Kookvlog: pad thai en sticky rice met mango – vlog #629

Kookvlog: pad thai en sticky rice met mango – vlog #629

Best pad thai ever! Matijn’s video diary Welcome to the cooking vlog. Today we are in sun-drenched Thailand. I was going to say Chiang Mai, but we took a train
from Chiang Mai to the village of Pa Sao. And here, with the help of the Smart Cook Thai Cookery School, we’re going to make two quintessential Thai dishes. Pad thai, stir-fried noodles in Thai style, and sticky rice with mango, which is just sticky rice with mango. But first we’re going to hear about typical Thai herbs and vegetables, used in Thai cooking. How you seen this before in Thailand, this flower? In the tea?
– Yes, in the tea. We use it for making colour and some taste, flavour in the dessert. Thai eggplant, or aubergine. Oh yeah.
– Looks different from your country. Can you see how they look different? This is the normal lime, and this the kaffir lime K-a-f-f-i-r Do you know the fruit called bergamot? Yeah.
– It’s like bergamot, yeah. The green one is the young papaya, it is raw. If they are green, it means they are very young. Sour tasting or bitter. But when they turn yellow or orange, they’re older: sweeter and riper. Ok, this way please. Now we’re going to make pad thai. These are garlic chives, and we’ll cut these into pieces of… About three centimeters. Like that…
– And put them on the bean sprouts. Egg, chicken, tofu, and shallot. The shallot you cut into thin slices. We’re going to cut it into very thin slices. Bram… Do you know how to say “spicy” in Thai? Phet.
– Phet. Ooh, small! Very good!
– Too small? That’s ok. We’re going to make pad thai sauce. First, you add the dried shrimp. Dried shrimp. And then you add tamarind sauce. One tea spoon. Yeah. After that, you add the fish sauce. This is the oyster sauce. Made from oysters, salt, sugar, and tapioca flour, mixed together. In your bowl, ok. And then… sugar. Adding some sugar… And then, mix, mix your sauce. Done. Easy. Gaeng khiao wan gai
(Green curry with chicken) Very good, yes. I like your accent. Ok, first now, you add the soy bean oil. About… “song chon” “Song”…
– “Song” is two. Yeah, two. One. And two. So, we’re going to make pad thai, that is the quintessential Thai dish.
– Just wait until the oil is hot. Ok, now you put the tofu and shallot in. And stir, stir. Keep stirring. Keep smiling when you’re cooking! And fry your chicken until it’s white. And then… Wait a sec. We wait until the egg white is cooked. When the egg white is cooked, you can scramble.
– So now? Just a moment. Yeah, perfect. Scramble now. If your egg is cooked, you mix everything together. Noodles first, and then the sauce on the noodles. And we add water, about one small bowl. Ok, may I borrow this from you? I will show you how to do it. Use one corner of your spatula, like this. Spin around. Put your noodles on the heat, like this. Egg on one side. Ok, scramble. Until your noodles turn soft and crunchy. Hard work, hard work! Be strong, I know you’re hungry. And then you flip the noodles again. Make sure the other side is cooked enough. And you scramble. Ok now, put the bowl in place. Four… Three… Two… One.
Happy New Year! And then we’re going to say “Enjoy your meal” again. Enjoy! Enjoy!
Wow, amazing! Best pad thai ever! And?
– Tastes good. So now it’s time for sticky rice and mango. That is the quintessential Thai dessert. Or rather, it is what all the tourists eat. And it consists of… Sticky rice. And mango. The sticky rice is bigger size than normal rice. And it has a more clear white colour. And the texture is thicker, and tough. After we’ve cleaned it, we soak it in cold water, for a long time. What did you do, Bram? I picked some flowers. Butterfly bean flowers. These add a blue colour to your rice. You can also use them to dye your hair. When your hair has turned grey and you want it to get that nice black colour back. Or you can use it to make tea. You’re ging to boil the flower first, to bring out the colour. Ok, now please add coconut milk, in here. Just one big spoon. One spoon. And then turn on your gas to medium heat. Blue is coming out. Ok, now we add the salt. Just a pinch of salt, a tiny bit. After that we add sugar. Thai sweet or Dutch sweet?
– Eh, normal sweet. Normal? Right. You see? We’re going to make the blue colour now. Ah, beautiful colour. Ok. One big spoon of rice. Squeeze. Like this. Lovely! Oh my God! This is like a rice? Or what is it?
– No, it’s beans. We fry them to make them crispy. Wow! Tasty! Yummy! So, that’s the end of the cooking vlog. I really enjoyed it and I hope you did too. Next time I will just make something plain and Dutch again, like ‘hutspot’. And I might just cut my fingers again, you never know. See you next time! Bram, you’re drewling! Now we decide how sexy you are. Let’s see. One chili for baby sexy. Five chilis for Thai spicy. You are a doctor, a professor. A bit too spicy, Bram? It’s ok, it’s ok… Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

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  1. Top top top vakantie hebben jullie volgens mij en hoe leuk een lokale kookvlog!! Super leuk ook hoe die meneer Nederlands probeert te spreken!! ❤️😘

  2. Dat zag er lekker uit, op de kip na 😉 Wanneer worden de vlogkijkers uitgenodigd voor een etentje? Hoe lang zijn jullie er trouwens nog?

  3. Een ideetje voor de volgende (?) kookvlog: ipv de toeristische sticky Rice een toetje wat ze écht in Thailand eten 😉😎
    Het zag er weer heerlijk uit! En spicey 😁

  4. Leuk mannen, zelfs hier in Maranza Italië waar je ook super lekker eet. Met spanning wachten op de volgende vlog. En

  5. Leuke vlog en wat een aparte vakantie, taal van het land leren en paar van hun gerechten maken is toch wat anders dan een stad verkennen

  6. Bram nog nooit zo voorzichtig en zorgvuldig met eten (en mes!) om zien gaan, op wie wilde je indruk maken? 😅

  7. Maak je maar geen zorgen Matijn, om het geflirt van de kookleraar! Ik denk namelijk dat Bram uiteindelijk wel pad thai kiest voor jou 😘

  8. keep smiling while you are cooking hahaha, dé tip voor bram. is het erg dat ik dit de leukste kookvlog vind tot nu toe? ☺️ leuk ook hoe hij ‘bram’ uitspreekt!

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