Kyle Lowry Roasts His Teammates and Their Lookalikes with Taylor Rooks 😂

Kyle Lowry Roasts His Teammates and Their Lookalikes with Taylor Rooks 😂

Do you know this person? Actually, I do know who that is. That’s Jalen Ramsey. My question is do you guys look alike? I want to know what you think. No, I disagree – There’s definitely some similarities.
– I have chin hair. I have low hair. This is like three years ago So you’re just blind to it? Nah, I don’t see it Who is this? Jo- Jo- Travis Kelce But you almost said it was Jonas He almost said Travis Kelce was Jonas But this is uncanny That is kinda weird Are there any differences? One probably speaks really good English, and one doesn’t You have to see this, too Nah No First off, you thought that it was Jonas No, I did not – You thought it was Jonas and not Travis
– I know who that is. I looked at the background. What do we think of this? That is. That is. That is Good hair and bad hair That’s a good grade. That’s a bad grade. Danny He needs something. Danny needs a little something there. Miss Jessie’s soft and curl Twins Twins Listen, where the Danny picture? Where Danny picture at? Put Danny up there So now they all look alike – alike
– Look at that. It’s uncanny. They all look alike. I’m sorry. This is just like the last Jalen and Kyle photo I’ll show. I just. I’m just curious Nah, not even close. No, seriously. Not even close.

60 thoughts on “Kyle Lowry Roasts His Teammates and Their Lookalikes with Taylor Rooks 😂”

  1. It's funny when black people talk about "good hair". Yall are born with bad hair lol don't call someone bad hair when yall all have hair like shoe brush lmao

  2. They should've put two pictures of Kyle Lowry together and shown him it and then they could get him when he said that the two pictures look completely different😂😂😂

  3. I always notice that when someone looks the same as somebody that person doesn't see it even though it's so obvious like people say I look like this one friend I know and I can't see it

  4. Its ight man Jalen Ramsey and you look a like dont trip about it Kyle I know you peeping the comments section to this video, ain't nobody trying to play you out homie

  5. I’m so angry that Kyle doesn’t see that he looks exactly like jalen bruh it’s aggravating 😭😭

  6. We’re still sayin good hair & bad hair🙄really grow up! The interview would have been impressive if she would’ve checked his ass on that! Sis, you dropped the ball on that piece of the interview. What she should have said was so what grade of hair do you have? In response beautiful because that’s what all hair should be described as PERIOD!!!!

  7. Yeah she would def give me prolong eye contact, thus making me fall into infatuation to only find out I was in the friend zone the whole time

  8. Hell yeah him and Jalen look alike why am I just now noticing that wtf 😂😂😂 Been a fan of them for years and didn’t see it

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