100 thoughts on “Kitchen Gadget Testing #48”

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    Have a Barrathon, watch the kitchen gadget testing playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hECAxPxsdmo&list=PLfItiEY3o1mua5cnCEz2ssWLQbS6ZiSIq

  2. barry pleasseeee put the lids on the pots when you boil water! it makes it boil so much faster, i cant even look at your open ass lidless ass pots

  3. I think the silver thing is for poached eggs, the egg steamers we have come with a similar thing that have 4 slots to steam poach your eggs

  4. I have those cactus ice cubes and the only bad thing I can say about them is that they don't seem to make the drink as cold as regular ice cubes. They look awesome though.

  5. the "Ash tray" if for it you want to do an omelette, I have one like that with one of them, and for mine its says its for an omelette =)

  6. I bet you’d loved deviled eggs the way my grandmother made them. Hers had pick juice and paprika mixed in not just sprinkled on top

  7. When the egg-cooker clicks you should take the white handle with the eggs on it and put them in cold water right away!

  8. The tray is for steaming food. Dumplings, baos, siu mai, watery egg, chicken, anything that fits. You use it in place of the egg… Cosy. That device is basically the upper steamer part of a rice cooker.

    Methinks the buzzer(and button) is faulty but the light off should have been an indicator to turn the device off. It should have a spring-loaded button like regular rice cookers that pops when the water runs out, but I think this one's just broke. You also left the eggs steaming a long time after turning it off from hardboiled, which is why the yolks are grey.

  9. 1:14 that is meant to be the bowl you put water in. I don’t think you’re meant to add water straight onto the hot plate.

  10. I just press on the opened lid on the tuna to get rid of the juice, seems a lot quicker, and less mess!
    'I am amused at your nipple lemons!' said the Queen..never!

  11. 1:20 that pan is for like poached eggs or scrambled, the egg cooker I bought had one and thankfully explained it as such also my egg cooker makes the loudest piercing ringing noise that goes through walls like they didn't exist, I wish my oven time was that loud.

  12. The little metal pan shouls have sit under the egg rack in the egg thing! Like you said the water shouldnt set in the electric base you are right it should go in the pan for easy cleaning 😉 try again let us know how it goes

  13. I always add relish to my deviled eggs but not sweet relish i hate sweet pickles and sweet relish but some regular relish with the mustard and mayo is amazing and yes never forget the paprika!

  14. About the egg boiler. The metal tray is where you would add the water in, right under the actual egg tray, and there should be an egg prickling tool. These work like a charm, but you're supposed to prickle a tiny hole on the egg's bottom, before adding them to the tray. It's basically steaming them, rather than boiling, and I've been using mine for a good decade now.

  15. I thought the tray was for the water bc normally you don't put water straight on the heating element just like a crockpot??? Idk but since the burning it makes sense it's the place for the water to go in

  16. ive always wondered if you put the lemon upside down like match the round skin side with the round side of the squeezer i dont know if anybody can get what im trying to say

  17. To drain tuna just open the can, then push the top in. It will drain. Then take the lid off. Or use a strainer. Or a coffee filter. So so many other cheap options.

  18. The burnt bit in the egg maker is probably minerals in the water. If you used distilled water it may not happen, I've never tried so my science could be wrong. I just clean the base and enjoy my eggs.

  19. I'm very impressed with how much Barry and his channel has grown over the years. I admit I used to not like watching him because he had the palate of a 5 year old. But now he's a very versatile chef with more adult tastes (:

    Awesome work man. I'm glad you stuck to what you like to do.

  20. I'm genuinely surprised that your egg cooker didn't scream like mine does, but I'm guessing yours might be an off brand one. It emits a very jarring noise like a smoke detector going off and doesn't stop until you unplug it

  21. 10:39 – The point of those is to cool a drink without watering it down. Testing them with a glass of water is kind of missing the point. You should have compared two glasses of the same drink (ex., Coke), one with the cacti and the other with regular ice cubes.

