Kyle Clark’s commentary on dogs in breweries

Kyle Clark’s commentary on dogs in breweries

One stinkin’ complaint.
One verified complaint about a dog at a brewery. That is it.
Some thoughts tonight on Denver’s recent decision to crack down on dogs at breweries.
The city health department will start enforcing a rule that bans dogs from breweries outside
of specially designated areas outside. Breweries – which widely welcome dogs now
– will get warnings at first – then fines up to $500.
That even applies to breweries that don’t serve food.
Full disclosure now: I visit Denver’s breweries. I have a dog.
I love my dog. I don’t bring my dog to breweries.
I don’t care if you bring your dog to breweries. I do have mild allergies to some dogs.
But not my dog. My dog’s name is Porter.
Like the beer. And he’s the best boy.
The city’s struggle to explain why dogs at breweries are such a pressing health issue
made it pretty clear this was a solution in search of a problem
Previously, Denver health inspectors only came knocking if someone complained about
a dog at a brewery. So we filed an open records request and learned
there has only been one founded complaint about a dog at a brewery in the last three
years. One dog.
Sitting on a table at Jagged Mountain Brewing. You can understand why they don’t want that.
There were a few other unsubstantiated complaints. Three, in all.
That’s in three years. Some brewery patios are virtual petting zoos
for dogs – and there’s been one verified issue in three years.
So perhaps instead of increased government enforcement – we might just try discretion
and courtesy for a year or so. People – don’t bring your dog to the patio
if it’s a jerk. If it’s bothering someone or their allergies
– just give them space. Lots of space. And if you’re a Denver health inspector who
spots a dog lying at someone’s feet outside causing no trouble at all on a patio…
What do you say we just let it lie.

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  1. Amen I like the way you think. can't we all just stfu and get over ourselves??? news flash there's bigger problems in the world than this

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