queen’s head. There we are. That’s it. The Queen is on there. But, that is not the end of it. This is a really cool gadget that someone tweeted me about yesterday, offered me to have it, I said, “I’ve already got it, baby.” Yes, Hound Dog, we’re nearly there. This is the Magnetic Bot. It’s by 3D Cookie Cutters, so
I wonder if this is a brand, and they’re doing lots of different types, because if that’s the case,
I’m gonna get all of them. Magnet Bot, make your own cookie robot. I always wanted a meccano
kit, as a kid, didn’t get it, so this is kind of like
my making up for it now. Like with the Banoffee
Spread, when I was younger, my Mum would never have
gotten me any of that stuff. She never would have got that. Oven’s preheating, Elvis is singing, everything’s happening, it’s crazy. Uh, yeah, so I’m making up for it now. It makes a robot, right, so we’re gonna stamp together the pieces, yeah, and once it is baked, we should be able to make
a robot, and then eat it. I need to do in one of those
like, cartoon style voices, The Cookie Cutter’s transform into a robot with in built madness. Multi-functional cutters and 3D robot. Cookies also slot to make a
3D robot ice, or leave them Ice? We could make an ice robot. That’d be amazing. Ice or leave them plain. Everyone will love them. That’s it. Designed by Lolly House. Nice idea, I like it. “Hello, I’m a robot” So there we go. There’s a fair or few pieces to it. And there’s one side
that’s sort of deeper, than the other, like that, which I assume will be the
bit that we cookie cut. We’ve got arms and legs
and all stuff going on. So, you don’t need me to show
me cutting the shapes out, so I’ll just jump that. Oh, Elvis is started. We’re now on the home straight now. Right, well I’ll just show
you the first one going in. That’s the body. (slapping) (grunting) Come on. All right, Elvis, leave it out a minute, this is getting a bit technical. Oh, my God, as the Elvis
battery is gradually dying. Look, can you see this? It’s actually done, it’s
like facial impressions, and stuff and everything. Although it’s really, really cool, there are no instructions. And it is a little bit confusing. I’ve gone for all the holes and stuff, all the shapes, but we can cut them out. Don’t worry about it, folks. Let’s bake them for ten minutes. I’ve got to be honest, it
does feel a bit sinister putting the Queen’s head, in the oven. Anyhow, eggs are done. Rather than plunge them
into ice cold water, let’s plunge them into ice cold coffee. Yeah, which, probably,
is a really bad idea. And, also, it’s not cold anymore, it’s gone room temperature. Ssssss, mmmm, coffee eggs. We’re just gonna have to speed
up the cooling down process. There’s something you do like this, where if you put eggs in coffee, and you bash the shells, it can stain it, and it looks like a dinosaur egg. I think that’s with vinegar,
actually, not coffee. While it’s cooling down, I’m gonna take this
opportunity to thank everyone that has ordered my book, pre-ordered it, and it’s actually out now. The reviews that have been left so far, have been amazing. Thank you. That’s all I want to say. Oh, and if you haven’t got it, there’s a link in the description. But thank you. Thank you so much. That’s enough coffee for you guys. Boiled eggs just freak me out. It’s the smell of them. Not even the coffee’s masking it. It just reminds of
people that are trumping. I don’t mean that as in
voting for the president, I mean like, popping off, that’s the phrase that we use here. Right, shell we give this a try? Yes, we shell. So, we will go, for the quartered one first of all, OK? So, we’re gonna stick the egg into that. Oh, that’s nice. Neat and snug in there look at that. And then, all we do, is we’re going to go for this shape, it looks a bit like a star, and then straight through. Oh, wow, that cut through really easy. And then, will it just come apart? Oh, yes it will. Ah, ah, OK, yes, yes,
look segments of egg. Eggs-sellent. Now we’re going to go for the
strips, like straight down, the guitar one. Here we go. Boom, straight through. (laughing) Look, look at this. Egg slices. Aargh, me hearties, aargh. I’m gonna let you work out if you want to have this gadget or not. But I hate boiled eggs. The white is all right,
it’s just the yolk. It just seems like
poisonous yellow powder. Just between you and I, if you are the kind of person
that puts eggs in a salad, or the kind of person
that orders a cheese board over dessert, like a chocolate cake, we can’t be friends. I’m sorry. That’s crazy. And I’ve got to be honest with you. I was quite late last night we did a live stream
cook-along with the new book, I made that cookie dough afterwards, at 11 o’clock at night, when I should be going to bed, right? I put baking soda in my cookie mix. (laughing) I just took a peek in the oven. The Queen’s head has just gone, blaaaa. And that robot, I don’t
think it’s gonna work. But we’ll crack on, and I’ll
probably have to retest it. “Are you sure you’re all
right about this, Liz?” “Yes, it’s OK. “You did your best and
everyone is very proud of you. “Well done.” Great. He does that all the time. Always judging me, that Homer. I did warn ya. Look at the state of that. To be fair, though, the
Queen, isn’t too bad. She’s just got a bit bigger. She wanted to join the robot band. There you go. There’s the Queen. Ah, there’s the Queen. There, you’re on the wire rack. Robot pieces have done pants, though. It’s all flat and squished. I mean, seriously, look at that. That’s supposed to be like
the face of the robot. Oh my gosh. There we go. To be fair, that doesn’t
look so bad, you know. Mmmm. Taking a bite out of her
crown, in every sense. Maybe I’ve done it wrong and I was supposed to use the reverse side to make the impression, but they have really cool indents in them, when I took them out of
the cutter shapes anyway. I do like a challenge, though,
but these bits at the bottom were supposed to be the
slits that support the legs. So I’m gonna cut them out a little. (laughing) (laughing) I’m definitely gonna do this one again. What the heck was this supposed to be? Oh no, that was the Queen, you donkey. So, Barry, what do you do for a living? Oh, I make videos on the internet. An arm, right? Hey, look at that. That’s gonna do. There we go. Well that’s 20 minutes of my life I’m never going to get back. Unbelievable, it’s
actually got magnets on it. I can’t put magnets in my cookies. It’s not a bad idea, actually. How is that? It’s supposed to look like that. Let me know down below,
