Kitchen Hack Testing 13

Kitchen Hack Testing 13

– Oh my gosh it tastes like the Red Sea. – Have I just poisoned you? – [Barry] That is toilet waste. – That really hurt. – That is all kinds of wrong. Ah no. Ooh, my gosh that was not safe. Oh, my that’s disgusting. I’ve done what the
internet’s told me to do. (bright music) – Come back. – Hello everybody welcome
to Kitchen Hack Testing number…
– 12? – I think it is. – 13.
– Maybe. We’re not sure, if you’ve missed any don’t forget to have a Barathon,
and check out the rest. But today, as always Mrs.
B doesn’t really know what we’re doing, with the hacks. And we genuinely want these to work. The last video we did, they
were pretty good weren’t they? – Yes, it’s the one before that didn’t. – Yes, shall we crack on. – Yes.
– Thanks. I did not realise this as
you may or may not be aware, Mrs. B wears contact lenses don’t you? – I do. – And if you wear contact
lenses when you chop onions that’s actually possibly
the best natural hack ever in that you don’t cry. – No ’cause it’s protecting your eyes, like a film over your eyes.
– Yeah. But there’s inventions,
there’s like onion goggles, which are basically like
swimming goggles pimped up. – Like glasses?
– Like glasses, yeah. Does that work as well? It must do.
– I can take them off. – Can you see me from here? – Yeah, I can see you. – What about there? – I can’t see the camera screen. – What?! I just realised we were like, “All right, so now get
a really sharp knife and chop up an onion.” I can’t see anything.
– I can see right in front of me.
– You can, can you? – Yeah.
– And you have to kinda cry. Okay?
– Yes. – So this is some bread and what I’m gonna do, I
don’t know if it’s essential, that you toast it but
we’re gonna toast it, okay? – Okay and I would like
bite, hold it in my mouth, while I chop? – Sort of yeah, apparently. Any sort of thing, well I actually told that if you stick your tongue
out when you chop an onion that, that does the same thing too. – It’s cause your minds being
taken away from the onion and more focus on that. – Your mind or do you think,
like, the fumes, the onion? – No, it’s all about,
I think it’s all to do, – It’s mental?
– Mental. – Okay, then, well if you’re like, if you really believe
that chop this onion now and focus on not crying, there you go. – Okay. – Are ya crying yet? – I’m focusing on something else. – Well what are you thinking about? – Don’t want to know.
– God. – Oh, k.
– What? Are you crying? My eyes are stinging.
– Are they? – Yeah.
– Let me have a look. Let’s have a look. – I don’t ever have this feeling. – What you crying? – No, like the stinging sensation. I always wear my contact lenses. – Look, toast. Can you cut another onion and then we’ll stick this in your mouth and see if it makes a difference. – Right.
– Okay. (laughing) I did offer to do this. (mumbling through the toast) – What? – This is a sharp knife. – There you go, there you go. – Well, you can’t. – Well are your eyes stinging? – Yes, yes, they are. I don’t. – Well its not working then, is it? – No. – All right, sorry. Okay, so we’re gonna crack on. Mrs. B is using some of that onion and some beef and pork mince
to make some meatballs. That’s going to come on to
one hack in just a moment. But, also, whilst that’s
starting the process, you all right? Happy, are you okay? – Yeah, I’m fine. – I’m gonna do something
else, another hack. Involving one of the easiest ways of making a poached egg, apparently. (kitchen clatter) – Tell me when to stop. I don’t like doing this. – [Barry] Working as a bit of a team here. There’s some seasoning, yeah. (grinding) – [Mrs. B] Stop. – This is a bowl and the
hack that I’m about to do is all about this ladle. And I’m a bit worried because this, our ladle, is not metallic, right Mrs. B? – Right.
– This is what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna poach an egg in this. Oh no. (laughing) I was concentrating too much on, I looked at the camera very quickly. Um, no, no, no, yes. – Okay, cool. – [Barry] Are you ready for
this, what are your thoughts? – I am, I’m thinking
is it gonna float out? – [Barry] Well, let’s, no you have to submerge it on the surface, gently. If fact, we might as
well start doing it now. – [Barry] It’s just about
to Simmer, isn’t it? – [Mrs. B] I turn it down a little bit? – [Barry] Just to the bottom, like that. – [Mrs. B] Like that?
