KITCHEN GADGETS clever or never? (inc. Russian Piping Tips) How To Cook That Ann Reardon

KITCHEN GADGETS clever or never? (inc. Russian Piping Tips) How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to HowToCookThat I’m Ann Reardon and
today we’re looking at 5 different kitchen gadgets. I love going to kitchen shops and I always
see things like this and I wonder is it even going to work? So I thought I’d try them out. I’ve never
tried any of these before so we are going to test them out on camera and you can tell
me if you think they are CLEVER or if you’d NEVER buy them. So let’s start with this one… What this one says is it will do is it says
that it will make it easy to make a rose out of fondant. So you roll out your fondant and cut it out. Then what you’re supposed to be able to do,
let’s see if this actually works, is fold that in half like that and then starting at
this end, just roll it up. Let’s see if it’s going to work. Roll, roll, roll, roll, roll … roll, rooooll. And then … you have a little flower. What do you think, it doesn’t look like a
perfect rose to me but it’s still a pretty, quick flower. We might do it again one more time …
You know what I should do? Because I do stuff with fondant anyway, I
should get Dave to do it so we can see if it works for him! (crickets)
What?! C’mon! Alright so just cut it out. I wasn’t expecting this. Ok. Yep, pull it off. Get rid of the excess. What are you thinking so far? It’s really hard. Is it clever or never? Ahhh, it’s … I would never but my wife is
very clever. Use the paper to fold. This is heaps easy! Yep and then open it. And then starting from that end, roll it up. I would roll it towards me. Yeah, no I would roll it towards me as well. The other end, there you go. This is why I’m good with words! Keep going… you can do it. Hey look at that! The middle is coming out of the top! I love you! Ohhh … you’re so sweet. Ok so when you’re rolling it obviously you
have to make sure that you roll so that it’s going down on the inside rather than up, so
if you’ve never used it before it might take a bit of practice or if you’re not sure how
to roll flowers. (What are you saying?) Yeah it’s very good. (I think it’s very good)
Let me know in the comments if you think this is clever or never. Ok so number 2 we have this cutter for Bananas
that Dave got when he was in Singapore. I can’t read the writing so I’m not sure if
it’s Chinese or Japanese. It says made in China so it might be from
Singapore, Japanese banana cutter made in China. Let’s see if it works. First of all let’s peel the banana, I’m assuming
we can’t cut through the skin and put it on a chopping board. Grab our cutter and push it down. And we end up with a banana that I can’t get
off the cutter – let’s push it all the way through. See if I can get it off. There we go, push it all the way out and we
have a banana that’s cut up into random, uneven shapes. I think for me this is definitely a never,
only because I reckon I can cut a banana way faster than that. I’m going to race Dave and see what’s quicker. Ok so here’s the rules, you have to completely
chop your banana and get it into the bowl. The first one to finish wins. You’re using the banana chopper and I’m using
a knife. Singapore weapon! On your marks, get set, go! We should have peeled the bananas first. Watch this … BANG! Check it. Done! Argggh … your banana was smaller! My banana was not smaller than your banana. And look at the difference… Yeah, yours is a mess, look at mine. Yours is like mashed up banana. Singapore! This one’s a never for me, let me know in
the comments if you think it’s clever or never. It doesn’t even say the word banana when you
chop it. No, but it’s cool. No it’s not. It’s pretty cool. At number 3, we have the Yolk Pig. It’s supposed to help you separate your yolks
from your whites, so let’s see if it works. There we go, ok according to the packet we
are just squeezing and sucking up the yolks. Looks like he’s got a snotty nose. Bloop! That actually worked really well, let’s try
this one. That is a bit repulsive. Oh now this yolk is a bit broken so this is
going to be, a bit of an unfair test but we’ll see if it can manage it anyway. Nope, can’t do it if the yolk’s broken, the
yolk has to be intact for the yolk pig to be able to be able to get it. But it actually worked very effectively, Ithought
it was pretty good. It just looked a bit disgusting. What do you think, clever or never. I like that. At number 4 we have this … it’s not in English
so I don’t know what to call it if you know what that is, read it and tell me but it is
a Kiwi cutter I can tell that from the picture. It comes with a little cute saw and you saw
it in half … it does work. We have two halves. Ithink this looks a lot bigger than this soI
don’t know if it’s going to just destroy it but we’ll try it. Push it in and then twist … yeah I think
my Kiwi is too small for it. It got three pieces but the other piece is
a bit stuck and mangled in the skin. I’m going to see if we can find a bigger kiwi. Twist it around … and then, oh look at that,
out comes the kiwi. That’s actually pretty clever, I like that
one. (maybe the language says non-organic kiwi
cutter). Yeah, do not use on organic kiwis.Only use
on big kiwis. Big fat kiwis. So Number 5 we have these Russian piping tips
which have these weird cut-out shapes out of the top of them, so I’m a bit intrigued
by what they’re going to look like when they pipe. I’m going to start with this one which looks
like it’s going to be rose petal type of shapes. I’ll star right down low, give it a squeeze
and pull up. Let’s just do a few more low down ones and
see if they’re in a bunch if they look good together. That’s actually pretty good, that looks pretty
nice. And this is just my normal butter cream recipe,
you can get that on the website, I’ll link to that below. They’re pretty, they’d look nice on a cupcake
and they’re quick so I think they’re good. Let’s test out the other ones and see what
they do. So this would be my favourite one out of the
Russian Piping Tips and if you just have two colours in your bag then it turns out really
beautiful. So there you go, that’s 5 different gadgets
that we’ve tried, let me know in the comments below which ones you think are clever and
which ones you think you would never try. And also let me know if there’s other gadgets
that you’ve been looking at in the shops that you want to know do they even work. Let me know what they are and I’ll get them
and try them out for you. Subscribe to HowToCookThat for more cakes,
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and the buttercream recipe for the piping and click here for my YouTube channel and
here for another video that I’ll put there for you. Make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday. (wait for bloopers….) Aeroplane. (Aeroplane)
I’ve gone into ‘sleep mode’ Yes? Yes… Next … (power saw) … next we are going
to listen to our neighbours cut a piece of wood. What a lovely sound 🙂
They’re good at it!

