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  1. in sport supplements now they put citruiline instead arginine, they came with norvaline and sustamine, does his make a defference

  2. Some might wonder how medications like viagra use nitrous oxide. A weird side effect? A very popular and lucrative use of NOx? Running? Sex? In conjunction with beta blockers, just kidding.

  3. How does it work?

    L-arginine is converted in the body into a chemical called nitric oxide. Nitric oxide causes blood vessels to open wider for improved blood flow. L-arginine also stimulates the release of growth hormone, insulin, and other substances in the body.

  4. Interesting…when taking Citrulline i feel like garbage. I've trialled different doses, food with it etc… But ultimately have stopped using it as i feel like i've been poisoned after taking it. Takes 20-40 odd mins to clear before i can do much. If taken before training i get sweaty and very queezy and more often have to stop till its passed. L-Arginine however i don't get any such symptoms regardless of dose and how i take it. I do feel i've had a very good sleep after taking it at night before bed and wake up with alot of energy. Particually noticable during nights where i've had alot less sleep and normally would be sluggish and tired the next day. Also seemingly after a hard, intense day of training the next day i feel good to go, my joints feel well rested, good energy levels etc…

  5. I don't think I'd use anything the Military studies ….They cannot be trusted to look out for our highest good.

  6. Many of us prefer supplement s to drugs because of the intrusive side effects of drugs. Statins put me in a wheel chair. Two days off the drug and I was walking normally. Supplements are food. I know, poison is in the dose but it's damned hard to overdose on food.

  7. you sound very trust worthy, thank you very much. You don't talk to much, you give a lot of good info. Most of those who talk to much, say not much. You do. Thank you, once more.

  8. My question would be: whether or not it is better to take citrulline, which the body, as some say, turns it into Arginine?

  9. I enjoy your videos. It's called " Night Works " not night watch. .. you are so accurate and clear , I was surprised you misspoke that. I sensed a little resentment too. At any rate you are much appreciated for your work. I have some miraculous photos of a surgical procedure that went bad, then I used Aloe, concentrate . In 24 hours the change was dramatic, Respectfully , KR

  10. Quite Informative. Thanks for sharing the Science behind Nitric Oxide . My experience with L Arginine & L Citrulline has been all positive for someone who was on 3 blood pressure & statin medication. I have seen great improvement in my overall health . Not only does "NO" support your Blood Vessels but it also melt away any cholestrol plague caused by a dysfunctional endothelium. it also prevents blood platelets from sticking together. however it boils down to the quality of the supplements that you use as all supplements are not created equal as well as lifestyle changes of course.

  11. let me get straight to the point… which one is better? I got headache between which one to take… I would use it in training

  12. Thank you for you video. Is it possible that the AC in the room is drying out the air too much and making your throat dry? I notice that this happens to me especially in cars with great ACs. It's a pain when you have a lot to say. Aloha

  13. I have taken a lot of products over the last years initially because I had borderline blood pressure and i didnt want to start BP medications. L citrulline in my personal belief is the only thing that has given me positive results after much experimentation. I tried beet root powder, but it has a terrible taste. I have seen a new product on the market and it is called oxyspark, but im a little intimidated because I hope it doesent have negative side effecst. If I do try it I will report back what I think about it. great channel

  14. one interesting aside with your experience may come from. present study suggest that the l-arginine–NO pathway is deeply involved in ketamine's antidepressant actions and that the downregulation of brain T-NOS, iNOS and eNOS activities contributes to ketamine's antidepressant effects on rats in the FST.

  15. Boil beetroot and mix it with banana and kiwi, garlic , boiled down citruline found in the white part of the watermelon and 3 gs of l argine.

  16. Dark chocolate, 80% or more cocoa solids approximately 30g per day, helps to increase NO….Better still, take it with a pinch of ginger spice and mango or kiwi in the evening. Synergistic combination. Enjoy. X

  17. When taking L-arginine and Citrulline – I've noticed increased endurance and performance when weight training. I am able to get more reps and my respiration is improved.