  22. Dearest Barry,
    The egg cooker is a great little gadget. I use it at least once a week. The tray is for omlets or scrambled eggs. ❤
    Love your vids by the way.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  23. I normally like your videos, but as someone who suffers from anxiety I really didn’t appreciate the “ouch” and jump when you were cutting things. Please don’t joke about hurting yourself.

  24. That egg steamer needs a re-test, the buzzer didn’t go cause the button to shut it off was pressed repeatedly. The tray is used when you take em out

  25. The egg tray is for making poached eggs you crack an egg in it then put it in the eggholder in the machine then wait for 5 minutes or so and done 👌

  26. Well Mr. Lewis I found your channel by happenstance, and I have now watched all 48 kitchen gadget videos, you are highly entertaining and I have saved 4 gadgets from your testing. Cheers keep up the great work!!

  27. I wonder if the extra steel bowl for the egg steamer gadget was where the water was supposed to go. It looks like i would fit in there. Maybe extra protection for the insides so they can't get exposed to water?

  28. Stick to using a bowl and fork for deviled eggs. That gadget has too many parts to clean and hard to mix ingredients in a narrow container. Plastic storage bag works fine for filling the eggs.

  29. Wait, why is an egg boiler in here? Is that really a gadget? I'd consider that more in the same realm as a toaster: half the population got one and everyone knows how to use them. But after watching this I realized that apparently NOT EVERYONE can use an egg boiler….

  30. That egg-cooking thing has almost exactly the same design as a mini incubator for hatching eggs. I really hope no one gets them mixed up. DX

  31. I have one of those egg steamers and it's amazing for making eggs for ramen. I love the thing. I also poach eggs for eggs benedict. Mine is a different brand but it's the same thing in general.

  32. My guess is, if you want to do poche egs you put the ashtry thingy in the stemer with a cracked egg in it instead of the egg try

  33. That silver tray for the egg cooker is for cooking an omelette. Usually you need to pierce the egg shell before cooking it so that they can release pressure and not explode, but then again the egg cooker that he used was the cheap version. There are better ones out there.

  34. Would that little tray by any chance be where the water is supposed to go, and it's meant to sit underneath the egg stand?

  35. The metal bowl is for when you want to make an ‘omelet’. Just grease the pan, put in your egg and fillings then put the metal tray on the egg holder thing without the stem, put the water in and cook away.

  36. the water burnt in the egg thing because you put water directly on it. that extra tray you didnt know what to do with was for the water

  37. I don’t know how phrases in the U.K. work, but, in the US, “I’m getting a facial right now” sounds way worse than “tuna water”.

  38. Not sure why people want lemons or oranges squeezed until they are completely flat like that, the oils from the skin are extremely bitter (not sour) and make the juice taste bad.

  39. My family and I have the egg boiler (thing)! Though I think we might have a new version or something? (Ours comes with more accessories and auto shuts off when the water runs out), in ours the little pan is for making omelets (though the pan we have/came with it is made of plastic). The thing is amazing imo.

  40. i take it with the egg boiler. The part you poured the water into is just the hot plate. The "ashtray" im assuming is a frying pan of sorts to put the water into

  41. Who else is cringing at how badly overcooked the egg yolks are? They're completely grey with all the sulfur from getting steamed to death.

  42. I love the fascination of the egg boiling gadget.
    We had something similar, when I was a kid (guessing many did? – at least here in Denmark). So that's something like ~20 years ago. They were already old at the time.
    Fairly old gadget and very useful 🙂

  43. “Turn off the unit before all the water boils off”

    Doesn’t turn off unit and all the water boils off.

    “See that’s why you need clearer instructions”

  44. Egg kettle: Has simple yet easy to follow instructions
    Barry: ignores instructions
    Egg kettle: …
    Barry: ‘This thing needs better instructions.’

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