100 thoughts on “KITCHEN GADGETS clever or never? (inc. Russian Piping Tips) How To Cook That Ann Reardon”

  1. I know many people who should use a banana cutter (they make ones with straight bars) for their own safety. Her method of cutting towards herself can be incredibly dangerous.

  2. The banana cutter might work well for someone who shouldn’t use a knife. Someone disabled or very young

  3. yep the rose maker really works, and works best if you flatten out the petals a little with a baller tool 🙂

  4. For me, most gadgets are a never (hate the clutter). Maybe the piping tips, if I, ya know, decorated cakes

  5. The kiwi and banana cutters look really useful for a disabled person, similar thoughts for the yolk sucker(?).

  6. 2:47

    It’s Chinese. My fam is Chinese and my parents went to Singapore before. Singapore is 80% Chinese lol

  7. I like all but the banana, but I wouldn’t buy the pig or the kiwi cutter either. I am not a fan of gadgets.

    My Taiwanese friends were amazed/amused that I used a paring knife to peel apples. They LOVE gadgets.

  8. My opinions:

    1. Clever
    2. Never
    3. Never (you can use an empty plastic water bottle for the same thing)
    4. Never (just use a knife or eat it like an apple)
    5. Clever

  9. I really wish the audio quality was better on your videos. Looks like it could be interesting content but there's always such an echo that I find it hard to hear you clearly. I can comprehend what is being said but the echo is super distracting and fustrating. It makes me not want to watch. 🙁

  10. The kiwi cutter says on the right "beneficial use!! Kiwi cut" (Japanese is traditionally read right to left, top to bottom. But also sometimes left to right like English.) The left says "gracefully deliciously kiwi fruits". The very top right says "Cut! Insert! Twist!" Above the plastic says "peel and cut at the same time🎶". The very bottom says "fru vege" which is probably the line of products it's from and not the company who makes it; further research says it's made by shimomura kogyo which makes tons of other kitchen tools. Then the small words right of that say "kiwi cutter".

