Light It Up! Grilling Safety

[music] As the weather gets hot, many people enjoy lighting up the grill. Today, we are going to talk about packing, setting and wrapping up your grilling event to keep you, your family, and food safe along the way. [music] Before leaving for your cooking site, there
are a few things to keep in mind. Keep different meats in separate sealed containers. Stack your meat containers in a different cooler than all other foods based on their safe internal cooking temperature, with the highest cooking temperature on the bottom, and the lowest temperature on the top. Be sure that your coolers and the foods in them are at or below forty degrees Fahrenheit, until you are ready to cook the food. Also, plan to pack clean
water if there is not any clean running water available at the site. After you get to your
site, set up your area for good food safety practices. Clean the area. Scrub the grill
to remove charred particles and grease on the grate. If a wire bristle grill brush was
used, carefully look for wire bristles that may be left behind. Do not forget to wash
your hands and the work areas with soapy water before starting. Keep your cooked foods separate from raw foods by using separate utensils and equipment or cleaning them between uses. Remember that this includes marinades. When grilling food, color is not always an indicator of doneness. Twenty-five percent of hamburger patties are not safe to eat based on their
color alone. Use a food thermometer to check all food temperatures before serving. Place your coolers in the shade, and open them only when you must to keep the coolers as cold as possible. After everyone has eaten their fill, wrap up the foods before enjoying the rest of your time at the site. Clean any of the utensils used while cooking. Be sure that any food items are chilled within two hours of serving it. If it is ninety degrees Fahrenheit or warmer outside, chill the food within one hour. [buzzer] When in doubt, throw it out. With all of that, don’t forget to enjoy the fresh air, the good safe food, and the time
spent with friends and family. Please find more information in the description below and at [music]

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