  18. Dr. Ford Would you cover at some point the reasoning behind the medical advice to not take L-Arginine after a heart attack? https://www.nutraingredients.com/Article/2006/01/04/L-arginine-may-be-harmful-for-heart-attack-patients Doesn't make sense?

  19. I really like your videos. Pure substance, to the bone, no hype. Along with some few others on youtube, you are giving pertinent information that is easy to understand even for a layman.

  20. Thanks for the information.
    I have been taking 3g of l-citruline/malate for a year now. I find it does lower my BP for not more than 8 hours but so do my BP meds. I'm taking for improving circulation in my extremities. I'm seeing some real improvement but because I have other supplements I can't be sure of its individual benefit. I do know that I'm not willing to give it up.

  21. I have a question regarding this..would NOX have a negative impact on varicose veins? If they work as vasodilators, isnt that something you want to reduce if you have varicose veins? Or does the NOX only work in arteries?

  22. Thank you for being a nice guy and not another arrogant doctor. You have a lot to boast about and still seem down to earth. You're not afraid of new ideas or to admit you're wrong . You have strong character .

    Albert Einstein: "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction."

  23. Amino acids are hugely important… After all , the purpose of DNA is protein synthesis… If DNA is important, protein is important and therefore amino acids are important…. And I am AMAZED by peptides even more…

  24. As far as type 2 diabetes, why bother with supplements when it can be reversed? Most people with diabetes can either reverse or greatly reduce their medication simply by reducing their carbohydrate intake. Take a look at the published research Sarah Hallberg has done. https://blog.virtahealth.com/low-carb-research-comprehensive-list/ She is only one of many doctors who are now using a low carb diet to reverse type 2 diabetes.

  25. doc I really love your channel you are my hero , I actually got an ED (am 29) due to over masturbation and I was prescribe nitric oxide to resolve that ,

  26. Dr. Brewer, I saw your videos on arterialsclerosis, and found them interesting. However, I am somewhat concerned about this video. I have suffered from psoriasis since childhood, and have done a good deal of reading of published research papers. I have also done personal trials of many supplements and herbals, in various combinations. The interesting thing bout psoriasis is that you quickly see any negative reaction to a supplement or herbal. You do not need any lab tests. The results are plain to see in from of your eyes.

    I have tried supplementing with both arginine and citruline. Both cause a severe negative reaction, dramatically worsening psoriatic scaling and shedding of the skin. This does not bode well for other diseases with similar altered chemistry, like other autoimmune diseases, cancer, and possibly even arterialsclerosis.

    Why, you might ponder? Well from the research that I have read, symptoms of psorisis are associated with the expression of an enzyme called arginase. This competes with nitric oxide synthase for the supply of arginine. Since citruline is readily converted to argine by the body, the same appears to apply to citruline. The resulting product of arginase acting on arginine is ornithine. Ornithine is a precursor for the creation of polyamines which are apparently what fills cells. The increase in polyamines results in bloated cells, which would be in preparation for cell division, and proliferation. Looking at psoriastic cells under a microscope, you can clearly see bloated cells. So, arginine in the presence of all diseases where arginase is expressed results in increased cell division.

    So what is going on? In autoimmune disease and cancer, the effected tissues are suffering from hypoxia. Hypoxia is low oxygen supply, which results in chemical changes in the effected tissues.

    These chemical changes appear to be very telling. Of interest is that these same changes occur in wound healing, where the rupture of blood vessels decreases the oxygen supply to injured tissues.

    One of the changes is the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF). This is an attempt by the affected tissues to grow blood vessels, to increase the blood supply and so the supply of oxygen. Another change is the expression of arginase, which helps in cell division, to grow new cells, and not just vascular cells. Wound healing also requires the growth of other cells to close the wound and restore normalcy. Inflamation, and an immune response also occur in wound healing, as well as in diseased tissue.

    The implication is that these diseases are a manifestation of a wound healing type response to low oxygen levels. When these actions do not result in an increase in oxygen levels, cell proliferation spirals out of control and you have a disease state, since the body keeps trying.