  11. I think all of these are pretty clever and could really help beginning cooks/bakers…

    I think the banana one is cute and fun if you have small children. Thats honestly the only true, everyday purpose i can see for it since cutting a banana isnt that hard…

  12. the 3d kitchen gadget why? you can use a plastic bottle for the same thing, and you have plenty of them around. With a plastic bottle you don't have to take one yolk at a time and we all have one at least plastic bottle at home.

  13. Those piping tips were really cool. I need to get some. They look like they could make us less skilled people look half decent

  14. The commonly called 'Russian' piping tips don't even originate from Russia. The idea comes from a company in England called Sugar and Crumbs and the nozzles are manufactured in Russia. Many other companies have taken the idea and made it cheaper and for a lower quality. I know this because I've studied bakery and food science at college and the owner of Sugar and Crumbs did a lecture and practical with the class. It's a shame that they're called Russian nozzels.

  15. I thought the damn flower roll thing was a cloud cutter

    I WANT THE BANANA CUTTER just because it’s fun and useless

    The egg yolk thing is cool but you could easily do that with a empty bottle.

  16. NEVER to everything! The one truly good things is those piping tips, and I don't think I would ever want to make cakes, especially those that are made with piping.

  17. I liked all of them except the banana slicer? Like… slicing a banana is not something you need special tools for. It's not that hard XD
    The Kiwi thing was clever but sadly limited by size. The flower piping tips were ADORABLE though!

  18. Clever
    Never, but only because I enjoy egg separating
    Never. I dont eat kiwis and I already own a knife and a spoon, which are good enough
    Piping Tips:

  19. The banana slicer would be nice for kids to use, if they come home and mom or dad isn't around but they want to have a healthy snack but you wouldn't want them using a knife.

  20. The rose cutter pretty good for a commercial kitchen where decorators are trained but not experts and things need to be consistent

    The banana cutter would be good for kids who can't use knives yet or people with disabilities/ limited mobility in their hands

    Egg yolk sucker upper- good for a commercial kitchen where you have to separate a lot of eggs quickly
    Kiwis cutter -no

    Russian tips- absolutely

  21. I just keep thinking about cleaning each one afterward. cleaning kitchen items can be half of the work.

  22. The key bit of info is the price for all these. With this sort of stuff, the feel is that it's not worth the money bc you can make the same effect with the right technique. The only exception is the piping caps. Not sure how I would get those little dots in the roses if without that product.

  23. I am a 41 year old douchey man who hardly ever cooks and almost never bakes, but I like your channel. Why?

  24. I'm actually offended that mankind is still expending mental energy on ways to cut things.

    Those piping tips were the bomb diggy.

  25. I thought the yolk separator looked like the bulb on a turkey baster… think I'd pass just because I could do the same thing without buying more clutter… that said, I rather like the Russian tips as my hand piped flowers tend to be rather sad looking.

  26. A lot of novelty kitchen tools are mostly wastes of space and time; pretty much all of them are easily replaced by practiced use of a knife or spoon. HOWEVER some of them are excellent items for persons with limited use in their hands.

  27. Have seen the banana cutter before and thought, "Why?" After seeing it in action I can only deduce this was invented by a man who never stepped foot in the kitchen. Useless, even if you have to cut a thousand bananas a day a knife would be more efficient. The yolk sucker? Eh, you can do the same thing with an empty water bottle or separate eggs the way I do, crack the egg into my hand over a bowl. Spread my fingers slightly and the white drips out leaving the yolk in my palm. So the banana slicer and yolk sucker, useless expenses. The first was okay as were the others. I still wouldn't buy them but they'd be worthwhile.

  28. 1. Never. I mean, it looks fine, but I never use fondant because… ew. So it’d just be a waste for me.
    2. Never. Just…. whyyyyy? Bananas aren’t hard to cut? I do it every day for my children.
    3. Never again. I mean, it looks like it works, but separating eggs isn’t difficult so….
    4. Clever. I think I’d use that one.
    5. Clever! I love, love, love those things! They make some absolutely gorgeous designs.

