Korean Girls Tried [Mamee Chef] for the First Time!!! |Blimey

Korean Girls Tried [Mamee Chef] for the First Time!!! |Blimey

100 thoughts on “Korean Girls Tried [Mamee Chef] for the First Time!!! |Blimey”

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  2. You guys make me feel hungry right now. 😂😂😂 Tak pernah lagi rasa megi perisa lontong tu. Sedap ke??? Im curious. 😅 Terliur tgk dorang makan duh. 😂

  3. I recommend you guys to try "maggi pedas giler". It is new product of maggi and going on viral in malaysia 🤗🤗

  4. I have always love when these two girls trying to make sense any malay words with their basic knowledge of malay language 👍🏼👍🏼 and they (almost) always succeed 🤣

  5. You can go eat some chinese food at china town too! For Example ,Chicken rice,I think there is rice ball or even snacks maybe

  6. For me I feel like only the tom yam flavor is the most special to me xD the others are okay, not really the flavor that i want instant oodles i guess

  7. Thanks to BLIMEY,They have complimented Malaysia's food,.I am very proud of the Korean people who make videos using Korean-famous foods. Malaysia is very grateful to all Koreans

  8. Kita yg Malaysian ni pun tak habis merasa lagi maggie2 yg ada 😂

    Kenapalah aku dok tengok channel mereka memalam begini 😭😭😭😭

  9. Out of all Mamee instant noodle flavors, Ive never tried Lontong. Huhuu..I wonder if it tastes like the real lontong. my fave one is curry. Sooooo rich in flavor

  10. i immediately went out to buy mamee chef after watching your video lol. i didnt know it tastes this good!!! what i've done in these past years?

  11. One pack of mamee chef will make me really full😂.
    I'm so impressed that you guys can eat more than one pack of noodles.
    I guess Malaysian portion is much smaller than Korean portion

  12. Taik..aku menyesal beli masak 2bungkus makan pun tak lagi try rasa kuah guna sudu tengok2 macam hanat rasa panas2 api dapur pun tak tutup lagii aku buang dalam sink yg lagi 2 tak masak lagi dalam tong sampah la kau..baik aku makan maggi kari cintan

  13. Hi Jade!!!! Since you love tom yum flavour. Have you try Ruski Tom Yum instant noodles? The taste is quite good. You should 😊

  14. Mamee chef actually have one more series, Mi kari Seribu Rasa. But nowaday i didnt see it anymore. Maybe already halt production. But it really good. My fav.

  15. 1:26 the noodles and broth will be oxidized by the oxygen in the air. I didn't know if it would make the noodles chewier, but it surely will make the broth tangier and tastier. Same with coffee. It's tastier if you pour it higher from the cup, letting it getting oxidized.

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