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  1. I started my night randomly by reading an Wikipedia page and somehow it came to my mind to read about LISA, trying an emulator, reading some stories from the great folklore.org and then I remembered reading about Lisa's book and went searching, first by her name. And then, I see that this was uploaded this very day! I love this kind of coincidences.. Thank you so much for this and all the best in the world to Lisa Brennan-Jobs from this side of the pond. Looking forward to read the book.

  2. Steve Jobs was such a piece of shit. He refused to acknowledge that she was his daughter for the longest time and withheld financial assistance to her and her mom even though he was a millionaire at the time. He wouldn't even accept the paternity test that proved he was the father. I mean, she even looks like him.

    So frustrating how capitalism rewards the worst people.

  3. The mental image of Lisa and Steve sitting and watching Pee Wee's Big Adventure is something I hadn't expected to leave with. And now I've got that end credits music playing in my head…

  4. Lisa is a good writer, and though the book is highly overwritten and (sometimes cringingly) metaphorical, it’s better than you might expect. As an insight into Steve Jobs’ life through the eyes of his eldest daughter, it’s priceless. I think we’re all fascinated by him, and the intelligence and honesty with which she delivers her memoir is admirable and worthy of its subject.

  5. Is this an attempt to write poetry or Shakespeare. Over the top and trying to over describe everything. Trying to hard to proof you are a writer?

  6. Why the bleep did she read all this?!! She is boring and not really a very good writer – nothing to wildly acclaim as a good writer. She is too detailed in a very uninteresting. Kind of confuses detail-orientation with being intelligent and brilliant. Sorry, Lisa. But, you talk too much!!!!

  7. I read the book and feel sorry for the young Lisa. Jobs house was miserable. He sure knew how to run multi-billion dollar company but didn't know how to treat his child well. However, it is a very good book that i would safe page by page and read it as slow as i could. Thank you writing this book Lisa.

  8. I am a woman.
    A woman should never become pregnant against the will oft the boyfriend. AS a woman you should always take a pill and condom. AS Mr Jobs behaved. Behaved the majority oft the men's world. Because he did not want to become a father. And his exgirlfriend got the child against his will. Wo bears the blame here?? A medal has two sides.

  9. tuo padre voleva che tu non avessi nulla perché dovevi lasciare un segno nel mondo con tanti soldi non avresti fatto nulla tu sei l'esperimento lisa .

  10. I love this book. I spent a fair amount of time at your house when you first moved in , when you were 14. I used to run with Laurene, I gave a shower for Eve, Laurene spoke at my wedding…Your father was always very polite and nice to me but your step mom, Laurene, has turned to be truly evil. It’s inconceivable, she is a dark triad. You Lisa always had great energy. Laurene was never enthusiastic about you, it was confusing for me to watch but we always jumped into a new topic.
    What she has done to me in the last couple years would make you fall over.
    Thank you for being so courageous.
    Being erased and being emotionally abused is so hard. I have experienced it as an adult in a very serious way from a very disturbed person.
    It’s completely confusing for someone who is supposed to be watching your back, love you be simply cruel and erase you.
    I have so much respect for you.
    Stay cool and keep your self reliance. Your super cool.
    You were a sparkle to your father, I saw that. He was just caught up in creating a new life with Laurene, beautiful young wife, classic Barbi. Alot of men do this. It’s so sad. Laurene helped my ex, a former Goldman Sachs guy, severely abuse me and my kids. It’s factual. George Riley and I tried to fix this for a year and a half but Laurene killed our attempts to rescue my kids.
    You are great inspiration.
    Thank you !

  11. Tu sonrisa es extremadamente bella… Pur teniendo un pasado así de pocho (emocionalmente te debiste sentir muy mal por esos sucesos que relatas), pero también fuiste fuerte y seguiste con tu vida sin traumas de por medio 😎 Un abrazo.
    Irónicamente eres una gota en femenino de tu padre… Idéntica.

  12. I’m reading the book right now!! Ive been reading chapters on & off for months.. I can relate to some of the situations she was in a lot!! I highly recommend the book if you want to know what kind of father Steve was & how she grew up living with her mom & her dad & family..

  13. Thank you Lisa for being human in this crazy modern world. Seriously it’s kinda big time crazy. Really bad people are touted as hero’s, success stories , look at our President. So much more…huge thanks for your courage…you are a hero Lisa.

  14. What an interesting way to describe spending time with her parents in the past. That theme is in her and her mom's works and I hope they know I appreciate it.

  15. When she said 'cringe', I totally get her point. But I want to know if Mommie Dearest was in her head.
    'No more wire hangers EVER!'

  16. hey cousin, you should of included me how I was set up for failure. Laurene wrote me off. However, I ended up prevailing by handling business. Uncle Steve showed me a few things that I ran with for the win.

  17. Mr Steve Jobs needs to take seriously that he is being manipulated beyond his awareness to make decisions that no one else understands.

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