Listen to owners of There Does Not Exist  talk about their new SLO brewery

Listen to owners of There Does Not Exist talk about their new SLO brewery

When we started it was it was
sort of this this contrast again, like we very much wanted
to be a local brand. But it was really important to
me not to be branded locally, if that makes any sense. Just because I, nothing wrong with it, but for me that the brand was sort of a way to
really like, throw out some creativity. And create something that wasn’t
necessarily tied only to here, it made sense in other
areas of the world also. But it was the name is very eclectic and
existential by design. We wanted something that was sort
of spacey and in a way could mean something to one person and I need
something completely different to another.>>So I’ve been just supporting him and
helping him [LAUGH].>>Yeah.
>>And more involved in the taste room
aspect of working here, and he’s dragged me around breweries and
beer festivals for the last ten years.>>And the whole brand was
built around this idea Idea of no flagship beers, so we want creativity. And we want a rotating tap list. And we want people to
experience a different experience every time they come in,
almost. And I think that it makes it more fun for
us, the guys making the beer. And then it is also for the consumer, because they get to maybe venture
outside their comfort zone, and try some beers they
wouldn’t try normally. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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