Let’s drink some Beer! | Mountain Brewers Fest

Let’s drink some Beer! | Mountain Brewers Fest

On this episode of Singletracks and Whiskey I eat a doughnut Tyler spins a thing This guy Has a tattoo and.. BEER There are a lot of ways to start your summer,
for me, at least for the last 13 years, it’s been to take the annual pilgrimage to Idaho
Falls on the first Saturday in June, for the Mountain Brewers Fest. Idaho Falls is a small town about 3 hours
North of Salt Lake City. Interstate driving the entire way. It’s a quick drive to one of the best little
beer fests around. The town itself has plenty to entertain for
a weekend away as well. For the last few years we’ve left early
enough to visit the downtown Farmer’s market, set up right on the banks off the Snake River. Plenty of vendors set up here so you can grab
a bite to eat before heading down to Sandy Downs where the Mountain Brewers Fest is held. This is Matt with Singletracks and Whiskey, and welcome to the 2019 Mountain Brewers Fest in Idaho Falls, Idaho. A bit about beer culture in Idaho. It’s booming. So much so, that the governor just proclaimed
May 27th through June 1st Idaho Beer Week. Breweries are popping up everywhere, and they
are pumping out some incredible brews. Which brings us to why we come here every
year. The Mountain Brewers Fest is just special. The entire event is put on by volunteers,
and the proceeds go to numerous local charities. As of June 2019 the North American Brewers
Association has raised over $1.7mil to donate. $40 gets you a through the gate and a sample
cup… after that, you can sample as many beers as you want from local and nearby brewers,
over 100 of them, from noon until 5pm. It’s not just the beer that brings us to
this event. Everyone that attends is here to have a good
time. I’ve never met an unfriendly person here. It’s a giant party, and it’s a hell of
a lot of fun. A few tips to make the most of your time at
this event. Get here early, the line will be getting extremely
long 30 minutes prior to the gates opening. Take advantage of the shuttles that run from
numerous hotels that will bring you to the event and back home, safely. Pretzel necklaces are a great way to reset
your taste buds, after about 15 or so samples… it helps… I promise
Go out of your comfort zone, there are so many beers here to try, this is your chance
to try something new! Talk to the brewers, many of them will be
there, don’t be like me and ask dumb questions… this was late in the day, cut me some slack. Don’t skip lunch… plenty of food vendors
set up to make sure you have something soaking up all of that beer you’ve consumed… and
will be consuming. One last tip, pace yourself, not just for
your health and to limit any potential embarrassment, but towards the end of the day, for those
that stick around, vendors start bringing out their special batches, the award winning
brews. Always in limited supply, you will want to
pick a few and get in line early! It’s here you can get a taste of beers that
few others will be able to get their hands on. I want to extend a huge thank you to Lisa
and everyone at the North American Brewers Association for not only putting this event
on but also giving me the opportunity to share one of my favorite yearly traditions with
you. Another great Mountain Brewers Fest. I hope this video encourages you to join me
here next year. If so, I’ll see you there. Until then, remember to ride hard, have fun
and drink responsibly.

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  1. Great edit, I would say if you can't enjoy yourself there, there's no hope for ya! Thanks for sharing.

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