what you think I should do, or whether I should just throw this out. I was only goin to do one more gadget, but I’m a bit disappointed by that one, so we’re going to do two. This is the Zyliss, Grate and Shake. (French) So, it’s basically, a
cheese grater, designed, grate, serve, store. Designed for serving directly onto food and storing. Perfect for toppings such as cheese, chocolate and nuts. Viewing window, oh wow,
there’s a viewing window, with measurement marking, blade cover for safe handling, silcone lid to retain
freshness during storage, removal bottom cap for easy cleaning. Caution, sharp blades. Oh, no. So there’s a grate, it’s
kind of like a tidy grater. So, you grate your
cheese on the side of it, the cheese will go into it, and then we’ve got this
little cap at the bottom to go, cheese. So this is a block of Grana Padano cheese. Rather than parmesan, or hard cheese, as some people call it, I didn’t realise that in Italy there’s different territories
of this type of cheese and it can be quite territorial. It’s one of the only
cheeses that I do like cold. So we’ve got this plug on this, that I’m just gonna stick in
there, for the time being, that’s sort of nice and in there. That’s just a lid that’s, ooh, OK, you can put stuff in there if you want. I don’t think I was
supposed to take that off. And then we remove this cap
and our grater is in there. You see this? So it feels like it’s really designed, it’s got these nice fine blades, it does feel like it is
designed for hard cheese. Actually Grana Pedano
cheese, them specifically, not Parmesan, because
they are like rivals, they have asked me if I
want to go over to Italy and learn how they make this. So, if you want me to do that video, I think it could be in
October, let me know. All looks the same to me, but apparently they get pretty, like competitive about it, and they’re like, “no, ours is better.” So, we’re just gonna grate. This is gonna be great. So many cheese puns we could do. But none of them are any gouda. So, although I’m grating it, I’m getting half of it still on the plate, but we’ll go with it. It is eating through that block, like a Barry through a Queen cookie. Like that, there, that’s pretty cool. And I guess what we can do is, oh yeah, there’s our viewing window. We can see how much
cheese we’ve got in there. That is actually pretty
cool, I do like that. Ah, yeah, yeah, that’s right, yeah. So, what we do is, we go, Aw, we’re in an Italian restaurant, OK? “Haa, nice lasagne, would
you like cheese on that?” they just pop this off and they can sprinkle it on, like that. It seems a bit pointless. It’s wedged right at the top. (laughing) Look, you can just go like
that, it’ll be a lot easier. I don’t like this. Nah, to me there’s something much cooler about just going “would you like some cheese,
would you like some cheese?” Don’t like that. But I’ve saved the
quirkiest gadget until last. I can smell cheese, eggs and coffee. Not a good combo. We’ve just had a big accident. I just went to go get the last gadget, I walk over there, the dogs come this way, Amy, the pug, knocks over the tripod, with my very expensive wide lens on, and it’s now smashed to pieces. So, I’m going to have to
take that to a camera shop. Amy’s feeling a bit grumpy. A bit sorry for herself. Why couldn’t you just
stay still, like him? But it’s OK, we’ve got
a much more narrow lens, we’ll just get this done. Have you ever thought to yourself, “I could really do with
making my own peanut butter?” Well, now you can, because, this is the Smart Machine-A-Brrr. (French) Fill the bin with your
favourite shelled nuts, like macadamia, sunflower,
cashew, bless you, nut butters, and more. Place the filled oil dispenser, this thing, in the top of the unit and turn it on. Squeeze the oil dispenser to
achieve desired consistency and watch as creamy,
flavorful, nut butter dispenses into the container. This looks like some sort
of weird ear syringe. So, I just literally opened the box just to see if I needed batteries, but it is main’s powered, OK? And here it is, the peanut butter maker. So we’ve got our socket there, which we’ll stick in the wall. Compartment that collects
the peanut butter with a lid. We must put the nuts in the top, yeah. Comes out there, does
that go in there, oh yeah. That’s pretty much it. Place the smart peanut butter maker on a dry, level, surface. Bonk. Chop your desired shell
nuts into small pieces. The smaller you chop the nuts, the faster the unit will work. I’m gonna bash them up. All right, bashed me nuts. Place the chopped nuts in the nut bin, and replace the cover. Be sure to align the hole in the cover with the nut grinder below. What, place the nut guide, in the nut bin. OK, that’s in there. That’s weird isn’t it? Where’s the cover for it. Fill the dispenser with oil
and place in the nut guide. OK, oil, eh. This is so weird, it’s
like a deflated balloon. Come on now. There we go. But all of that oil has
already come out of it. That doesn’t make, it’s all coming out. It’s literally just dripping out of it. All right, that’s fine. Plug in unit and turn on. (loud grinding) Still got my lid on, haven’t I? (loud grinding) Well that’s loud. It’s says every now and then
to turn the nut grinder thing. What I’m doing, I’m supposed to control the
oil through this thing, right? But it just goes right through it. Look, dripping out of it. (loud grinding) Mmmm, delicious peanut butter. I have got to show you this. I’m just gonna do this roughly. So, I just want to show
you what’s happening. I’m gonna chuck these in
whole as well, why not? Now that’s supposed to go on there. And then this thing
goes in there, that bit, and that spins around,
help it if you want to, but that’s what’s
supposed to hold the oil. Well it is now, a little bit. It’s still dripping out. But watch. (loud grinding) Mmmm, delicious. (laughing) Mmmm, delicious peanut butter. To be fair, there are some much more
advanced recipes in there. Aaah. Aaaah, it’s so dry. It’s just like eating a bucket of sand. Aw, look at that. Very strange machine indeed. So there we go folks, another kitchen gadget
testing video, in the bag. Check out the rest on the
players if you wish to, let me know down below,
or on social media, @myvirginkitchen on any platform,
if you see any cool ones. Subscribe for regular
recipes and food fun. And I will see you again, next time. As tasty as the Sahara Desert.