  29. I thought the piping tips were potentially useful, but the rest were pretty pointless. The kiwi cutter packaging reads, in the top right "Cut! Insert! Turn once!" On the right-hand side, in the black and pink print, "Convenient kiwi cutter!" On the left-hand side, "Graceful(?), tasty kiwi fruit!" I can't quite make out what it says in the arch right over the device itself. At the bottom it says "Fruits and vegetables" in large multi-colored print, and then in the bottom center it says "kiwi cutter" again.

  30. 🙋‍♀️Hi Ann, I really love this segment but I find many of this gadgets to be over priced junk. I think the two items I would buy are the first one(fondant rose maker) and the last one (Russian piping tips). Although the piping tips seem like the all pipe a similar pattern. The banana cutter was useless because it really doesn’t save you any time over using knife, plus it cuts weird shapes and it’s one more thing to clean.
    As for the egg separator you can do the same thing with and empty water bottle.
    The kiwi cutter is another useless item. It may work but it only does one thing that can also be done with a knife and a spoon. The thing is all of these gadgets usually cost quite a bit and one do one thing, not to mention they take up a lot of room in your drawers when you can achieve the same result with a knife, a fork, or a spoon. So why spend the extra money for useless gadgets?

  31. the icing tips are probably the only one I would actually buy. The yoke pig might be cute if it was cheap enough as a party favor.

  32. That yoke pig is a turkey baster bulb… So why buy both?

    I think I like the flat Russian tips better.

  33. The tittle should have been called testing cooking "gachets" that's how
    crazy russian hacker says it.

  34. I’d use all of them except the banana cutter and kiwi cutter. I don’t know why people are always trying to replace knives. They are already the perfect tools for cutting.

  35. I’m pretty sure the banana “cutter” is just used to bruise the banana peel so that it says banana on the outside

  36. Those piping tips remind me of the Super Dough Flower Makin' Basket I had when I was a little kid –

  37. I love the Russian tips, and the fondant cutter, but you gotta roll the tips of the fondant petals to get the full effect. Still a big Time saver though

  38. yolk pig would be a clever, but it relies on being able crack eggs which i am spectacularly bad at.

  39. 1. Clever
    2. Never, but with just Lines clever
    3. Never, you can just use an empty plastic bottle
    4. Clever, but can‘t you just eat them with a spoon?
    5. Definitely Clever

  40. there is an easier solution to yolk separation: break the egg open over a fork and let that catch the yolk.

  41. Rose thing – I like it
    Banana thing – I'd think it's pointless even if I didn't loathe bananas
    Yolk pig – it's not that hard to separate yolks. I wouldn't turn it down as a gift, but I don't think I'd buy one myself.
    Kiwi thing – not bad bit I don't eat many kiwis. If I did I'd probably get it
    Icing tips – not bad. I thought the flower shapes looked a bit diseased, but sure, why not.

  42. I actually got my boyfriend the yolk pig (he use to eat loads of eggs and lives pigs)… It works really well and makes a great silly gift for any pig lover !

  43. I'd go for the flower frosting things. It looks like a good easy tool to make a ton. The banana one is just weird

  44. Angry blocky squarish complex letters – Chinese. Some angry blocky squarish, and most of loose squiggles and simple figures – Japanese. Lots of small circles in the letters – Korean.

  45. Your husband made a Christmas cactus bloom!
    P.s. I love my Russian piping tips! I never learned how to pipe flowers.

  46. Okay, the piping tips seem to work really well. I wonder how they'd do for pressed cookies. And I did used to have a banana slicer like the one you tested, except instead of the word BANANA, it just had bars to make uniform slices, which worked much better.

  47. You two are really in love and it shows. I love the way you laugh while watching him, it's like life is smiles and sunshine in that moment. It's really beautiful chemistry.

  48. 1 & 5 definitely yes. 2,3 & 4 definitely no. I know many people just cut their Kiwi Fruit in half and use a spoon to scoop the flesh out to eat it. But I use a peeler and chop it into bite size pieces to eat them. That way 1 it avoids mangling the Kiwi Fruit. And 2 you get to eat more of the fruit.
    Oh & I know I'm splitting hairs here but you peeled your bananas from the wrong end. That longer bit at the one end of a banana is to hold on to while you're eating them. 🍌🥝🥚🌹🍽

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