    Treatments using hyperbaric oxygen have proven to be effective and clears up the symptoms of psoriasis for up to eight months. Hyperbaric oxygen has also been shown to be beneficial for other diseases which have hypoxia as a factor. Further, the Dead Sea is located below sea level and has a 5% higher oxygen content in the air, as a result. Extended visits to the Dead Sea are effective in treating the same diseases. Since Dead Sea salts have not been shown to give the same benefits, it is logical to conclude that the therapeutic factor is the elevated oxygen. due to stress reduction, sun exposure, and higher atmospheric oxygen.

    I have personally experienced situations where increased oxygen has had an immediate effect on psoriais, causing miraculous clearing in just a couple hours.

    Now if you think about it, in wound healing you do not want to dilate blood vessels, since that would result in increased bleeding. So, although nitric oxide synthase is expressed, other factors, such as competing arginase, prevent that from happening. The same seems to be true for those diseases.

    So, one might expect that arginine and citruline supplementation might be helpful in the healing of healthy wounded tissues. With diseased tissue, one can expect a worsening of the disease. I submit to you, that any discussion of arginine or citruline supplementation should be accompanied by a warning for those suffering from these diseases.

    A better approach would be to use the neurotransmitter pathways to dilate blood vessels when that might be therapeutic, for increasing blood supply.

  27. Hello Dr Brewer,

    I discovered Dr Ignarros book," the arginine solution", and another book about niacin in 2002 after a procedure to install several stents. I have genetics from both sides of my family for diabetes and heart issues and thought I had a pretty good lifestyle also.
    I was an engineer at Abbott labs and my wife was also. The high pressure nature of our jobs caused a great deal of health issues.
    I retired in 2002 with health issues and went to the local library with my young children for book reports and found the healthy heart section. Arginine, niacin , alkaline water and a blood type diet, I'm A. All helped immediately. First time in 10 years with no chest pains, which I thought was gas or stress.
    A life changing event.
    I was getting divorced, had left my dream job and struggling with many problems.
    I came to the conclusion that I was ultimately responsible for my own health and made huge lifestyle changes. As a single Dad with the internet at my finger tips laying on the couch recovering from surgery. I began to study all my and family and friends health issues and preach to them. With mixed results.
    Its been over 16 years and I'm still going having recently impressed my cardiologist with a stress test result.
    I'm a little concerned about my 45% blocked carteroid arterys but overall I'm better.
    I have an abdominal aneurysm that's almost 5cm and will require attention soon before I build my last new house this summer but pretty good for 71 years old.
    I build energy efficent houses and cars and teach others how. I give GOD the credit for my life having brought me through a hard childhood, the Viet-Nam war, and maritial hardships.
    I tell folks that heaven doesn't want me and hells afraid I'll take over and that's why I'm still kickin.
    Thank you for your great video series and I hope you touch many lives as you have reaffirmed my research to good health.
    Charles H. Bryan

  28. Very nice information and really enjoyed the video. My brother is a doctor and we talk all the time about these type of things. I actually experimented with L Arginine just the supplement alone and not using any other supplements with it. I had some of the best craziest muscle gain I have ever had. I'm a certified trainer and used to own a gym and have been working out for 19 years now. I started off taking just 2-3 grams a day and then moved up to 9 to 10 grams a day. The strength and muscle size I put on was absolutely insane. People thought I was taking steroids. I think it was due to the improvement of blood flow that allowed more nutrients to flow through the body and it must have stimulated my natural Human growth hormone at those high levels I was taking of Arginine is my first thought. I don't recommend people to do that but it worked wonders for me. I would do that and get off if for a bit and then slowly start upping the dosage again really high. I have been natural my entire life and I must say its the best results I have ever had as far as muscle size and vascularity and my energy levels were really good. Thanks for the video Doc and You might know Dr Eric Westman from Duke. My brother had the privlage to kind of shadow him about the keto diet as well. My brother Graduated a while back from Brody School of Medicine ended up being the highest scoring class they ever had in school history. We come from nothing so I am very proud of him thats the only reason I am mentioning that and your a doctor too.Thanks for the great video SIr!!!

