Kushikatsu Recipe (Deep-Fried Skewered Meat and Vegetables with Special Sauce) | Cooking with Dog

Kushikatsu Recipe (Deep-Fried Skewered Meat and Vegetables with Special Sauce) | Cooking with Dog

Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” Konnichiwa. Today, we are making Kushikatsu, a specialty dish in Osaka. It’s a fun dish where the ingredients are skewered and deep-fried. First, let’s make the sauce. Combine the Japanese Worcester sauce, okonomiyaki sauce, tomato ketchup, and water. Stir to mix thoroughly. You can also enjoy the kushikatsu with salt and sudachi citrus fruit. Next, let’s make the batter. Combine the egg and cold water in a bowl. Thoroughly beat the mixture with a balloon whisk until the egg white loses its consistency. Sieve the flour into the bowl. You can use all purpose flour or cake flour. Alternatively, combine tempura batter mix and water without using the egg. Mix the batter until all the pockets of dry flour have disappeared. Let’s prepare the ingredients. Make numerous shallow cuts in the beef steak to tenderize it. Flip it over, and make cuts on the other side. Lightly season it with salt and black pepper. Dice the steak into 2 cm (0.8″) pieces. Skewer 2 pieces of beef with a bamboo stick. This cut is beef round but sirloin or tenderloin can also be used. Leave a slight gap between the meat to help it cook well. These long peppers are called Amanaga peppers. The peppers may burst in hot oil so make sure to pierce them numerous times along the flesh with a bamboo skewer. You should also pierce the cherry tomatoes to keep them from bursting. Skewer each pepper with a bamboo stick from the stem end to the tip. Amanaga peppers don’t have any pungent taste and have a distinct refreshing flavor. Snap off the root end of the asparagus spear. Peel off the firm skin from the bottom part so that you can boil, or use it in stir-fried dishes. Skewer the asparagus spear with a stick. Slice the onion into 1 cm (0.4″) slices. From the outer layers, skewer the onion with a wooden pick. To keep the layers from separating, skewer it with another pick from the other side. Be sure to remove the picks before you enjoy the kushikatsu to avoid hurting yourself. We have 7 additional ingredients; prawns, scallops, fresh shiitake mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, eggplants, and camembert cheese. Please check out our shrimp egg tendon video for how to prepare the prawns. Let’s deep-fry the kushikatsu. As shown, this is the desired consistency of the batter. If it is too thick or heavy, add a small amount of water to adjust it. First, start with the vegetables. Coat each ingredient with the batter. Ladling the batter over the ingredients will help to coat them evenly. Drop off the excess batter. Then, cover the ingredient with panko, Japanese breadcrumbs. Heat the vegetable oil to 170°C (338°F) in a pot. The amount of oil should be enough so that the ingredients are half-submerged. Lightly press the panko to firmly attach it to the ingredients. Place the amanaga pepper, asparagus spear, and onion into the oil. Don’t touch them until the surface firms up. When the batter is slightly browned, flip them over. Deep-fry until deliciously golden brown. Thoroughly remove the excess oil and place the kushikatsu onto a cooling rack. Let’s cook the other ingredients; the fresh shiitake, cherry tomato, eggplant, and camembert cheese. Remove the moisture on the surface of each ingredient thoroughly before coating with the batter to keep the oil from popping. Be sure to thoroughly coat the cheese with the batter and firmly attach the panko to it otherwise the batter may fall off and the melting cheese can leak into the hot oil. You should cook the vegetables first before the oil absorbs the odors of the meat and seafood. And now, let’s deep fry the beef, prawns, and sashimi-grade scallop. The ingredients of kushikatsu are small so you should choose finely ground panko. Finely ground panko goes into the gaps of ingredients and firmly attaches together. This will help deep-fry the kushikatsu evenly and create a light, crispy texture. You can also grind regular panko with a food processor or crumble it into smaller pieces in a plastic bag. Meat and seafood easily become tough so deep-fry them at a relatively high temperature, about 180°C (356°F) for a shorter time. The beef and scallop are tender and delicious at medium rare but you can cook them as you like. Kushikatsu is a specialty dish in Osaka, and many food bars and restaurants specialize in this dish. Be sure not to dip your kushikatsu in the sauce twice because you are sharing the sauce with other customers. Double-dipping is considered bad manners and unsanitary. Bet Kushikatsu goes excellent with beer. A pity no beer today. If you want to dip the kushikatsu more than once, scoop the sauce up with a slice of cabbage leaf, which is usually served as a free condiment. If you are cooking it at home, you can dip it as many times as you want if your family or friends don’t mind it. Good luck in the kitchen!

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  1. Happy new year, Chef! Thank you for another wonderful recipe. I hope the coming year brings you lots of joy and happiness!

  2. Love this show! make me think of my good time I had travelling in japan some years ago. Now I know how to make this at home and maybe arrange some small party with this (Still have an urge to do cuisinary tour @ Osaka again lol)

    Thank you and Happy New Year!

  3. 久しぶりに拝見しに来ました!


  4. Chef I love your videos so much! I remember watching The Melonpan video because I was obsessed with the stuff, (still am too), watching you cook has always brought me great joy and I hope you cook for many years to come! Love your work! Take care

  5. A tip for an ingredient to use: Mochi. You know these hard mochis which are for cooking? Fry them as a kushikatsu skewer. I had one of these in Osaka and it tasted amazing. Maybe you will need to cook them a bit beforehand so you will get it onto the skew?

  6. It looks delicious! I love the tips about courtesy added at the end too, it’s always good to let people know about proper etiquette when sharing with others 🙂 someone get chef a beer!!

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    So sorry to hear about Francis!😯. Our sharpei , Sack, our first dog, also left 6 months ago, and we still miss him dearly.
    I love the way you explain and prepare your food. This will be my first Japanese dish .
    Love and regards from Guatemala

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    While Francis will always be in our hearts, I hope you'll find another canine host not to take Francis' place, but to continue bringing joy for us fans of your channel 🙂

    I wish you well and please keep up the great work!

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    あります。やっと今、chef のはじめの話がわかりました。キセキだなっと思っています。

  25. this channel allows me to cook delicious food for my friends and family. arigatou gozaimasu! kushikatsu oishisou!

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