– [Barry] Yeah. Just making sure that
water doesn’t get in there. – [Mrs. B] Oh, okay, I thought
we had to put it right under. – [Barry] Yeah, so what’s
gonna happen is it’s sort of, I guess, cook it. – [Mrs. B] But does it need to be metal? – [Barry] Well I was thinking that. – To conduct the heat. – [Barry] It should but then
this is gonna still get heat. I just don’t know the conduction
of that verses the metal. Ahhh! – [Mrs. B] I think it’s safe
to say yours isn’t working. – [Barry] Yeah that’s right. Well, we’ll just use yours then. Yeah that’s been in there
about three minutes, now. – Oh, lo, lo, look, it’s working already. – [Barry] What?! Oh my gosh. Well we don’t need this then. – [Mrs. B] No.
– [Barry] That’s excellent. Look at that.
– [Mrs. B] Wow. – [Barry] Never thought of this before. The only problem is, look, you are sort of stood there, holding it. Where as with a, some of
the gadgets you can get they just cling on the side
of the pan and do it for you. – [Mrs. B] My arms starting to ache. – [Barry] Is it? You wanna tag team? Here.
– I’m all right. – [Barry] You’re okay? – I’ll wait til–
– [Barry] Has it got hot? – Not yet. I’ll wait till it gets hot. Then you can have a turn.
– [Barry] Thanks a lot mate. – [Mrs. B] This is the longest
two minutes of my life. – [Barry] It’s definitely working. It’s just a lot longer than,
you know, what you would hope. This is no joke, Mrs. B’s
been stood there for about six, seven minutes now. – Was it really? – Yeah, I just looked at the time, yeah. It started so well, didn’t it? – Yeah, it caught really
quickly around the edges and it’s just slowly. – [Barry] It’s getting
there, still isn’t it. Mrs. B, what you think
I’m gonna do with this? – Ah, put meatballs in it? – Yeah, good guess.
– K. – So the meatballs, we have
got an ice cream scoop here and apparently, I did not know this, you can bake meatballs in these. You can portion them up, yeah. And it will absorb the fat. – No way. – Way. – You’re gonna put cardboard in the oven? – Well I use to do that all
the time with giant food bowls. – Oh, yeah. But you’d wrap them in foil. You don’t have to wrap
it in foil or anything? – No apparently not. So you just use the ice cream
scoop to help get the shape. That’s pretty decent, that’s worked well. And literally put it, portion it in there. Like a holster for the meatballs. – What? – I know, it’s crazy right? – They’ll probably be cooked
by the time this eggs done. – Is this the whole video now? You’re just, like,
gonna be cooking an egg, I’m doing the rest on my own? Apparently we can stick
this right in oven, now. You keep cooking that egg. Well how’s that going? – I need to sneeze, can you
hold the egg while I sneeze? I think you’re a bit
too keen on the toast. – [Barry] Oh really, yeah. – [Mrs. B] I don’t like cold toast. – [Barry] Oh, yeah, that
popped up about five hours ago. It’s weird cause it’s sort of done but there’s a little bit of
egg white just sat on the top right by the yolk, isn’t there? – [Mrs. B] Yeah. – [Barry] It’s just not going away. This is like twenty minutes now. – Yep. – [Barry] Day five. Okay, in that time, I’ve
also peeled a potato, ready for the next hack. So we’re gonna get our cold toast and how do we get it out? What are you gonna do? – [Mrs. B] I was gonna
just run a knife around it. – [Barry] All right, go for it, let’s see. – [Mrs. B] Well, it’s pretty solid. – [Barry] Is it? Oh no, what if we’ve ruined it and it lives in there forever. (laughing) Look at the stick of that. It sort of worked. But it’s not coming off of there, yeah. I mean it’s done. – [Mrs. B] Hang on. – [Barry] Yeah, it’s done. Look at that yoke, it’s well cooked. – [Mrs. B] Yeah, that’s
not a good poached egg. – [Barry] No, it’s cooked through so much that some of it has
got almost hard boiled. – I was thinking this
was a really good hack. I was really positive. – [Barry] First ten
seconds, yeah, otherwise. – Twenty minutes later, mm-mm. – Mrs. B, the other day we
made a devastatingly nice, you might be able to see it
in the background, folks, tomato and basil soup. – We did. – We made way too much, as most soups. – Yep. – So we normally keep it in the fridge and work our way through
it, sometimes the freezer. And it was almost like a
sign for this next one. – It was. – Apparently, hence the
