Letting The Person in FRONT of Us DECIDE What We Eat ft. Josh Peck

Hello main channel I am literally so sick right now! Like deathly f****** ill Like should not be filming this, at all Should be resting like a normal person but, like It’s everyday bro So… Josh Peck is outside right now (laugh) I feel like the Vlog Squad are the only big Youtubers right now that are not in giant controversies, except for me and Jake so i´ve actually been wanting to have like a vlog squad week on my channel for a while now where i just do a bunch of videos with different vlog squad members i´ve been texting all of my favorite members of the vlog squad or my least favorite you will just have to see and stay tuned and i´m gonna be filming some different videos with them it´s trendy on YouTube right now to go through a drive through and let the person in front of you decide what you´re eating and if I’m going to eat with anyone in the vlog squad it is definitely Josh f*cking Peck ironically Josh was actually probably the easiest vlog squad member to book David was like ¨I´m flying out of town¨ Jeff was like ¨I´m going with David¨ me and Tfue are going to Cabo Josh was like yea, ill be at your house in an hour

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