  29. Dear Dr., if you would stop showing those writings, you would do us a great favour. No one can read them the way you show them and distracts our attention to what you are saying. Don't be so insecure, you do not need to justify your arguments that way, there are other ways, like giving us written references to read after your exposition. Thank you!

  30. I have been taking 1000mg of l-Citrulline and 500mg of l-arginine 2tms/day for 3 weeks. I just had my Potassium level tested and it has raised out of the normal range to an unsafe level. My question is this: which has greater effect on raising Potassium levels l-citrulline or l-arginine?

  31. Very good video……..relaxing factors such as beets, arugula, garlic, cayenne pepper also help, and other natural substances…..to open your vascular pipes….thank you Dr.

  32. I had an unusual but not unknown reaction to arginine – I began to have swallowing difficulties. At first I wasn't sure arginine was the cause but I replicated the reaction. Meaning I stopped arginine and the problem went away, then months later tried taking it again – with the same result. Oddly, citrulline does not cause the problem.

  33. Hello again Dr. Brewer,
    I've been following every one of your videos and changing my supplements regimen based on your and many other sources.
    Dr Ignarro wrote a second book called I believe ,"NO more heart disease". Saying to also take L-Cittruline. He added to his previous study ," The arginine solution", saying they work synergisticly and compound the effect. As I had very good luck with his advice in the past, I added this to my daily schedule.
    I of the interesting statements Dr. Ignarro made about L-arginine was power lifters discovered it as steroids were illegal. He stated that the NO would dilate the red blood cells, allow the lactic acid to escape and oxygen to enter increasing the strength of the user. I found this to be true for me as I was recovering from stents.
    I left Abbott after our ethics didn't match on so many drugs and cures, so I'm pro supplements and as per your video I will resume taking statins again to hopefully reduce arterial plaque in carotid arteries and after surgery to repair an abdominal anuersym, step up my strength training.
    I'm sad that Dr Ignarro has caved in to big pharma for profit.
    I'm also disappointed in the Nobel group for awarding the prize to President Obama for a promise that was not kept. It has tarnished his and their image.
    Thank you again for bringing your good news to the masses.

  34. arginine with citrulline stays in your system all day it lowers high blood pressure all day!!! citrulline is the key to mix with arginine

  35. Walgreens has Libido-Max Red which is a nitric oxide performance booster for about $10.99; on sale it's $8.99. It does contain L-Citruline, L-Arginine, Beet Powder , and Black Tea Extract. Serving size is 2 to 4 tablets taken an hour before workouts and sex. Be careful if you have high blood pressure or heart troubles. It does help. I have used it in the morning with my sex partner before she woke up. Took it less than an hour before she woke up and I experienced a hard-on like I had when I was in my 20's. I am 63. Quite a treat for both of us!

  36. Yes it works , but last time i was out , all i could find l arginine with something else , you had to buy 2 so i spent my money on them, the second product causes me to feel aggression and irritability. So i have abandoned them .

  37. I always start with the minimum dose because everybody is is different. I am sensitive to meds and supplements so I don't need much.

  38. What are your thoughts on low carbs higher vegan healthy fats vs higher vegan carbs, low fat with respect to preserving pancreatic function for moderate type two's?. Thanks

  39. Thanks Dr Brewer another great presentation . You have a gracious heart that i'm sure will serve you well . Yours D.C.H. Tauranga New Zealand

  40. I just started adding 1g l-citrolline to the 5g l-arginine to my pre & post gym resistance training workouts. I take it in Premier Protein choc. shake of 30 g protein, 2 net carbs, along with 2g vit C, 30 ml brewer's yeast, hawthorn berry powder, butcher's broom for varicose veins, choline, etc.
    I can tell the increased ease of doing 20 reps on the 8 machine leg workout with full loads.
    I was curious if I was getting desired reduction in BP. But when I tried to measure, reminded that machines often don't read my anomalous pulse SBP correctly. Should read abt 120/80; I want it down to 119/79 or less, just 1mm to get below the range boundary.:-)
    I had T2DM, but so far no eye or kidney damage, but ED. Whereas viagra helps with hydrolics, workout cocktail helps with nerve enhancement and desire stimulation. But then the cocktail has horny goat weed, which is wild.
    I am "untrained", so my experience seems to agree with earlier citrulline article you reviewed.