reason we did the potato, if you– I don’t really,
I don’t like this idea cause it’s a really nice soup. But if you over salt,
like insanely over salt, a sauce or a soup by shoving in a potato and letting it simmer it down, the potato will absorb the saltiness. – I don’t wanna ruin my soup. – The people need to know. – Okay. I was really looking
forward to eating this. – Well, hopefully, if
it works, you still are. That’s the point. So let’s get it in. That’s really, really cold. That’s not very nice at all. – Nice cold soup. – But, do you know what it needs, Mrs. B? It needs an unnecessary
large mountain of salt. – That’s enough. – Well, oh my gosh. I’ve done what the
internet’s told me to do. What people sent me, look. Ah, I’ve gotta test it now, haven’t I? – Yep, you do. Did I do that thing when you’re feeding your
children and you go. – GAH! Oh my gosh, it tastes like the Red Sea. – Have a just poisoned you? – Gah, Jesus! My lungs feel like
they’ve just gone, boing. – You’ve had like your weeks
content of salt, sorry. – Let’s get this hack to work Let’s have a look. – Oh, why look. Look like they’re quite cook, yet. But you can see. – [Barry] Oh, they look
amazing, no, no look at that. – [Mrs. B] Look, you can see the fat. – [Barry] Oh, wow. Yeah the fats been absorbed
into the packaging. That’s what we wanted. – [Mrs. B] Maybe we
need to turn them over? – [Barry] Yeah, let’s take
em out and turn them over. That’ll be fun. Oh, look at them. – [Mrs. B] That needs to cooking a bit. – [Barry] Yeah, it needs a
bit of browning on the top but it’s still, it’s not red. What other cardboard
can we put in the oven? Find out for yourself,
let us know down below. Go to your recycling bin
and get some cardboard out and bake it. So we’re letting it simmer. I just think we just keep it going. Like, maybe about twenty
minutes, we give it that? Oh my gosh, stay there. Actually, look up right, slow. You’re wearin the hat. You’re wearing the sombrero, look. The cardboard cut out, Homer Sim– Let’s divert from that
and do something I feel, I’m quite confident will work. – Okay. – Um, you make caramel
primarily with sugar and cream but also there’s a hack where you can get some condensed milk, which is the tin here
from the super market, pour it into a microwave proof jug. Microwave it for,
apparently, five minutes. It might vary depending on
your wattage of microwave, ours is 800 watts. That will give us
instant, pourable caramel. – [Mrs. B] Oh, oops. – It did say five minutes. So let’s give it that. – Oh please, that’s a new microwave. Let’s not ruin the new microwave. – [Barry] What’s that, yeah, actually, this is a brand new microwave,
I didn’t tell anyone that. This is actually the same model. We got a new one cause I kind
of destroyed the top of it. Oh my gosh, oh shit! It’s black! Sorry bout that. Oh wow, might need a
bit more time on it now. – [Mrs. B] Why? – [Barry] I don’t know. I don’t know what we’re doing really. It’s all a bit of a guess,
isn’t it? Oh my gosh. – [Mrs. B] What happens if it’s too. I think we’re gonna keep stopping it. – [Barry] Well, yeah but
it’s gonna burst again. – Well, what do we do if it does that, put it in a bigger bowl? – [Barry] That’s like the
end of a Eastenders episode, I’m waiting for the do, do, do, do. I don’t know. But my point is it’s gonna brown soon but then I think that brown thing is getting very close to
being burnt very soon as well. In other words we might
need a new microwave again. What we thinking? – Is it meant to be golden brown? – Well, it’s meant to
be brown, it’s caramel. Well we do have a low wattage microwave. Yeah, keep going, keep going. We haven’t exactly given it a fair crack of the whip have we? – A few minutes? – [Barry] Yeah. What the heck? – It’s bubbling. – [Barry] Well that’s
good, we want it to bubble. Oh, look, there’s a little patch there. – [Mrs. B] Oh, do we keep going? – [Barry] Yeah, let’s go. That is the first traces. It’s the first traces of caramel. – Okay. (laughing) – [Barry] Yeah, you don’t care. Ah, go on then, straight in there. Stir that around. – [Mrs. B] Oh, look. – [Barry] Oh my gosh. – Jesus, that’s like a, like, a really, really weird texture. – [Barry] That is like burnt rice pudding. – [Mrs. B] Yeah, I’m
not sure we should of. – [Barry] Whatcha mean