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  15. Awwww, I guess we can't be friends 😢 cuz I just finished my salad that I had a sliced egg in it. But it was pickled so it was even better than a regular hard boiled egg.

  16. Chocolate chip cookies do have baking soda in them. Try the cutters with something like gingerbread or sugar cookies instead ( no leavening )

  17. Dead wrong on the grater/shaker – I have one and it's brilliant. Best little gadget I ever bought for my kitchen.

  18. Really hyper about hyper chill, wow that is different level of silly invention, and it won't help any disabled individuals as well. humans are getting dumb by the day…..glad that you review a few intelligent ones as well

  19. "at 11 o'clock when I should be going to bed"

    Me:looks at clock 2:42am
    Well Barry gets more sleep than me and I'm 11

  20. Can you retest the robot cookie cutter I think if you use a sugar cookie mix it won’t spread a lot also that’s probably ur reason why the cookies would not slide together

  21. Um Barry the oil dispenser is meant to be used like a pipette you have to squeeze the orange bit put the tip in the oil and let go of the orange bit so that the oil actually stays in. You should consider retesting the machine. And because you could not control the oil it caused the peanut butter to be dry

  22. You can actually make peanut butter very simply with a food processor and roasted peanuts. I get regular shelled peanuts and then roast them in the oven about 15 minutes at 450°F (sorry IDK what that is °C) with a few slabs of butter and a TBSP of raw honey (line the tin with parchment for each clean up). Let them cool then toss them in the food processor and blend until smooth. I keep it in the fridge so the nut oil and butter don't go rancid, but we've had it last up to 3 weeks.

  23. Yep! I just keep watching as many of ur videos until I need to go to 😴😴. I’m so happy I found ur channel💜😁

  24. You should put the queen while her top part is down place it in front of homer and it will look like he is wearing the queens dress, or the queen is a big fan of homer and she cosplays him a lot!! 🤣🤣🤣

  25. Barry if you can’t open a jar try using your thigh turn it upside down get it flat the lid to your leg and twist to open obviously keep pressure for any Liquids but I’ve never needed help opening a jar and never spilt anything opening it that way lol

  26. The robot cookie cutter would work best with something like shortbread that doesn't really change shape when you bake it. I realize this video is from 2 years ago and you don't have that gadget anymore but for anyone else.

  27. Peanut butter, that's a pass… About any other toasted butter and everything is shiny. Cheers and have a champion day.

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