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Hey dudes. I’m Hilah and today on Hilah Cooking I am
not cooking up a recipe for you. I’m cooking up a book. I’m sorry. That was terrible. But I know that you’ve been hearing me like
blab, blab, blab about this Learn to Cook book that I put out last year. It was an ebook and we got so many requests
for a print book. Guess what. It’s here! The print book is here. Look. This is an actual book. This is not a hologram. I’m holding this book. Look, Learn to Cook by Hilah Johnson. This is my book. This is 308 pages of education and information
for you to teach you the adult that you are all the things that you feel like you probably
should know at your age but you just don’t and you’re kind of too embarrassed to ask
because you’re like a 40-year-old man that’s still eating Chicken McNuggets all the time. So anyway the first half of the book covers
like how to make a grocery list, how to figure out what you even want to eat for dinner,
how to not get ripped off at the grocery store, how to not be a dick at the grocery store,
how to cut up plants, how to cut up animals, what the words mean, how to measure crap. Oh, there’s a big section on what to stock
in your pantry for a beginner and then for like next level up there. Then there’s this whole huge spice chart. I’ve never actually seen anything like this
before in a cookbook. I think I pioneered Spice World which is going
to be the name of my store of spices if I ever have one. But anyway, it has got pretty much all the
spices you might see on a regular grocery store shelf, what they taste like, what they
go with and what to substitute for them if you don’t have them. Then also each has included a fun fact because
I tried my very hardest to make this book fun so that you would want to read it. By fun, I mean there are lots of dirty jokes. There are several TMI moments probably and
there’s also little drawings done by Freak Zone, little pictures of things. Oh, wait, there are also pictures of me. He didn’t do those but he did make little
drawing and cartoon things throughout the book. Somehow I can’t seem to land on any of them. Anyway, the second half of the book is all
recipes [0:01:50] [Indiscernible] breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, drinks
including non-alcoholic drinks if you even care about those, including how to make coffee
because come on. Learn how to make coffee, you big baby. And then also food to impress people where
it has like all the potluck stuff that you might want to take to a party or like how
to make some sauces to like jazz up your otherwise kind of boring dinner and then in the back
it has got all these charts for the nerds out there that has like equivalency tables. Oh, there’s also an index. You need that. Oh, and then some troubleshooting in the kitchen. Like what do you do if your gravy is lumpy? What do you do if you made your beans too
burny? What do you do if your mashed potatoes are
too thin? Answers to all of that and more in the Learn
to Cook book. Whoo! So I will put a link at the bottom on how
you can buy it. It’s only 20 bucks and I think that’s
a pretty good deal and yeah, I love it. I’m so excited. I can’t believe that it’s finally in my
hands. I didn’t think I would be this excited but
I’m super excited. So also check out over the next couple of
weeks. We’re going to be releasing a bunch of little
quickie videos that cover like learning to cook basics, like how to mince garlic, how
to carve a chicken and stuff like that. So stay tuned for that. Make sure you subscribe to Hilah Cooking’s
YouTube channel so that you can get all that and yeah. So, yay! Book! I love you, book! I love you people! I kissed the book for the people. Bye-bye.

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