it’s not done, it’s burnt. – What, no it’s not, that’s caramel. – [Barry] That is not caramel. That is toilet waste. It’s suppose to be a smooth caramel sauce. – Look, it’s fine. How long were you meant to put it in for? – [Barry] Five minutes. It’s been in there about eight now. – Maybe we were meant to put
it in for five and then stir it and it would have been nice and caramely. – Nah it said five and then good. – Just like that? Five, good.
– [Barry] Yeah. – It’s hot. – [Barry] Did you pick that up? – No I just stick my
finger in it to taste it. – [Barry] Why?! – Just that really hurt. – [Barry] Are you okay? – No. – [Barry] All right, don’t worry back cause your caramel’s ready. Oh, my gosh, no. No, no, no, that is all kinds of wrong. Look at that. Disgusting. – [Mrs. B] I think it would
work. I think it was us. – I think you’re right. But I think it, why is the video saying
five minutes leave it when– – Maybe it was, we were meant to because when I stirred it before all underneath was brown, it
didn’t look brown on the top. – Yeah. Just realised that the
meatballs are still in there. Hey, at least they’re gonna be done. The meatballs are ready. We pretty much forgot about em. Look at these. So good. – Can you see the fat? – I can, look, it’s all
absorbed in the box, yeah. That’s brilliant. Yeah. So whist that shenanigans
has been happening this is reduced down considerably. – Well it has cause now
you can see the potato, see what you mean. I turned it over and the
side that was in the soup was soft but the other side was rock hard. – Okay, if it’s rock hard that means it’s not gonna
absorb as much of the salt, is it really?
– No. – Cause it needs to be– – Needs to be?
– Shall I test some? Oh my God. No. Yes, do definitely keep that simmering up. In fact, we probably slice
that potato into quarters so it cooks down quicker. I think it needs to be
really softened through. If that’s gonna work. That still tastes just as bad. I feeling very confident
about these meatballs though. I’m gonna like, pick
one right out right now. Mmm, yeah that’s good. Cook through, nice. I like that there. That’s pretty clever. – I think so. – I don’t know if we’d ever do it again. And I can’t taste the packaging either. All right so this is the last one whilst we see if that simmers down and becomes slightly less salty. What do you think? I don’t think it’s gonna work, nope. – I’m not hopeful. – But this last one, have you ever been in
the situation Mrs. B, where you’re like, “I really want to make donuts
but where’s my donut cutter?” – Yes, every day. – Maybe you can do it with your own homemade donut cutter thing. Bear with me. This is a bit weird cause
you need to get a bottle where it’s narrow at the top because you need the narrow bit, okay. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh that was not safe. I’m just gonna get this off first of all. So there you go. We’ve got, okay, a round bit. – That doesn’t look much like a donut. – I know, that’s, yeah, well
done we’ve done a donut. That’s not it, yet, okay. It gets better. What we do is we glue this into that and then you’ve got a ring and
then a, like a, like an egg. I was gonna say something else, look. Ya see? That is a perfect donut cutter. – Oh the donut, I see the donut shape now. – Yeah, you glue this on there. You glue that on there and then this becomes like
your little stamper thing to lift off. So you can just do exactly what
I’ve done with your bottle. – No thanks. It’s a little lopsided. But this first of all,
needs to be glued onto that. – Can I ask a question? – Yes, why are you raising your hand? (laughing) We’re not a school. – Are we, are we making donuts? – We are. – Are we? – [Barry] There you go, so
that goes down on there. Yes, you see, there we go. So now you can see, it’s
all glued and dried. Now you’ve got your little stamper thing that you can pick up. And you got your circle
inside your circle. – I do not think it will work. – One of the easiest ways to make donuts if you’re in an absolute rush,
I mean it’s not authentic, but ready made puff pastry. This does actually work though as a little get out of jail hack because you can fry it and
it’ll puff up a little bit. Kinda like a cronut. – I’ve never seen this before. – Well I’ve never done it
before but it does work. – Okay. – I saw it on the internet,
just like all these hacks. What could go wrong? Here we go. It’s not gonna be the
