Let’s Play Overcooked with Celebrity Chefs

Let’s Play Overcooked with Celebrity Chefs

– Welcome to Expert Mode where real-world experts help us navigate your favorite video games. Today we’re playing the cooperative
cooking simulation game, Overcooked. (simple orchestral music) And to help us overcome the
challenges of a busy kitchen, we are joined by cooking experts, Michael and Bryan Voltaggio. The Voltaggio brothers are
chefs, restaurant owners, and cookbook authors. Bryan was a finalist on Top
Chef and Top Chef Masters. Michael was the winner
of Top Chef season six. – Thanks for being here today, guys. – Thanks for having us. – Are you guys gamers? – There’s a lot more buttons
now than what there used to be, so it might be a little
bit more difficult. – I’m not very good at it. I do enjoy it. – Alright, let’s go, one-one. – This is a recipe, right? Three onions make a soup. Is that a common recipe? – Yeah, sure if you’re making onion soup, I guess, I don’t know. – The layout of this kitchen is awful. How do you lay out a kitchen
for maximum efficiency and what is wrong here? – Well, I feel like
running all the way down to that side of the kitchen
to get your cutting board is not efficient. – You shouldn’t have to walk that far in a professional kitchen. Everything should be around you. You know having your mise en
place, everything in its place. – Would you ever have two
people in a kitchen only? – No. (laughter) – You just got another order. Your ticket rail is filling up. – So where do I go? Do I need to wash the dishes now, or no? – No, don’t worry about the dishes. Let’s throw two more
onions in that pot there because you got ’em chopped up already. – Oh, gotcha. – See, you’re working together.
– Yeah, working together. – This is what helps, teamwork. – Yeah. – So, I’m guy with glasses,
I’m going to the board? – Sure! Yeah, I’ll start putting
onions over here for you. – OK, cool. I’m on it. Mise en place chef,
everything in its place. – This is great. – Go all of your ingredients ready. – Yes, thank you. – We’re close, I got the dirty plate. – Awesome, that’s great. – Look at this, we’re
like a well-oiled machine. That’s how you get orders out. – You guys watched us do it first. – Watch this move, I
dropped a dirty plate, – Ooh, take it. – I pick this up. Look at that. Now I come back to the dirty dishes. – I’ve heard things like a chef knowing how to make a good soup, it seems like a very
simple, pedestrian thing, but is it something much more complicated? – I mean when you’re building a soup, you’re building layers of flavor, and so in this particular case, – Onion, onion and onion. – This only has onions, so, it is layers of onions, apparently. – Now we drive the bus to here. – I think it’s a food truck. – We drive a food truck to a restaurant. Now tell me about the efficiency of that. – Just in case everything goes wrong, you have a food truck out back. – So, here’s an interesting situation, have you ever worked in a restaurant where there’s pedestrians
literally walking in the middle of your restaurant? – I feel like that’s a hazard. A lot of food events that
we do are outside like this, where’s there’s people
walking around constantly. – Like food festival-y kind of things? – This is a food festival, Bryan. – Oh, it is. I see. – Normally, this is where
people are asking Bryan if they can take a picture with him. – Hey, get out of my way! – Can you explain a little
about the expediting process? Beause that’s something
I see on cooking shows, but I don’t fully
underdstand how it works. – So when you’re expediting, – [Bryan] I need to put it on the fire. – One person talks in
the kitchen at a time. – That is true. – The chef talks. IN this case, I’ll play the chef. I’m expediting, I’m telling him where to take that food. – Get up out of my way, lady. – Soup’s burning, can you go do that? – Oh yes, got it. – Where is the sink in this one? – They don’t listen to
the chef, they don’t. – Why is the sink all the way on the other side of the kitchen? – Now, the game starts you off with soup. Is there a dish that you started with, that you have a soft spot for? Like, something you grew attached to when you were starting
your cooking career? Or something that like– – I mean, soup is definitely
one that you should start with because it teaches you how
to build layers of flavor. I actually on New Year’s Eve, once, burned all the soup at like
5:45 and we opened at six. – Oh, god! – And it was potato soup. And I actually took the mashed potatoes that we were supposed to use, and blended that into water and served that as the potato soup and it was actually really good. – Whoa! – I’m gonna pass it to you. – Here, here, here. I’m giving it to you, take it, chop it. No, you gotta chop it, chef. – Oh, chop, chop. – On the cutting board there. – Whoa! What’s happening? Why is the kitchen moving? – You’re failing, that’s why. – Now, how often does your kitchen move? – We’re in a boat. Oh, I’ve done this before. – Your soup is burning, – A fire! – The kitchen’s almost on fire! – Get the extinguisher! – Give me the fire extinguisher! – I’m trying, I can’t reach it! – You gotta go all the way around! – Bryan, the whole kitchen’s burning down! – You can hand it to me! (laughter) – This is amazing! – I’m over here dying, right now! – I know, I’m trying to help you! – I’m burning to death right now. – How do I get this out? – I’m trying. – You are the worst brother, ever. – This is insane! Look, I saved you. I saved you. Who cares about the food? – Look at all the orders that we have. This is called being in the shit. – When you’re actually in the shit, how do you get out? Are there tactics for being able to move through orders more quickly? – You have to go ticket by ticket. When you have like a bunch
of tickets on the board, it’s better to just get one out, then get another, then get another. Instead of trying to cook bits and pieces of all the other tickets. So, Bryan, you could do that. – So, stack me up some tomatoes, guy. – I’m pretty sure we just
went out of business. – Oh we got negative two!
