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May 1st, 2015 Here, at Lake Plastiras, Greece, we launched for the first time our new charcoal grill model for multiple grilling. Since then, it has changed a bit, improved on functionality and we’ll carry on. 2019, four years later, it’s now time to name our new grill model “amber.q” this will be its new name that will accompany it from now on! In a few days, our new website will also be launched
(in both Greek and English) where you’ll be able to find the prices in detail for every accessory and model There will also be a blog featuring the recipes in detail and more. Grilling is communication Hello dear friends! Hello from me, too! We’re brothers Mallioras, Andreas and George (Yorgos). Together we construct grills and ovens and on our YouTube channel “Grill philosophy” and also our Facebook page “Greek bbq club” we’re sharing how important is to get together with your friends and family with the excuse of grilling, a nature excursion to have a great time. Here, at Lake Plastiras, in this magnificent landscape, that you can see here from above with the help of little Dimitris, “droneras” as we now call him from now on several grilling that will take place in nature will be also captivated from above so we can share better with you the places we visit for grilling. Happy grilling to everyone! Happy grilling from me as well! So, it’s now time to light the charcoals our company will soon arrive, it’s cold outside today. We’re placing the kindling on top, alcohol soaked cotton because the charcoals light upside down, from top to bottom. Easily, quickly and without smoke. The preparation will take place here, in nature directly. We use gloves, mainly so we won’t have to wash our hands so frequently since the water is limited here. It will be lamb day today but it will be grilled alternatively. The legs will be skewered in the smaller rods. We also have ribs. We will also grill in the spinning grate the back. Grilling begins! With the back parts rotating in the spinning grate and with our vegetables on the side for the first appetizers for our first tsipouro round… The landscape is wonderful, the little ones are already biking around. Others got attached to different companies playing football in a while, we’ll be one large company. That’s the grill philosophy. Good company, and something in rotation. I like it very much when I see young guys with homemade grills, grilling skewers ribs, lamb ribs. Great, that’s great. That’s it. The entire company around the grill. The grill philosophy, warmth and food,
because today it’s very cold here outside. That’s it, well done, guys, bravo! – Thank you! – Always this way, getting together and grilling! Grilling will be the excuse. -The best entertainment! -Yes, that’s it, I’m very happy to hear it. Also, lamb kontosouvli (skewered). The legs, we deboned them and skewered them. Chili peppers eggplants, and Florina peppers. Many grilling ways, we made room for some more rotating skewers a small grilling grate to continue the grilling of eggplants and peppers. And here after this, we’ll be grilling some ribs. Good company and a charcoal grill for every taste. For multiple grilling. Also, Andreas placed some tomatoes on the wide kebab skewers to accompany our lamb. We have many things to grill. Our company is large, we are around 15 people, maybe more. Our table with the first appetizers for the tsipouro is set we have gathered around the table – Cheers, guys! To the next year! The skewers are constantly replaced. Now ribs on the small grilling grate. We continue grilling with mushrooms and small spits and the lamb back is also rotating. They are doing great…but there’s still a long to go. The company should have something to nibble… In the distance, the youth is grilling. Another, very large company next to us is grilling. Grilling is an excuse to get together. Ready to be cut! -I’ve already eaten!
-You’ve eaten, huh? Yes, but some salt with oregano and some black pepper? Is a must.. The best roast. Happy grilling to everyone!

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