most accurate shape donut. You could see how it could workish. Maybe not. – I mean I just, take this bit out? – I don’t know what we’ve done. The middle bits enormous. That’s why I thought the bottle lid and that’s not what the hack told us. We’ve done what the hack said. Yeah. It’s a donut.
– It’s a donut. – But the actual donut hole is bigger than the actual donut itself. – Yeah but you’ve got two types of donuts. – Yes, that’s exactly what we’ve done. I mean it is kind of working. We’re making weird shapes and stuff. But I’ve got a little
pan here with the oil. We’re just gonna shallow fry them and just hopefully make em work. That’s quite a lot of middle for a donut. I wonder if we should fry those as well. – [Mrs. B] I think so. – Look, they’re softened now. If we leave that anymore the
potatoes gonna go into the soup and I’m seeing traces of burn mark. Oh my gosh. The potato will go into the soup and it’ll just taste
like mashed potato sauce. So I’m literally gonna
lift out the potato. I’m gonna test that. I’m gonna see if that’s salty itself, if it has absorbed anything. That’s one way to really test it, I guess. Oh, wow. – [Mrs. B] Looks like an onion ring. – [Barry] It does, doesn’t it. All right, so we’re just making
a very base cinnamon sugar. I gonna think these are
more like churros, actually. But I mean, it’s the same sort of concept. And over here, we’ve got
our donut frying away. I think we can dunk this
now, let’s have a look. It’s got a nice colour on it. Straight in the cinnamon sugar. Oh, is it burnt? No that’s the cinnamon.
– No that’s the cinnamon. – Woooo, this is fun. Oh, this is got some good colour on it. Yeah, let’s just get one
of these on there as well. Look at that. That’s fun. Okay, so with them
slightly more drained off. Little rush around in the cinnamon. – [Mrs. B] Oh nice. – Look at that, that is awesome. Okay it’s time for a bit
of pleasure and pain. I feel like this is gonna
be the pain bit first. Go on then. It’s not a cake, blowing out the candles. – It tastes like I’ve swallowed the sea. – It’s not good. – That has not worked. – No, oh my God. How did you even no even
react more than that. Oh my, that’s disgusting. That is literally like
getting a whole tub of salt and going agrf. – That’s horrible. – But, let’s just do a little test to see if the potato tastes of salt. Yes it does. – Does it, wow. – Yes it does, wow. – So maybe there was (laughing). – Try that. – No thank you, I believe you. – It’s just like someone’s got a chip and just completely
dumped salt all over it and it’s over seasoned it. Wow. Anyway we’ve got something
much nicer than that, we have got. – We made pastry donuts. – We’ve never done this before. This is exciting, this
could be a new thing. I’m gonna try a little round one, one of the holes. Do you want one? Oh, no, cause you’ve
eaten three off camera. – Two, only two. – Two, whilst I nearly burnt myself. – I do feel a bit sick. They do taste like those donuts
that you buy at the fair. – Yeah, that’s worked really, really well. It’s like a confused pastry. But as a hack, a lot of people
that as a get out of trouble to make emergency donuts. And that’s pretty good.
– They are good. – A lot less salty than the soup. Another batch of hacks
done and in the bag. I think there’s a couple that if we did what we
thought we could do, like the caramel one
with the condensed milk, if we did stir it. Not like what the video told us to do. It possibly would have worked better. – I think so. – I’m trying to think of one that was, I mean the donuts were okay. They taste amazing. – The meatballs, I was
really shocked at that. I didn’t ever think you could do that. – The meatballs and if
you got a lot of patients, the egg one, maybe oil it slightly. It’ll kinda work. But the meatball was
probably the best one today. – I think so. – If you wanna see some even worse ones check out the rest of the playlist. But the last video we did,
they’re actually pretty good. There was a few interesting ones on there. If you seen any other
hacks do send them in. Do have a Barathon and
subscribe if you’re not already. And well we got some soup to eat. Blahhh. ♪ Check your level player ♪ ♪ No matter what your style ♪ ♪ The kitchens for me, ♪ ♪ sideburns, moustache,
goatee maybe or three ♪ I’ve done what the
internet’s told me to do.