– We got negative two! – We did go out of business! – Is there like a disaster in
the kitchen that you remember? That was someting that your
stomach sinks when you realize, oh crap, this happened? – When I was 16, I was in charge
of loading the Thanksgiving turkeys into the slow cooker overnight. There’s two settings. There’s a Cook and a Hold. And I set Hold, but I didn’t set to Cook. So, I put ’em in and basically
these frozen turkeys, it wasn’t really a high-end place, this is like my first job, But, they slowly defrosted, and then overnight, essentially, festered. – Ugh! – [Bryan] Let’s move away
from this nuclear power plant, because I feel like that’s kinda gross. So let’s go this way to
the metropolis over here. – That’s important, though. Location is one of the key elements, – Ooh, this is over by the water, too. – In opening a successful restaurant. – Yeah, exactly. Do you wanna go to the power plant to eat or do you wanna come to this cool city? – Have you ever worked in a restaurant that was a good restaurant,
but shitty location? – Mmm-hmm. – Where was, or you can’t say? – I can’t say. – Mmm-hmm. – You can’t say, mm-hmm. Great. – So, we’re making soup! – So, yeah, but here’s the problem, – I’m giving you tomatoes and you’re going to the
cutting board, chef. – Yeah, but here’s the problem, – Or do I have to bring them
all the way over to you? Come on. – There’s no room to move around here. We’re going to get into each other’s way. – Oh I see what’s going on now. – This is gonna be– – This is gonna be super inefficient. – Rough. – You guys could just
keep walking in a circle. – Yes keep going. – Aww, this is cute. – Round and round we go. Oh no, that’s a tomato. I needed this. – Get out of the way, come on. – Oh no, well I’m just
gonna go around then. (laughter) – That soup’s done. I’m gonna grab that soup. – Yeah, you’re supposed to grab that, but dude that, no, no, no– – You have to say, “behind
you” when you walk up behind somebody with something hot. – Behind you, behind you chef, behind you. – Ahh, I gotta go clean this. – Yes, go clean it. I got the tomato, don’t worry. Keep cleaning because that’s
all you’re good at, chef. – God damn it. (laughs) – Now beratement, that’s seems
like a thing that happens– – Hey outta the way! Wash that dish while you’re up there. Do something. You got time to lean,
you got time to clean. – What’s the worst that you’ve
hurt yourself in a kitchen? – I’ve frostbit myself in liquid nitrogen. – Frostbit? – Yeah, frostbite was the worse. – Oh my god. – It was so cold that I
couldn’t feel it happening. The next day my finger turned
black and almost fell off. – I saw it. It was gross. – Here’s a question too. How often are you nicking yourself? – When you see somebody that’s
cut and burned themselves a lot, that’s somebody that lacks finesse. Scars and the battle wounds
don’t mean you worked harder, it means that you’re a sloppy chef. – So, here’s the thing with this level. There’s an earthquake and it’s going to split the kitchen in half. – What is going on? (laughs) You know this is a much more
efficient kitchen layout aside for the fact that there’s
an earthquake that happens about every thirty seconds. – When you’ve had a long day
cooking in a big ol’ earthquake kitchen, what do you wind up
cooking for yourself when it’s just like, I need food, I need sustenance, I’ve been cooking all day. – If you’re cooking in a
burger earthquake restaurant, the last thing you want to
have is a burger afterwards. So you’re gonna have something
completely different. – I’ll eat scrambled eggs
or a turkey sandwich. Pretty boring stuff. – We are going to try versus mode. Michael and I are on one restaurant. Bryan and Rekha are on the other and we’re just going to see how well we can run this restaurant. – Okay, we’re split up. – You guys already know what’s going on. – I’m on the left here. – This isn’t versus, it’s cooperative. – Okay no, this is perfect. – So you need three mushrooms. – Oh it’s a conveyor belt. – Wait, why did he get that? – Cause he got– – Get down there, get the
