Kona Brewing Co. “Sad Hour”

Kona Brewing Co. “Sad Hour”

Dear Mainland, aloha. My brother and I wanted to talk to you about your happy hour custom. How come just one hour? Maybe, you make one hour sad hour and the other 23 happy. Now we’ve all got work, but is all that spreadsheet time more important than this time? We know when you should do that spreadsheet. Sad hour. Thanks, Auntie. One life, right? don’t blow it. Mahalo.

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  1. OMG so authentic!!! LAHV it. Please learn a lesson from this, people who choose the fake accents for El Pollo Loco and Outback ads. Cheers Kona!

  2. Seriously, White people suck at relaxing. We think the height of civilization is slaving away, becoming "more productive" and "getting the most out of our time". What if getting the most out of your time is really to do LESS but put your heart in to it?

    Seems like everyone else in the world takes it at a slower pace and they are happier and have less health problems.

  3. What are they eating on those 2 paper plates? It looks like macaroni salad, a chicken katsu, and a fried egg.

  4. Awesome.  Now succeed from the union so we don't have to finance your lazy ass life. 

    Seriously…looks awesome, but live in poverty if you choose to be a beach bum.

  5. How come jus one hour?  Enjoy braddah!  BTW..you guys did an an awesome job!
    Mahalo nui fo da Aloha.

  6. Your ads are the best part of tv here on the mainland. I miss local kine attitude and humor, and you guys nail it every time. Plenty alohas and mahalo.

  7. Awesome. One comment: ditch the word "mainland" and it'd be perfect. Kingdom of Hawai'i has no "mainland."

  8. When you actually stop listening to your happy song to search for the commercial that played first, that's one awesome commercial!! Thanks guys, Mahalo (even learned something)

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