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  20. The potato hack does work if you’ve over seasoned – it’s osmosis – the salty water in the soup moves to the non salty water into the potato.

    It won’t however get rid of salt WHEN YOU POUR THE CONTENTS OF YOUR SALT CONTAINER into your soup

  21. So for the sweetened condensed milk caramel does work. However. We always make it on the stove. We let a small pot of water boil slowly and on a low heat. We vent a can of sweetened condensed and then stick the can in the water and let it go. We use it on top of ice cream.

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  29. Maybe you can cut the plastic bottle in the middle, use it to cut the round shape, flip it, and use the narrow side to cut the inside. No need to glued anything.
    And I think the potato and soup one failed because you put too much salt in it 😅

  30. To make the caramel, you boil the condensed milk. Remove the label and make sure there is no glue left on the can. Put the can in a large stock pot on the stove. Cover with water to At least 2" above the can. Then bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 3 hours. Shut everything off and allow the water to cool completely before removing the can. Removing an opening prematurely can cause the can to explode. Once out of the water you may open and enjoy. If it is too thick put in a heat safe bowl over simmering water and Stir in a little milk to thin it out.

  31. If you are getting your hack ideas from any videos from Blossom, STOP. Many have been proven to be staged and will never work. You’ll end up injuring or poisoning yourself.

  32. the soup hack won't work because as you reduce it down you lose moisture content and concentrate the saltiness, so even if the tater absorbs some salt the saltiness of the soup won't necessarily go down

  33. Hey Barry! The reason the potato hack didn't work was because as the water in the soup reduced it left a higher concentration of salt. For example if you tried to boil sea water you would just get salt. The potato is gonna absorb water first because it's a liquid unlike the solids in the salt

  34. I think you were supposed to keep the condensed milk in the can and microwave it. JUST KIDDING!! PLEASE NOBODY TRY THAT! Seriously you are supposed to keep it in the can and boil it in water covering the can for 2 hrs.

  35. On my mother's side of the family. They make garlic bread this way: buy baguette (2)cut into slices (3) butter the slices with your garlic butter concoction (4 ) put loaf back together and put into a brown paper bag (5) wet the bag on all sides (6) put into pre-heated broil oven with oven rack closest to heat source (7) pull loaf out when paper bag is dry and starting to scorch. (8) now pig out on delicious garlic bread!!! The steam makes it perfect.

  36. i dont comment on vid often but NOPE to the laidle poached egg.. the best way is to use some cling film in a cup (pressing film into the cup ) add a little oil to the film add egg some seasoning then tie up and drop into water 🙂 a long winded way but only way i do.. works and always pretty much perfect 🙂

  37. If you want milk caramel from a condensed milk can, just put the whole can overnight with water in a slow cooker or in a pressure pot with water for 1 hour

  38. Onions make your eyes sting & water becauae they release a chemical that is attracted to moisture, like the surface of your eyes or even the lining of your nasal passages, & actually turns into a very weak for of sulphuric acid when it mixes with said moisture.
    The bread cam work, but only untoasted so it's still moist. I've done the same thing while chopping particularly strong onions with a damp paper towel held in my mouth & it does help quite a lot.

  39. The potato works…I use that hack alot but you need more then 1….use like 3 to 5 depending on the size and the amount of food if that makes sense

  40. You can actually boil the whole can of condensed milk in a pot of water for about 20-30 minutes and it will be caramel

  41. I don't know if you know this but, when your cutting a onion and your eyes sting. If you put your wrist under cold running water the stinging goes away. 👍X

  42. Oh hey, Mrs. Barry is apparently an anime girl now. They are always running around with a piece of toast hanging out of their mouths.

  43. hi about putting the potato in the soup you have to fully cook the potato in the soup then liquidize it but you need more potato for the amount of salt you threw in. cos in fairness if you over salt soup your not going to over-salt it that much. cos if u pour in that much by mistake your going to spoon out as much as possible so then that 1 potato would of been enough but it have to be liquisuzed..

  44. I would not have ruined the whole pan of soup, just took out a bit of it and then added the salt. No need to waste such a large quantity of good soup for a kitchen hack.😉

  45. Barry I learned in my cook book from a school that if you freeze your onions a little bit they wont make you cry and you can run it under cold water it said to but i dont see that working as well. So chill your onions first!

  46. You glued the top off the bottle into the bottom wrong use the small part youd put your mouth on as the center of the doughnut. Then it would make the circle more even

  47. I think the potato hack probably would work if you accidentally over-seasoned something rather than the lid fulling off and quite so much going in. You'd probably need a who tub of potatoes to absorb all the salt you put in! 😮

  48. My nan simmered the whole can of condensed milk in a pan of water, no idea how long, it made a butterscotch type sauce, tasted awful but condensed milk is so not my thing!

  49. Potato hack does work but you had too much salt for that one potato to absorb it. If you had just accidentally over salted by a little it would have worked.

  50. Put a stainless steel tablespoon in your mouth while chopping onions, i do this all the time and it works. Also if you have onion or garlic on your hands run your hands under running water and rub any stainless steel over your hands and it will remove the onion or garlic smell. You can actually buy a bar of stainless steel for this purpose.

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