mushroom first before he does. Yeah, boom, chop, chop, chop, chop, chop. – What else? You need more mushrooms? – I need more mushrooms. – Okay, I need them to give us mushrooms. – I don’t have any mushrooms coming at me. – Here. – Ahh, fucking beat you. – Chef, there you go. Nope, you can’t take my
mushroom off my board. (laughs) – Yes you can. I chopped him. I got it. – I’m gonna bring this inside. – Here Bryan, no! – Oh no, I got fire! (laughter) What’s going on here? – Give me an onion or a mushroom – Oh my whole kitchen’s on fire! – Wait, this is good strategy. – I’m putting all their stuff back. – I’m just gonna let the place burn. – I’m gonna put your produce
back on the conveyor belt. – How do I do this? – So, this is called sabotage. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. – I need another onion. – Yes, chef. I’ll take his. – I can’t put it out. – There we go. – You trying to burn my kitchen down, too? – Oh I can chop this too. – My mushroom soup’s there. – I chopped this for you. See I’m putting all their
stuff on their cutting board. – Get you mushroom outta my way. – Well we need the– cause our tickets are these. Right, are we blue? – What are you doing? – I can’t use that. – The mushroom? Yeah! Our tickets are up here. – Oh I thought we were red the whole time. (laughter) – That’s what I was saying! – Come on, that’s why. – That’s what I’ve been saying. – I’m making the wrong soup. – I try to keep giving you mushrooms. – This ticket system is not right. – It’s okay. – This sucks. – So we’re on mushroom? – Yeah we’re on mushroom. – The guests don’t care
about y’all’s drama. I’m telling you that right now. – I know, I know. I’m trying to get one. – What do you need? Tell me what you need. – What you’re loading up here is good. I just gotta coordinate it here. – You need to work a little faster, chef. – I need a tomato and I need a mushroom. – Okay tomato soup. What else, chef? – I need– – I need communication. – Tomato. Tomato is what I need. I need a clean plate. – Clean plate, yes chef. – Tomato. – And I need a shit ton of mushroom. – Shit ton of mushrooms. I don’t know that that’s an official term, but I will give you a
shit ton of mushrooms. – Thank you. – There’s a soup right
there ready for you. – Look at that, that’s
teamwork right there. – Yeah. – Oh I don’t need another tomato. I need a third mushroom. – Yep, put it down on top of that onion. – Yes, chef. – Chopping that. – Great. – And I need a clean plate. – Clean plate, yes chef. (Bell rings) – Time’s up, let’s see how we do. – We did very badly, that’s okay, but for not knowing which
side our tickets were on. – Considering the fact
that I was actually working for you at one moment
because I really thought that I was on the red team, we made it happen. Well at least three orders
after we figured out that we were actually working
in the right kitchen. – It’s 120 to 32. – Is this more fun or stressful for you? – This has the same anxiety as
working in a real restaurant for sure. – Absolutely. – Wow. – When things are not
happening fast enough for you, just like in a real kitchen
where you’re trying hit the button like “move faster
chef” and it’s not happening. – Yeah. – Yeah that same anxiety
certainly comes through in this game. – Good job developers of Overcooked. How would you reinterpret
any of these very simple dishes in a way that you
might find more interesting. – Tomato soup could’ve
been finished with a little creme fresh swirl or something. Maybe some chopped cilantro
over the top or basil. – Sure. – What about a different kitchen function? Whether it’s a dishwasher or a something. – Scrap all the plans for these kitchens. Completely rebuild ’em. Put everything in a little
bit more efficient manner. – So you can actually get
the tickets out on time. – Yeah, okay. – And we’d put ads out for
more employees, for sure. – Okay. – We mostly hire humans to be chefs too. – That’s all the time we
have for this episode. Thank you again to our guest experts, Michael and Bryan Viltaggio. If there’s a game you’d
like to see us play, let us know in the comments and thanks so much for watching. I’m a vegetarian and I
would’ve been pretty sad to each at these restaurants. – Why? You could’ve had lettuce or tomato. (laughter)

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