100 thoughts on “Latino Dad Cook-Off”

  1. if you at a Mexican bbq you will have the dads cooking carne asada chicken, and cebollas, and tortillas and the moms cooking rice, beans and salsa.

  2. " ojalá que te quemes por animal" the amount of times my dad has said this to me or my brothers is insane 😂

  3. You know it’s a Latino dad grilling competition when they feel like they need more fire y casi quema la Maldita casa

  4. I was born and grew up in Puerto Rico and later on in my life moved to the United States where half of my dominican family lives and i can assure that there is no in between whether Dominican bbq is better than the Puerto Rican bbq because they are both good and kinda similar 😂♥️

  5. Daaaaammnnnnn Gadiel, you took it to heart boo, I felt ya pain tho….im sure your plate was BOMB AF!!!! i wouldn't mind you cooking for me 😜🍱🍹 HONESTLY, in MY OPiNiON, im sure that ALL THREE PLATES WERE BOMB AF, shiiiiiiit, I'll take a scoop/piece of everything y'all cooked!!! INCLUDING THE MAYO-KETCHUP👍👍

  6. You know you're Puerto Rican when you say you're gonna "add the heat" while opening a bottle of Frank's Red Hot 😂

  7. I don’t even care who won, the trash talk that went down during the cook off was my favorite part of the video.🤣🤣

  8. This black bbq momma loves to use sazon too it makes my shrimp and grits really yummy. All of these rookies didn’t know how to keep a fire going 🤣😂🥴And everyone knows bbq sauce only at the end or you will have cajun (burnt) meat.

  9. #certifiedgrillzaddy haha food poisoning is an experience to remember…yeaaah just love puking my guts out lmfao😭😭😂😂

  10. Lol she literally contradicted herself. The dish was supposed to be based on chicken but she wasn’t excited about “just chicken”. Gadiel should have won hands down llf

  11. I'm crying they said gadiel was going to make platanos. And when he said he was making it they acted faked surprised 😆

  12. Are we going to ignore how hot Gadiel is?
    • Can cook
    • Sexy
    • Dominican
    • In the army
    • Polite
    • Bilingual

  13. This had me cracking up! I loved how they busting each others balls throughout the whole thing. You can tell this was a good natured competition.

  14. I love Gadiel. I thought you were gonna win for sure. Maya, come on girl, a chicken sandwich, fries, and macaroni salad. Two out of three of those items were not grilled. I am disappointed.

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