  41. Hey, nice video. I have question, i recently use some preworkout which has citrulline and creatine, and my hair start to fall off. So i know that creatine can cause loosing hair but i dont know about citrulline since it does almost he same thing increase atp whuch leads to increasing DHT which leads to loosing hair. So am i right? Is citrulline safe for hair?

  42. For arginine to work you need to take at least 5-10 grams per day for it to work,depending on body weight.There is also lcitrulline and lcitrulline maleate in many bodybuilding pre workout supplements.They also include agmatine sulfate,l nor valine,l taurine and other ingredients like beta alanine and betein androdrous, beet root powder extract etc

  43. Looking to this Video explain a lot to what happens to me few days ago, I had heart attack 4 year ago , so I been taking Losartan 100mg (1 time a day) and Metropolol 2 times a day, I been OK, few days ago I got a bottle of L-Citrulline 750mg and start taking 1 pill eveyday in the morning (because I read it help to clean the arterries?), 3 days later my heart when down to +/-42 BPM and night my blood pressure was around 90/60 , in some moments I was feeling very very bad so I stop taking the L-Citrulline and recover, not taking L-Citrulline anymore so I know was the effect of the L-Citrulline plus the Losartan and Metropolol doing that, Make me ask what could happen to some body taking L-Citrulline daily and mixed with Viagra for example could be dangerous?????. Thanks for the Info great work.

  44. My experience with 3 grams a day off and on for over 10 years. It's for athletic performance. I do not see this supplement doing anything for anyone who does not use a lot of the chemical it provides in the body already. I push it past it's current limit so I have seen a need for supplementation. However in 98% of humans there is likely no need to supplement this. Thank you as always Dr.

  45. Really great vids…but Dr, that cough sounds like a Ramapril cough…..have a word with your Doc..keep up the good work…

  46. I enjoy your knowledge, am new subscriber. The alkaline in L-citrulline is effective for me personally to reduce congestion. it also gives me more energy in general. I put 1-2 scoops of it in water — and it it has a pleasant tart taste.

  47. Should we take each supplement separately, or is it okay if we take a pill with both ingredients in it? What's more beneficial?

    Thank you.

  48. hello. looking for information related to the use of MCT oil and l-Arginine together for pre workout. taking 2x 2.5g l-Arginine /day and 2 teaspoons of MCT. are these likely to conflict at all do you know please? been in ketosis for past 6 months

  49. I respond really well with arginine, citrulline, beet juice, and other nitric oxide supplements, but have you ever heard of other side effects other the cardiovascular disease? Example, I experience an annoying rash. Have you ever heard of the body becoming allergic? I took those a long time before I started to get a rash. Another possible solution, are they bad for the liver and/or kidneys, that usually effects the skin 🤷‍♂️any info would be great. Thank you

  50. L-Arginine is fantastic for hard erections it is really helpful. I was ED for 2 years because of low T. Plus I feel good about gain muscles little bit,  I lose muscles badly from years ago because I'm disability…I feel gain help by L-Arginine very positive for me.

  51. Eating four stalks of celery a day will help regulate or bring down blood pressure… although if you are on all kinds of meds I don’t know how well it would work… can’t remember where I heard that, but I have a friend who was dealing with high blood pressure and she said she ate four stalks of celery and she said it brought down her blood pressure quickly. Celery is one that should be organic. Please review the dirty dozen and clean fifteen list when choosing whether to purchase an organic veg.

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